Sora Log, Vol. 04 by Kako Mitsuki

Sora Log, Vol. 04

Our protagonist, Hikaru, is a member of the astronomy club at her school. On one beautiful starry night, she encounters a tall boy with blonde hair that looks almost white. However, he turns out to be...?!

Details Sora Log, Vol. 04

TitleSora Log, Vol. 04
Release DateJun 25th, 2010
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Shojo, Romance

Reviews Sora Log, Vol. 04

  • Phoenix2
    Not as good as the previous ones for sure. The big twist was not as interesting as I was expecting. The conclusion was kind of disappointing as well, as it was too mainstream. The romance was good though.
  • Shraddha
    Such a beautiful story with lovely characters... I really wanted them all to be happy. A heart warming and very raw story. Their love was tender and gentle and beautiful, just the way it's supposed to be. I'm really going to miss these lovable characters...
  • Solace Winter
    Kept the same feeling beginning to end, and that's what I wanted.
  • Estara
    Well... I did think the reason Hikaru lost her memory was much less traumatic than had been hinted at, but I thought it quite believable that her brother couldn't forgive himself in the person of Aso-kun for not being able to help her at the time, because they were almost the same age and he saw himself reflected in Aso-kun.The one with the true trauma was Aso-kun so it was a nice twist that he found his first love again.I really like that Kako M...
  • Ashley
    The review is for the overall series:Although the plot is a bit predictable there is still some nice twists and excitement. The art is amazing and the whole cast of characters are easily likeable and relatable. I found it hard to stop reading and had to finish the whole series in one sitting! Its not full of instant love which is nice coming from a manga. 10/10 Would recommend.
  • Anna C
    Another predictable plot. Imho, utk plot yg simpel seperti ini, sbnrnya 1 buku (5-6 chapter) saja sudah cukup.... Tapi kalo dibikin sampe jadi 4 buku, jadinya bertele-tele bgt... Aku lmyn bosan wkt vol 1 dan 2 itu...ngomongnya liat bintang mlulu...secara aku bkn peminat astronomi, jadinya susah memahami apa yg dirasakan si heroine...
  • Alixendra
    For a short series, it was truly amazing! It was too cute and gave me a stupid grin on my face with how adorable Asou-kun was (though I wish he would've kept his hair bleached). Loved the focus on the fate of the two main characters, as well as the focus on the non-physical aspect of their relationship. One of the best, and perfect, shoujo mangas!
  • ◼Zaky◼
    This was one of the coolest mangas i have read in awhile, it's unique and wonderful story with neat artwork.Loved the heroine's character,an optimist,easy going bright personality which makes you fall in love with her!Overall it was a cute and soothing love story!:)
  • Rachel
    I really enjoyed the progression and development of the characters in the manga. Their personalities didn't change over night, it was a gradual kind of thing, which I really felt was genuine. This manga definitely reminds me of kiss/hug, both very good reads. :)
  • Usagi Tsukino
    This review is for the Italian edition.I totally loved this serie! The ending was great and even the short story (and extras) were cute.
  • Sarah
    SOOOOOOO CUUUTE!!!!! LOVED IT!! XD Cutest thing ever.
  • Victoria
    Is a great book to read
  • Lunador Ocra
    Me encanto este manga, especialmente la relación broXsis me tenia en ascuas saber la verdad acerca de su memoria perdida.