Just Ducks! by Nicola Davies

Just Ducks!

A young girl shares her observations about the mallards near her house in an engaging, informative story sure to make a splash with duck lovers.Quack quack, Quack-quaack-quack.It's the first sound I hear every morning.The young girl in this story may live in the city, but outside her window there's a river full of mallard ducks! She hears them as soon as she wakes up, and on the way to school she sees them upside down bobbing for food. Interspers...

Details Just Ducks!

TitleJust Ducks!
Release DateMar 27th, 2012
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Nonfiction, Environment, Nature, Science

Reviews Just Ducks!

  • Matt
    In this short piece all about ducks, the narrator tells of how she encounters mallards all throughout the day, from the first time the curtains open through to the final time the moon shines down on them. Ducks are quite the creature, with their odd habits of nesting and feeding, as well as mating and protecting themselves from predators. Mixing a story with some information, the young reader is able to discover the world of ducks, hopefully able...
  • Teresa
    I quite liked this book and the way it weaves in facts about ducks within a loose storyline (there's no actual plot to the story, just a girl MC narrating...I'm totally fine with that, but I found that some people don't like that).My only quibble is that it is actually not good for the ducks (or people, ultimately) to feed them bread. It's devoid of the nutrition ducks need but yet keeps them alive so that nature can't take its course. For reason...
  • Paul Hankins
    A young girl hears ducks quacking in the morning. Through her perspective, readers learn more about the ducks.This could be a neat non-fiction picture book, but in this case, the story kind of suffers for the want of including non-fiction asides on each page. This is solved--somehow--with an index in the back of the book which might serve as a nice introduction to referencing an index. The illustrations are very nice which would make this a gentl...
  • Lauran Ferguson
    I liked how this book was a children's story, but it also provided an opportunity for them to learn something about creatures that they will see a lot of the time. The little definitions at the bottom of each page will really help children to understand what they are reading. There is also an index at the back of the book where they can look up each work if they need to. The illustrator chose to paint in watercolor which I think was completely pe...
  • KC
    Everything ducks. Lovely illustrations.
  • Nicole B.
    Curious about a day in the life of a duck? Just Ducks, listed as one of the USBBY 2013, Outstanding International Books, shares about a day in the life of a mallard duck through a young girl’s perspective. Although a picture book, this book also provides the reader with information on the daily routines of a duck making it non-fiction too. Nicola Davies engages the reader with her different font sizes (smaller font to provide informational fact...
  • HueL
    This is a quite lovely little book about ducks, just ducks! There is a pond outside the window of the little girl's house. Watching ducking, and discussing with her family about the ducks has become part of her life. Through this narrative this book talked a lot about the science facts of ducks. I always enjoy children's book about science which has been constructed in a story structure, especially those book that has a temperature. The last gene...
  • Linda Patchett
    A little girl wakes up to quacking ducks. She is the story narrator. We follow her day's activities and the mallard ducks she closely observes. Nicola Davies gently and succinctly weaves facts about the mallard duck's daily life into the child's day. The enchanting water color illustrations couple beautifully with the story and provide plenty of white space for interesting facts. I highly recommend this hybrid picture and non-fiction book for fam...
  • Mary Davis
    I picked this story because I love ducks and had one as a pet when I was younger. There is a young girl that can see a river full of ducks out of her window. She passes them as she goes to school and she can hear them when she wakes up in the mornings. The book is informative and interesting. It tells you a lot about ducks, how to tell the difference between a girl and boy, why some of their quacks are different, and how they find food. Also, the...
  • Kate Nichter
    This book is set for older children as well as younger children. However, when reading to my two-year-old, she was not very interested. On each page, there are definitions and terms under words that are unfamiliar such as the difference between a duck and a mallard. The text was choppy and hard to read. The ink looked like it was running out while printing. However, the design of the book is very cool. The inside page portrays an image of water a...
  • Gina
    This should have been a higher score, but on the topic of feeding the author put that even thought ducks can't live on bread it can help them stay full. Bread is very bad for ducks:https://www.thespruce.com/is-feeding-...There seems to have been research, and then a willful choice to stick with tradition in a book that appears to be educating. Completely irresponsible.
  • Charles McChesney
    Just Ducks is an uplifting and liberating little jaunt through nature reminiscent of Christopher Derricks adult work Escape From Skepticism. There are enough similarities in the two that I find it hard to believe that the zoologist that wrote this book wasn't profoundly influenced by a rather non-hard science view of life as having a more of a Thomistic nature.
  • Bethel Swift
    Solid intro to non-fiction for the younger crowd. I am currently reading to 2-year-old twins so we skipped the smaller print sections (of additional scientific info) and they really enjoyed the story.
  • Kristi Brent
    I didn't like this one as much as the other books I have read so far, I thought it was a little bit boring and I don't think younger children would be very interested in it. I did however like that it gave little facts about ducks on each page.
  • Christine Biles
    A simple story, with added non-fiction information. A fun way to learn some facts. The set up of the book like a fiction book makes it more appealing to a youger reader. They are learning without know it! Books are amazing that way!
  • Lauren
    This book was gorgeous and informative. We picked it up because Libby developed a fondness for our pond's ducks and kept asking questions about them that were beyond my threshold of "duck knowledge."
  • Erendira
    I've read better from Nicola Davies. This one was ok, but not the most highly recommended.
  • Megan McCloud
    Meh... don't feed them bread though....
  • Lian
    Delightful, heartwarming and divine illustrations.
  • Julie
    Sweet story with nice illustrations and really interesting Duck facts in the margins.
  • The Transmuted Tree
    Red 1st
  • Sean Harding
    Story and information mingled about the subject of well look at the title ducks my man ducks!! A decent read from Davies with a lot of interesting information and an engaging story.
  • Jenna Mills
    Full of duck info
  • Louisa May
    I really liked this book. Was a fun non-fiction book that conveyed the information as a story. The illustrations were really beautiful. Very nice introductions to non-fiction books
  • Juli Anna
    I love ducks, and I LOVED ducks as a child, but I would not have loved this book.
  • Michelle
    It's not often I learn new things about any animal, but this book taught me new things about ducks
  • Katie
    I actually really loved this book! I think it had a good amount of story along side the more factual words. Plus the images would cute too! It was very educational about ducks and I think kids could relate to ducks, especially if they have ever fed the ducks (I remember doing that!). It even had a index so students could specifically recall and use it to find information. (Eggs, beaks, dabbling, preening, feathers, etc.)
  • Vera Godley
    Just Ducks! by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Salvatore RubbinoThis is a delightful picture book featuring Mallard ducks as they quack their way through the day with a little girl who awakens to their quacks. This isn't really about the little girl - she is simply the witness of everything Just ducks!The reader will learn why some ducks have louder quacks and how to tell a boy duck from a girl duck. This is a "nature storybook" in that it tells...
  • Margaret Chind
    Before my jump into looking at ALA Award Books, I had not heard of Just Ducks! or Nicola Davies or even illustrator Salvatore Rubbino. I looked in our library and they didn't have it, so I requested it for review because of the award status. I am delighted with it! This is absolutely going to become part of my curricula recommendations. Reading, Make Way for Ducklings add on Just Ducks!! Going to spend time reading and lapbooking The Story About ...
  • Raven
    Nicole Davies, an author of children’s books, has won many awards such as Green earth book award and the Boston Globe-Horn Book Nonfiction Honor. Most of her books, being non-fiction, spark children’s curiosity and fill them with the urgency to learn more. Her favorite things to write about are animals, their habitats, how they survive and adapt to their environments. In the book Just Ducks, Nicola Davies gives a view into the daily activitie...