Ready for King's Seduction (Kings of California, #10) by Maureen Child

Ready for King's Seduction (Kings of California, #10)

Foi sempre uma boa rapariga…Durante anos, Rose Clancy tinha sonhado com Lucas King, o melhor amigo do seu irmão, mas para ela era terreno proibido. Portanto Rose soube manter as distâncias até que o acaso fez com que Lucas a contratasse para dar aulas de cozinha privada e noturna… e a paixão que existia entre ambos não demorou a atear-se.Lucas era um homem rico, poderoso e autoritário que comandava a sua vida tal como comandava a sua em...

Details Ready for King's Seduction (Kings of California, #10)

TitleReady for King's Seduction (Kings of California, #10)
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
PublisherHarlequin Books
GenreCategory Romance, Harlequin, Harlequin Desire, Romance, Contemporary Romance, Fiction

Reviews Ready for King's Seduction (Kings of California, #10)

  • Saly
    Average read. H decides to seduce the h for revenge(h's brother did something) but he ends up falling for her of course and he is of course dense and needs a punch to his face.
  • Susan
    You'd think these King men would learn from the ones who went before... Lucas decided to use Rose to get back at her brother by seducing her. From the beginning he starts to lose sight of his reasoning and just wants Rose for herself. Rose can't understand what Lucas sees in her, but she has always been drawn to him, and is willing to see where it goes. I also like the way that she has learned to stand up for herself, and doesn't let Lucas boss h...
  • Catherine
    Lucas... what were you thinking? Really? You really thought you could seek revenge using a woman you had the hots for and not fall? Silly, silly man. You should have listened to your brother's advice... but nooo, you had to learn the hard way. Thanks for an entertaining couple of days, Ms. Child.
  • Fanny
    No recuerdo si he leido algun libro mas de la saga de la familia King, pero esta historia me gusto bastante, asi que creo que le echare un vistazo a los libros de los hermanos King.Fue amena, sencilla y rapida de leer; Perfecta para pasar una tarde aburrida.3.5 Estrellas!!
  • Kaycee ❤️
    Very entertaining. I loved how the story and characters developed.Lucas King was just liked his brothers and cousins. Arrogant, gorgeous, egotistical, and determined but when they falls for a woman, they stays fallen. No escape. And that's what happened to him. Lucas planned to seduce Rose and use her to get back at the man who had betrayed him. Her older brother. Perfect plan wasn't it?But falling in love with Rose wasn't part of the plan. So wh...
  • Booklover
    This was a good read,liked the the way story and characters develloped but would have loved it if Lucas instead of waiting for an opportunity or chance would have confessed his feelings.Other then this liked the book and enjoyed itGood readRecommend it
  • Jasey
    Harlequin Desire - Kings of California #9Rose Clancy dreamed of her brother's best friend for years but he was off limits to her by her brother. He is Lucas King. They meet again later and he hires her for nightly cooking classes as she has just started this business. 4 1/2
  • Lauri
    Just me or is there something a little bothersome about a hero that decides he's going to seduce a woman as revenge on her brother? In modern times not a historical context where she would be "ruined". I like Maureen Child but this isn't one of her better books.
  • Ladyacct
    Good average stupid male syndrome read. (Where the guy has rocks for brains, and finally figures out the heroine is the girl for him.)No typos/editing issues noted.
  • Tanya
    It was really good. The story was captivating and exciting.And I want to read the rest of the stories of this series.