One Special Day by Lola M. Schaefer

One Special Day

A warm, imaginative, loving picture book that's just right for older siblings of new babies. Full color.

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TitleOne Special Day
Release DateMar 20th, 2012
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Family, Storytime, Animals

Reviews One Special Day

  • Cindy Dobrez
    What a delightful way to teach the older sibling of a new baby that a gentle touch is required. I watched a 3-year-old interact enthusiastically with this wild animal filled book as she and her grandmother read it together shortly after the birth of her new baby brother. Read my full take at Bookends Blog:
  • Angela
    Recommended for storytime and as a read-aloud for new siblings, young listeners will enjoy the guessing game narrative. Parents and guardians will enjoy the message of calm and the suggestion of taking on the new "older sibling" role.
  • Mary
    My friend who is pregnant with her second child, and has a 2 1/2 year old son who looks like the Spencer in this book (he said "that's me!"), thinks this is one of the best "older sibling" books she's found. I'm inclined to agree with her.
  • Elisabeth
    Simple, lovely and with a positive feel. This might be my new "go-to" I'm going to be a big brother/sister book. If I were alone, I would've probably cried a little, but since I was in public, I had to be my usual tough self. :)
  • Lindsay
    new baby, siblings, brothers, interactive, animals
  • Nancy
    Oh, my! This picture book will melt your heart!
  • Judith
    Oooh, maybe a possible 2013 Caldecott contender?
  • Kathleen
    There are tons of "I'm a big brother" books out there, so I understand needing a different approach. This one was a little odd to me as most the pages were about how Spencer was fast like a horse, and tall like a giraffe. And then, bam, just a couple of pages how Spencer was gentle like a big brother. Just didn't work for me.
  • Christine
    This was the "big brother" book we got our son before his sister was born. It's a really great book for a soon-to-be-big-sibling. It could work for varying family situations, but the characters as portrayed are an older boy and a baby girl, if that is what you are specifically looking for.
  • Renee
    Summary: An energetic and imaginative boy becomes a big brother. Text is short and simple and has a positive big sibling message but isn't preachy. Endpages are important and valuable to look at. The beginning end pages show all the different things the boy likes to play with on his own: climbing on rocks, pretending he is a superhero, playing with a truck, doing a hand stand. The title page show his mom and dad giving him a hug. Mom is pregnant ...
  • Candice
    This is a simple but charming book about a little boy who is about to become a big brother. Even very young children can understand what is happening in the story. On the first wordless page we see Spencer and a woman (an aunt, grandmother?) waving goodbye as his parents leave in the car. The following pages describe Spencer in animal terms. Strong as a - turn the page to see a picture of a bear. Tall as a - turn the page to see a picture of a gi...
  • Emily Anderson
    One Special day is a story about a sweet little boy. Throughout the book he plays outside imitating different types of animals. Every animal he acts out shares one of his unique characteristics that show his identity. My favorite animal he acts out is the elephant because the little boy takes the lids of the garbage can and bang them together while stumping through his yard. At the end of the story you learn he gained another characteristic while...
  • Melissa
    Bonus points for a new sibling book that doesn't assume jealousy or tantrums. The illustrations give me a little early-Sendak vibe, love it. I also really enjoyed the endpapers--Spencer playing by himself on the front pages and with his little brother, very age-appropriately and happily, on the back pages. I liked all the animals hanging out with Spencer, waiting till it was their turn. In the end, I felt like I wanted more of a balance between t...
  • Heidi-Marie
    Fun book for kids just for the "fill-in-the-blank" of metaphors (with all answers being the pictured animals). The ending might not resound with some kids in a storytime setting--though in my current ones they would with a bunch of them! Definitely worth considering in either toddler or preschool. I think they'd enjoy seeing the boy like all the animals, and even like the ending whether or not they have a younger brother or sister. I did get a li...
  • Laura
    I really liked this book about a boy who becomes a big brother. Spencer is charmingly compared to a variety of animals, which creates a fun story to read with young boys. "He was tall -- tall as a [illustration of giraffe]." At the end of the story, Spencer waits quietly with all the animals for his parents, who arrive home with a new baby. A really sweet story, perfect for any preschool aged boy that's about to be a big brother. Recommended for ...
  • Jayna
    Ages 4 - 6 Spencer is a lot things, fast, tall, loud, but one day he becomes a big brother and that changes everything. This would be great for a story time about siblings. This story also incorporate a lot of unfinished sentences that are finished by the picture. You could encourage the children in story time to play the part of what Spencer is like. For example Spencer is a loud as an elephant, you could ask the kids what was in the picture and...
  • Kifflie
    There are some picture books that get everything right. This is one of them. The theme of becoming an older brother or sister has been done before, but this book has so much extra charm in the artwork, and the text is understated and powerful at the same time.I love little Spencer's energy and imagination, and I also love how he welcomes his little sibling into the world (it's not clear whether the baby is male or female). The endpapers are a tre...
  • Anja Manning
    I didn't read the small-print part of the title so I didn't know where the story was going, but it made no difference. Spencer is a hilarious boy, full of life and mischief. The story is interactive in that important words are not written down but are the focus of the illustration on that page. This works wonderfully. The illustrations are just as full of energy as little Spencer is, until 'one special day'. When Spencer's parents bring home a li...
  • Tabby
    This book might as well have been written for my oldest son. The art is amazing and I could look at those pictures all day but what really made me fall in love was his reaction as we read it together. Of course he loved seeing the main character Spencer playing and acting like a typical boy, and the comparisons to animals made my son happy. But when we got to the end and Spencer gets to hold his newborn sibling for the first time my son pointed t...
  • Alison Reads
    This was my favorite of all the "you're going to be a big brother/sister" books we read in preparation for becoming a family of four. I loved it. I felt the sentiment was lovely - that being a sibling doesn't change all the things that make up you. It just adds. Love adds. It wasn't patronizing or overly sweet - it felt genuine. I liked that it showed the parents leaving and returning with the new baby. I loved the illustrations and the energy. D...
  • Cemeread
    One Special Day is a sweet story of a boy who becomes a big brother. The story begs for participation. Each of the sentences telling an aspect of Spencer ends with a picture instead of a word. For example,"He was fast-fast as a " includes a picture of Spencer racing a horse. The drawings show us how determined and enthusiastic Spencer is at play, every bit a boy. Until the baby comes home. The he is gentle.
  • Ashley Viox
    I think that this is a great book that has the potential to win the Caldecott. The reason why I think that this book has the potential to win the Caldecott is because the pictures are very descriptive to the text. The pictures are so elaborate that the book needs no words to say what the picture is of. For example the book will say "funny as a" and then there will be a picture of a monkey. I love the pictures in this book, it is very colorful and...
  • Caitlin Day
    I really liked this book! It was so cute and made me think of when my younger brother was born and really I really wished that I had knew about this book when he was born. It helps kids understand what's going to happen and how you are supposed to treat the new baby. The pictures are also adorable. I think any child who is going to be a big brother or sister will be excited to read this book and feel really important to their new younnger sibling...
  • Jo Oehrlein
    A fun book to read-aloud, especially with non-readers because some of the "words" aren't printed -- they're replaced with illustrations.So, we learn that Spencer was funny as a monkey, messy as a pig, loud as an elephant, etc. But, when his baby sibling comes home he is gentle because he is a brother.
  • Paige Smith
    The lovely story of a little boy being promoted to Big Brother. They little brother was very excited about the arrival of his sibling. He waited very patiently and was thrilled when he finally met his baby. This book is wonderful for young children who are about to become the Big sibling!
  • Peggy Archer
    A beautiful, simple story about a young boy who has many special qualities, and how becoming a big brother makes him even more special. I love the colorful, bold illustrations. The reader will have fun 'filling in the words by looking at the pictures.
  • Jesse
    I was disappointed that this book turned out to be all about one child, with the new baby introduced only in the last two pages.
  • Michael Fitzgerald
    Predictable and dull.
  • Kristen
    This book is so just-right to give to a little guy who's about to become or just became a big brother. Not artificially sweet, not preachy, just right.
  • Stephani
    Gorgeous illustrations and great text.