Valve Presents Volume 1 by Valve

Valve Presents Volume 1

For fifteen years, Valve has defined the cutting edge of video games. Now, Valve joins with Dark Horse to bring three critically acclaimed, fan-favorite series to print, with a collection of comics from the worlds of Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, and Portal. With over two hundred pages of story, Valve Presents: The sacrifice and other Steam-Powered Stories is a must-read for fans looking to further explore the games they love or comics readers inte...

Details Valve Presents Volume 1

TitleValve Presents Volume 1
Release DateNov 15th, 2011
PublisherDark Horse Books
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Games, Video Games, Science Fiction, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Valve Presents Volume 1

  • Nicholas Driscoll
    Astonishingly awful collection of comics. The first, Left 4 Dead, is yet another cookie cutter zombie story. It’s fast moving with tons of gory action and lots of quips. It’s nothing great, but if this were the only comic, I might give he overall book two or three stars. I got tired of it and just wanted it to end, but it was alright.The other two comics, on the other hand, were just excruciating. Team Fortress was utter madness. I couldn’t...
  • Diayll
    Originally Reviewed at:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating:5 out of 5 controllersReview Source:NetGalleyReviewer:MeLouis, Francis, Zoey, and Bill are up to their eyeballs in zombies in The Sacrifice. In this installment, we follow our four survivors in an attempt to get to a safe zone (flashbacks to the game anyone?). But even when it looks as if rescue is a breath away, things – as we know from the game – are not always as they seem. And this outbreak...
  • Dan
    Greetings go out to Jan, Liina, Sven and all the good friends with whom we have spent great time with Portal, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress. And respect to Valve for maintaining great communities.Louis: "That was your plan."Francis: "That was the first part of my plan."Louis: "Yeah, let's recap some of your plans so far. "Go help that crying girl, Louis. She looks sad." "Let's find the army, they'll know what to do." "We're locked in a tiny room....
  • Sam
    Left 4 Dead the Sacrifice, By Valve Studios. This book was different because it was the studio's first book and they also based it on their game that they made called Left 4 dead. They had used the same characters, but just a different plot. The main point or conflict was that the 4 main characters (Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis), are trying to make it from Philadelphia to the Florida Keys to escape a zombie infection outbreak that has been goi...
  • Sam Hval
    This collection of comics was definitely made for Valve fans. I can't see the average reader finding much enjoyment or understanding in these stories. But if you are a fan of Valve's games, definitely get this. The sharp wit and iconic imagery is present in all three stories. My favorite one was definitely "The Sacrifice". It gave so much more depth to the world and characters of Left 4 Dead. The art in "Portal 2: Lab Rat" was spectacular and uni...
  • Xavfro
    It's a nice collection of 3 Valve stories. I liked the Portal the most and then the Left 4 Dead one. (Same as the games i guess :) ) Team Fortress isn't really my thing but overall a fun read.
  • Evan
    Evan.C8BBook plug9/7This book is a compilation of comics from the game universes created by Valve. The universes include Left4Dead, Teamfortress 2, and Portal 2.The Left4dead comic explains what happens between the campaigns of Blood Harvest and The Sacrifice. Our group of survivors, Bill, Francis, Lous, and Zoey get escorted to a military base instead of being escorted to the safe zone Echo. They find out that they aren't actually being rescued,...
  • Stephanie
    'The Sacrifice and Other Steam Powered Stories' is a set of graphic novels based around three of Valve's popular video game franchises; Left4Dead, Team Fortress 2 and Portal. The first half of the book is devoted to the titular story 'The Sacrifice', in the Left4Dead universe, following the original four survivors in events taking place after the completion of the game. The story is available as additional DLC, so I'd already played the scenario,...
  • Cale
    This is a collection of comics based around Valve properties Left for Dead, Team Fortress, and Portal 2. Left for Dead's Sacrifice is the closest to a normal comic, four issues setting up and retelling the Sacrifice mission for the game. It does a good job capturing the spirit of the game and the characters. The Team Fortress stories are more off-the-wall, but it may be that I'm not familiar enough with the property to 'get' them. Zany and silly,...
  • M
    Not being a major video-game fan, I was dissapointed to discover that this Dark Horse collection focused not on "steam-powered" stories, but on graphic novel tie-ins. Left 4 Dead gives us another zombie apocalypse, with four survivors attempting to find themselves a safe zone. Sadly, the loveable curmudgeon does not survive the story's outing, and thusly deletes any interest in pursuing more storylines. The ridiculous Team Fortress feature is a m...
  • Mark
    I bought this book mainly to have a good print copy of the excellent Portal comic I read online when Portal 2 was being released. The Left 4 Dead story was also good, and had some flashback-like substories giving origins of the four protagonists from the Left 4 Dead game. However, the Team Fortress 2 section of the book left me feeling really disinterested. I had the feeling that the bundle of unrelated little comics were merely making references...
  • Patrick Funge
    Valve stories is a book with three stories inside. The one I thought was good was the first one called, "The Sacrifice". It is about a group of lone survivors, Zoey, Bill, Francis, and Louis who get stuck on a bridge because one of the zombies jammed the engine raising the bridge. Only one of them has to go and un-jam the engine.I thought this book was a good book. I liked it because I knew all the characters because they all were in games I have...
  • Gareth
    Excellent collection of comics, released in a beautifully made large format hardback."The Sacrifice" cleverly puts all the famous elements of "Left 4 Dead" into a story, with some gorgeous horror artwork."Team Fortress 2" provides a great set of comedy sketches. Ultra-macho Aussie Saxton Hale is a terrific creation."Lab Rat" links the two "Portal" games with an elegant, sweet story that provides some interesting background to its two main charact...
  • Michael Alexander Henke
    I laughed a lot! The book is broken into 3 parts, a Left 4 Dead 2 section, Team Fortress 2, and Portal 2. They were all enjoyable stories. The Left 4 Dead story had some good zombie action and also quite a few laughs. The star of the book is Saxton Hale however. Every part he is in is fantastic! Also the ads were quite hysterical.
  • Jimmy Corvan
    These stories were a blessing to anyone who has played the games. The Sacrifice was a fantastic telling of the original 4 survivors back stories.Team Fortress was as ridiculous and fun as the game.Portal...oh my god...Portal was just a joy. The art was superb and the story was intriguing. A must read for Valve fans
  • Louis
    loved this compilation. found this gem at comic con a few years back. as a stand alone graphic novel it's solid. however if you've played any of the featured games (Left for dead, Team fortress 2 and Portal) it's that much more satisfying. It offers some nice background hooks and info and the art style is just great. If you spot this and enjoyed any of those games, snag it. You won't regret it.
  • Jacob
    The Team Fortress 2 stories and Lab Rat are good. Funny and interesting respectively. But The Sacrifice... Now that's one heck of a story. If you are familiar with the original Left 4 Dead game, it'll hit you. Hard. If you've only a passing interest or no real knowledge of the characters, it's a good zombie story. But... If you're attached to the characters... Just... Read with caution.
  • Jacob
    Public library copy.I'm not at all familiar with the 3 video games of which this book was based. Nice Mike Oeming art and a book of enormous size for a cover price of $25. I've seen smaller sized books with a fewer page count cost a lot more. I'd buy this book used, but I wouldn't want to revisit the stories and purchase at cover price.
  • Mark
    Great bit of lore from Valve. The TF2 stuff was mainly rehashed comics from their updates but the L4D/Portal comics were really well done. I am particularly fond of the art style of the Portal comic. Fantasticly well done.
  • The Novel Strumpet
    Don't really play video games and not the biggest graphic novel fan, but this was a really good book. I like to read about games so that I know what's going on and I think even if you've never played Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress or Portal you'd still be able to enjoy this book.
  • orangerful
    only read the "Portal" story since that was the only one that really interested me. Really cool artwork and explanation of how Chell was "chosen"
  • Trevor Okazaki
    I bought this mostly for the art. I was pleasantly surprised to find which TF2 comics were included. I really enjoyed "The Sacrifice" which is a L4D story and roughly half of the book.
  • Kit
    Valve, why are you full of so many fantastic things?
  • Ryan Olson
    The Left for Dead story was good, the Team Fortress stuff was pretty bad, and the Portal 2 story was too short.
  • Katie Ross
    Beautiful artwork
  • Brian
    Enjoyed the first story. Downhill from there.