A Death in Norfolk (Captain Lacey, #7) by Ashley Gardner

A Death in Norfolk (Captain Lacey, #7)

Captain Lacey takes Lady Breckenridge to his boyhood home in Norfolk and finds himself embroiled in intrigue from the past.

Details A Death in Norfolk (Captain Lacey, #7)

TitleA Death in Norfolk (Captain Lacey, #7)
Release DateOct 19th, 2011
PublisherJennifer Ashley
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Regency, Fiction

Reviews A Death in Norfolk (Captain Lacey, #7)

  • Ingie
    Review written October 1, 20164 Stars - Solid good Captain Lacey mystery solving. I both sniffed and tittered. I enjoyed !!Book #7At last was a new audiobook here with a historical crime adventure in one of my absolutely favorite series lately, Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries — 6:49 hrs narrated by a terrific pro voice in James Gillies as always. My eight audiobook in this series and I have been enjoying them all a lot so far. Norfolk, Englan...
  • LJ
    First Sentence: In September, amidst a driving rain that swept across the northern Norfolk coast, my hired coach rolled up the drive to my ancestral home and deposited me at the house’s front door.Captain Gabriel Lacey travels with Dowager Viscountess Breckenridge, his future wife, to a house party in Norfolk. His family estate is also there, although not filled with warm memories. He also agreed to deliver a message from the criminal James Den...
  • Joan
    I found book three so plodding and boring that I decided to skip ahead several books in the series to find out whether the plot advances form a morose, sad Captain Lacey. To my pleasant surprise I found this seventh book, "A Death in Norfolk" very engaging with Lacey now engaged to the intelligent and quick-witted Lady Breckenridge. Lacey's rise in fortunes was very heartwarming and I was delighted that cloying hideous Brandons were absent from t...
  • Dana Stabenow
    Captain Gabriel Lacey, veteran of the Peninsular War in Regency era England, injured, prey to melancholia, retired on half pay, lives a hand-to-mouth existence in rooms over a bakery in Covent Garden. Until one day a girl goes missing, possibly kidnapped, possibly by a member of Parliament. In the brutal rough-and-tumble that is Regency England's underworld, no one cares what happened to her. Except Gabriel.Which is pretty much the plot of all of...
  • Cynthia Pratt
    This series just keeps getting better and I like that all the characters are becoming more complicated. Captain Lacey is a very interesting mixture of temper and justice, dogheadness and love. His friends and fiancée are also out of the ordinary with great capacity for lover and friendship yet have their flaws. (the Grenville-Marianne thing is getting a little trying).
  • Lorena
    Nice to see Lacey's childhood home at last, and get a little (very little) more background on Denis.
  • Eileen Lynx
    A great surprise ending. The cover art of this series makes you think that the stories will be silly romance novels. However, don’t be deceived these are good historical mysteries.
  • Barbara Rogers
    Book Seven of the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries. This book was really exciting -- the book is filled with bad guys and you aren't sure which of the bad guys is the really bad guy!I was glad to see that the Brandon's weren't in this book. I know they've had a resolution of sorts, but I still don't like them.We learn a lot more about James Denis in this book -- or do we? He finally calls in some of his markers with Lacey -- and it is a good thing...
  • Keri
    This was another wonderful addition to the Captain Lacey series. Gabriel decides to head home to his ancestral roots and show his fiancé, the beautiful Donata where he grew up. Of course, with the house not being lived in, it is going to need a lot of work. But of course before the first nail is hit, murder and mayhem soon follows as Lacey ends up delivering a message to a local magistrate from Denis a man that Lacey loves to hate, but his honor...
  • Lori McD
    Captain Lacey is back, and James Denis calls in one of his "favors"...Lacey has agreed to attend a country house party with his paramour, Lady Breckenridge. Lady B and Lacey are making plans to marry in the new year, and Lady B wants Lacey to meet an old frenemy of hers in the country. The estate happens to be near where Lacey grew up, in Norfolk, so Lacey takes the opportunity to revisit his boyhood home, now falling in ruins since his father sp...
  • Laura
    Great storyIn which we learn more of Captain Lacey's personal history and Gabriel learns that certain decisions are not always black and white. In preparation for his upcoming marriage to Lady Breckenridge, Captain Lacey travels to his ancestral home in Norfolk to see what has become of the place in his absence. While he is there, he is to deliver a note from James Denis to one of his former neighbors. Meanwhile, he will be staying at a house par...
  • Lorraine
    Captain Gabriel Lacey travels with Lady Breckenridge to his abandoned home in northern Norfolk. He learns of the disappearance of a young woman some 30 years past. He decides to investigate. At the same time, his nemesis, Mr. James Denis, finds himself in the same locale. He demands the Captains assistance in discovering the whereabouts of several missing paintings. Ŧhis is the seventh outing for Captain Lacey.
  • Julie Bates
    Taut and Richly DetailedI love this series. Captain Lacey is a complex and intriguing man, haunted by the past but determined to live life as he chooses. The mysteries align with historical events but have themes that resonate with today's world. These are great books to curl up with a cup of cocoa and your pets for an evening in.
  • M
    Can you go home again? Lacy finds out the answer this age old question. I am amazed at the situations that Lacy's nemesis/benefactor Mr. Denis draws him into. So many times in Norfolk Lacy could have rid himself of Denis's interference in his life --now they are inextricably glued together by secrets they share. Lacy, Lacy, Lacy.
  • Cindie
    I waited a month to read this book. Patient but impatient until it was finally purchased by the library. I nearly read it in one sitting. The characters evolve and are developed beautifully, Captain Lacey learns to be even less rigid in he perception of right and wrong. And we see why Mr. Denis trust no one. Great book.
  • Jenny Stewart
    Still enjoying this series. Capt. Lacey returns to his roots in this episode only to uncover secrets about his parents, investigate an unsolved missing person as well as a recent murder. The supporting characters are becoming more and more likable as well.
  • amypete
    2.5 stars. Decent mystery series, but hard to jump in at book 7 when many things that happened in earlier books are mentioned. For some reason my library only has book 7, so not sure I'll ever read the others.
  • Petra
    Lacey starts working on his old home. I liked that we learn more about Denis, but the story was just ok.
  • Mel
    Truly awful....
  • Vira
    The best one yet. So many layers to the characters.
  • Ruby Bibi
    -Captain Lacey is now engaged to Lady Donata Breckenridge. He has made a trip to his ancestral home, which has fallen into disrepair, in order to assess what must be done to fix it up. Lady Breckenridge has expressed a desire to make that their home. -James Denis, the man who controls so much of England's wealthy because of information he has on them, has given Lacey a task. Deliver a letter to Brigadier Easton, who lived not far from Lacey's own...
  • momokaachan
    I am becoming quite fond of Captain Lacey.
  • Viccy
    Gabriel Lacey fled his Norfolk home, genteel poverty and abusive father to join the Army and follow the drum. Wounded at Talavera during the Peninsular War in 1809, Lacey returns to his ancestral home after his father’s death to rebuild it with the assistance of his fiancée, Lady Donata Breckenridge. Lacey has ridden up from London to meet Donata at a house party at Southwick Hall after delivering a message to Brigadier Easton from James Denis...
  • Sheila Melo
    Lacey Uncovers His Own Past"I notice your interest is caught by anything involving a woman."THE STORY: In this continuing series of Captain Lacey who ends up investigating interesting mysteries in Regency England. This time Lacey travels to his ancestral home to begin planning for its occupancy by him and his future wife. While there, he becomes embroiled in mysteries involving disappearances both in the present and in the past. OPINION: I recomm...
  • Patsyann
    The books from this series are so easy to read and move along so fast, that I can read one in a day - or in two days as I did this one.This book is a mystery of secrets, kept and revealed. It is also a mystery in which promises are made to keep secrets. There is more info about James Denis, new info about Captain Lacey's mother. Murder upon murder upon murder. Solving one leads to the discovery of another. And in the end, James Denis becomes Capt...
  • D.A. Bale
    James Denis finally has Captain Lacey in the palm of his hand. After arranging for the very expensive task of dissolving Lacey's first marriage, Denis inserts himself into Lacey's world when he demands the delivery of a letter as partial payment of the debt. I grated for Lacey as he realizes how deep in bed he is with this criminal. But we actually get a chance to see a little bit of what makes Denis tick in this installment. I enjoyed the deepen...
  • Lin Paulson
    Captain Lacey, his wealthy, powerful backer Grenville, his lovely Donata and his nemesis Denis are back. They are in Norfolk where Lacey's family home and his past become part of another mystery to be solved. It’s not necessary to have read the previous books in this series. However, reading the earlier novels makes this one a much richer experience. Ashley Gardner has created strong characters who are perfectly imperfect. Her complex plot move...
  • Merle
    This book seems to be a waystation between Lacey's old life as a bachelor soldier and his new life as the happily married husband of Lady Breckinridge. The story seemed to fly by as some new places and people are added to the familiar cast of characters.Still in all, the book is enjoyable. Lacey is making peace with his past while opening up more questions about his youth and childhood. He can't seem to bypass an enquiry and to try to set things ...
  • Anna
    I LOVE Captain Lacey! I really can hardly put one of these down once I start it.Now engaged to Lady Breckenridge, Gabriel Lacey takes her to Norfolk where he grew up. Together they visit his boyhood home which is in ruins. Mysteries abound, as Lacey has a commission for his nemesis, James Denis, as well as investigating his own mother's past and that of a young woman who eloped some 10 years ago who hasn't been seen since.We learn a good deal mor...
  • Scot
    This installment was so good I find myself impatient for the next one which hasn't been published yet. It's a mixed feeling when you find yourself emjoying a series you happened onto after it has been around for quite awhile, then, as your commitment and interest grows and you read along successively, you abruptly discover you have caught up with the author, and now must wait.I particularly liked three aspects of this installment--the setting of ...