Middle Ground (Awaken, #2) by Katie Kacvinsky

Middle Ground (Awaken, #2)

For four weeks Maddie has been living in Los Angeles, trying to be good. But no matter how hard she tries, something inside her won't be sated. She can't live a life of half-truths and false pretenses. So one night, she says how she really feels.That's all it takes. One night. One bad decision, and Maddie is thrown into a detention center where she's forced to undergo secretive treatment meant to squash her rebellious streak. The powers that be c...

Details Middle Ground (Awaken, #2)

TitleMiddle Ground (Awaken, #2)
Release DateNov 20th, 2012
PublisherHoughton Mifflin Harcourt
GenreScience Fiction, Dystopia, Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Fiction, Teen, Futuristic, Action, Love

Reviews Middle Ground (Awaken, #2)

  • Angela
    Letting go is easy. Anyone can do that. Love is fighting for someone to stay. That's what takes work.My thoughts:No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no n...
  • Megan
    Ho.ly.crap. The best and worst thing about this series is that it doesn't seem far-fetched. I don't generally get into futuristic stuff but this is a world that, sadly, I can imagine becoming reality. When Maddie is hauled off to a detention center, it's obviously not going to be a walk in the park. The truth behind the gates is actually quite terrifying. Jaw-droppingly scary. And once again, it's not difficult to imagine something like this happ...
  • Chelsea Groves
    This was an exciting sequel to the first book "Awaken"! I couldn't put it down and once I was finished I wanted to read it over again! It's a wonderful story about the life of a young girl striving for the freedom to experience her life without being controlled by technology! It's a scary look into a possible realistic future and it leaves you contemplating your own life and how you are really "living" it! Fantastic read! Cannot wait for the next...
  • Wendy Hines
    In this anticipated sequel to Awaken, Middle Ground picks up with Maddie living with her brother in Los Angeles. The year is 2060. She's supposed to be in a detention facility, but her father has used his powers to do some fancy paperwork to make it look like she is. While Maddie is happy in LA, she misses her boyfriend Justin, who is working at intercepting other kids on their way to the detention facilities and inviting them to join their cause...
  • Leesya Nazman
    4.6 starsI have mixed feelings toward this book. It was very good, and I enjoyed it... But I feel like it was lacking of emotions? Or it's just me? Like probably I was in bad mood during these days or something. I felt empty, and nothing, to be honest.Why did I rate it pretty high?Katie's writing/quotes are so beautiful and inspiring honestly. Or shall I say, Justin Solvi's quotes? Or Maddie's lil diary? The quotes in this book are beyond beautif...
  • s e n t i m e n t a l i t i e s olittlebear
    I really feel like nothing happened to significantly further the storyline. She goes into the DC. She gets out. Books over. And so what they rescued one place. Now all the people in every other one can't even leave when their time is up. How are they celebrating? They seem no closer to ending DS. I liked Gabe but he didn't seem to join their fight on getting out. Or even hooking up with Claire. It was never solidly decided who the rat was. And po...
  • Cait S
    Much better than the first one. Still not thrilled with how Justin rambles off on these tangents that sound more like an inspiring Star Trek monologue than anything anyone would actually say. And also if I had to read about Maddie cupping his face one more time I was going to throw myself out a window. But other than that, this was a good installment. Interested to see how the series ends.
  • Amit
    JUSTIN SOLVI! Damn You! You know what I love you bro and right now I am considering you as my Blood Brother. Thumbs up…& of course to MADDIE! Haven’t I yet told you in that past (1st novel of this novel series) time that I love you? Guess what! I love you even more now that what I read after finishing this novel…1. I wondered which emotion was more powerful in the human mind : fear or desire…2. I tried to distract myself. I designed two d...
  • Amy
    I was worried that this book wouldn't be as good as the first, but I actually think I liked it even more! I think the concept of this book is just brilliant, and I think a lot of people would probably benefit from reading this and realizing that, even now, we spend too much time on computers/phones/tablets/what have you. Not even that, but I really enjoyed at the end of the book when Maddie's father was talking about how life has always been mise...
  • Berna
    I'm loving this saga!! The world in here is fascinating!So, this book starts with Maddie in L.A., trying to stay out of trouble, until one night she can't help herself and shuts down an online club. That gets her into a detention center. We get to see what happen inside of them, and it's inhuman. They drugged them, implant nightmares and sensations such as fear, to isolate them, so then they would only want a virtual, secure life. Justin and thei...
  • Sophie
    This book, like its predecessor, was SO good. I have always liked sequels in that they're a little bit more relaxed and thought out (like there is more intellectual action than physical action), and this book had a very good mixture of both. It was good to begin to get a sense of the finer details in the storyline, but it also had so many sparks of movement and complications and romance (which was seriously ridiculously addicting in this one) tha...
  • Kate
    I didn't really have expectations going into this book so I said I would give it a chance, but it did not prove worth it. On the contrary this book made me wish I hadn't wasted my time!This will contain spoilers so bear with me.So the book begins and Maddie is living with her brother and is using DS again and not really caring about what she was apparently disgusted with previous book. Well ok then. Then she goes to a club and decides to hate tec...
  • Brandy
    “I realized how hard it that must have been, how much hurt when you know the only way to help someone is to give him distance. So I let him go.”Before I go into a rant (of sorts), I would like to start by announcing that I loved the book. I didn't want to put it down.Okay, the ending of this book was extremely frustrating...a cliffhanger...I knew there was going to be a cliffhanger, which is why I attempted to read the book slow (as if the di...
  • Charlene Pimentel
    Okay let me start off by saying this book seemed so real to me. I can't help mentally responding to Pat's ignorance and closed-mindedness of Maddie's dad. Although they're not exactly on the same side, both of them can't fathom why Justin and Maddie won't give up. "Life is what it is," he said."Life is what you make it." I argued.I want to talk about each detail of this book. It's so perfect, it would be a pleasure to write it on 10 paged paper. ...
  • Amara Luciano
    In less words: Feeling very much like Maddie during a scene in which she has to define herself in a 29-question questionnaire, I abhor the idea of trying to manipulate your interest in reading this book by using a mere paragraph. Blech. Because you must be manipulated, cajoled, tricked, beaten into reading MIDDLE GROUND by Katie Kacvinsky. It may have just bumped itself up to my number one slot on my list of favorite books of the year. My warines...
  • Lianna
    The fact that I finished the first two books in Katie Kacvinsky's Awaken series in two days should prove what a fan I am of this series! Middle Ground is the second part of Justin and Maddie's story - as they continue to fight against a regimented world where online/plugged in communication is viewed as normal and face-to-face interaction is shunned. In Middle Ground, Maddie finds her past and rebellious streak finally catching up with her when s...
  • vorpalone
    PER-FEC-TION. I finished this book in an hour and fifty minutes flat.FREAKING EPIC.Maddie has now been sent to a correctional facility by her BROTHER, Joe,the ass (see update on my profile), where they try to break into her mind and restore her to being some kind of digital freak.Seriously. Said book is eye-opening. Kacvinsky's writing style is something to be admired. It makes you actually believe in what she writes, which is not something very ...
  • Giselle
    There's something about Middle Ground's world and society that makes you want to question how we use technology in our every day lives. This is why I found this book so realistic. Maddie does seem to make rash decisions in this one and I couldn't help but shake my head when she did it. Even though the story continued on, I felt that the society and the plot that was in the first book, Awaken went on pause. This might even be a filler book (as mos...
  • Apol
    Won an ARC from her "get unplugged" contest. I honestly have to say I was a bit disappointed with this one. Too much inner monologue and preaching, it got boring after a while. A lot of readers pointed out that this was one of Justin's flaws in Awaken (I didn't mind so much, because I really liked Awaken), so I would have thought the author already fixed her tendencies to over-ruminate. Katie Kacvinsky really needs to understand more the writing ...
  • Jilly
    I read the first book ages ago and finally got around to this one (I'm on a quest to read books that have been on my "to read" shelf forever). After all the wait..... meh...The first book was much better. However, I do love the main character, with her spunky ways - she is fun to read. I especially loved the scene when they were in the nightclub and how she dressed her avatar in sweatpants and slippers. ;)I also wish they had wrapped it up with t...
  • Lenni Jones
    Just like the first one, this book was filled with adventure, despair, romance, recovery, and happiness. That’s why I liked the first one so much and that’s what made me like this book as well. The characters were just as I remembered, but they also changed and became even better. It was a fun book and I’m happy it’s the first one of my new school year. I would definitely recommend this book to others and I can see myself rereading the bo...
  • Lulufrances
    In my opinion this book is way to underrated and not acknowledged enough!Scarily possible developments of society are portrayed, soooo chillingly realistic.Plus I like Justin again. (Relief - as I wasn't too fond of him inbetween)Kacvinsky has a very fluent style, thoroughly enjoyed this book!
  • Audrey
    Love it! It's not my favorite favorite out of the series, it's a little slow, but I still love it. I think even though Maddie's stuck in the detention center for a good part of the book that part is still packed with good information and action.
  • Jamie
    I neeeeeed this book. What a beautiful cover! Can not wait!!
  • A K
  • The Feline Felon
    Love love loved this book!
  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    Originally posted on A Reader of Fictions.There's one thing pretty much every blogger I know agrees on: those early reviews are terrible. We all grow and change all the time, influenced by lives, friends, books, television shows, evolving new writing styles and review formats. My tastes have changed so much over the two years I've been blogging, and I don't always know how much to trust my own opinions from a couple years back. Sometimes it's eve...
  • Amanda G. (Nellie and Co.
    It's not uncommon knowledge that i don't read a lot of Dystopians - in fact, I can probably name the dystopian series I've started on hand and it's not that I don't enjoy them, it's that I'm particular and either the world or the characters have to stay with me long after I've finished each book and with Awaken, it was the characters that had that affect on me. Was I excited to read Middle Ground? Yes, but why on earth it took me a whole seven mo...