Pages for You by Sylvia Brownrigg

Pages for You

In a steam-filled diner in a college town, Flannery Jansen catches sight of something more beautiful than she's ever seen: a graduate student, reading. The seventeen-year-old, new to everything around her—college, the East Coast, bodies of literature, and the sexual flurries of student life—is shocked by her desire to follow this wherever it will take her. When Flannery finds herself enrolled in a class with the remote, brilliant older woman,...

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TitlePages for You
Release DateApr 6th, 2002
GenreLgbt, Fiction, Romance, Glbt, Lesbian, Queer, Contemporary, Lesbian Fiction, Young Adult, Novels, Adult Fiction

Reviews Pages for You

  • April
    One word: lukewarm. (Contains spoiler)Beautifully written, Pages for You could have been quite a brutally realistic romance crafted with the omniscient fluidity of Brownrigg's writing; sadly, it wasn't for me. Though given a charming narrative with particularly gorgeous scenes, I couldn't shake the fact that I absolutely hated the ending. It wasn't the fact that Anne ended up with the surprisingly perfecto Jasper who we learn 'had a place' in Ann...
  • Julie Ehlers
    Sometimes I really want to write poetry, but I can't because I don't know anything about poetry. And then I think, "Maybe I should just write it as prose. You know, just not break it up into little short lines." As I was reading Pages for You it occurred to me that Sylvia Brownrigg had done something similar with this novel. The chapters are quite short, usually only about a page and a half; each chapter clearly has its own theme, and they make l...
  • Jennifer
    Although the subject matter is like most romance novels, the writing fools you and leaves you feeling breathless. It's like you are Flannery, falling in love with Tuesday Anne. Absolutely beautiful.
  • Corporate Slave
    Very good style of writing. The ending ruined it all. The end.
  • Scott S.
    "It wasn't that she wanted the coffee, no. That wasn't it. Rather, she wanted to be the coffee: she envied the dark drink its chance to taste those lips." -- page 9The first great book I've read this year (and we're only a week into it!), I'd like to thank my local library for recently obtaining a copy of Pages For You and prominently displaying it at their fiction shelves. I don't think I would have otherwise heard of this book and/or author Syl...
  • Alsha
    The writing is pretentious and tries too hard to impress - I'm putting that out there from the start. But I also finished it over two evenings of reading, so there was a compelling pull to the underlying story as well. It probably says more about me than the book that I would have preferred a point of view from the 28 year old rather than the 17 year old. It's divided into three sections - essentially 1) the build-up to the romance 2) the romance...
  • P
    Oh, where do I even start? This book is utterly amazing. Dare I even say that it's a masterpiece? I just love Brownrigg's style of writing, meticulous use of language and how she brings the sensuality of her words alive in this book. It's simply so refreshing to read. The plot, characters and pace were perfect (maybe partly because I can relate to Flannery and her feelings). I want to talk about them passionately, in more detail but I know that i...
  • Dimps
    A taste of love with a swift kick in the ass of reality.
  • Jessica Sullivan
    I never felt fully immersed or deeply moved by this book, and I think I can pinpoint exactly why: the third-person narration kept me at a distance the whole time. How I wish I could have been deeper inside 17-year-old Flannery's head as she experienced first love with the poised and sophisticated Anne. Third-person narration just seemed like such a strange choice for this topic, and the intensity it was going for.I didn't find myself savoring it,...
  • Ana
    DNF @ 53%I hadn’t heard of this book prior to the publication of its sequel, Pages for Her, and was surprised to find out that more than 15 years passed between the two novels. Since I was curious to read the recently released one, having loved Call Me by Your Name, with which they have similar plot points, I thought I’d start at the beginning. And, sadly, end there! Pretentiously written with a rather retro vibe, as if from the 70s, where ev...
  • Gabie
    I’ve heard buzz about this book all over the place, good reviews at that, and feedback that it would “ruin my life.”It did. In the most glorious way.I seldom read romance novels but this one really exceeded my expectations. Brownrigg narrated it in such a poetic manner and in such a rich prose. Narrated from the point of view of a young Flannery, showing us a different side of relationships and allows us to reminisce on our firsts. Every wo...
  • Nicole
    I can't wait to read more of this beautiful writing! The fact that you can build your words around such a simple story and to evoke so many feelings by it is astounishing!It's not a trashy romance novel, although it could've been one if not Browning's unmistakable talent. It's like a slow jazz composition, that makes your thoughts wander to your own first infatuations. And yes in parts it is heartbreaking, but you know for sure that it's the way ...
  • Charlotte Coldwell
    It was perfect and now my heart is heavy.
  • Anna (Bananas)
    The writing is eloquent and lyrical but god this book was depressing. Not sure if it was the best thing for me to read right now. So it's gorgeous but be forewarned. You may want to stab yourself in the face after reading.
  • Jessi Rose
    To me, this book was very powerful. It was a wonderful book. I found it really sad. I cried at the end of this book. I never do that. It's your typical tragic love story. Anyone who's a sucker for a good love story should read this! It's one of my favourite books!
  • Ariya
    The book concerns the convincing love affair between two women (the main character has been shrunk by the word Lesbian, and I agree) overshadowed by the coming-of-age and the coined word: "education" in terms of the university atmosphere and the education a woman could gain from the relationship, both falling in and out. The main character Flannery, fresh from the high school to the university, falls into the greenish eyes of the most beautiful w...
  • Lea
    3.5 stars Surprisingly I liked this less than the sequel (which I’d read first). The pace was much quicker and it was a much more straight forward love story, but I actually prefer the slower second book. Also: Anne is horrible. Not for being with a 17 year old when she’s 28 (it’s not written from her perspective, so I just hope for her sake that she had someProblems with that), but she just came off as pretentious, self-centered and someti...
  • Maria
    This is the story of someone who fell in love, not only with another human being, but also with herself. This is a self-discovery journey, a journey that teaches that with wonder comes loss, and that with sadness comes happiness. There are ups and downs, there are smiles and tears. In the end? It will be worth it. No matter how much it seems to hurt at the beginning, there will come a time in life when you will sit and smile at the memories from ...
  • Michele
    This book killed me. I loved it, but it killed me. You knew from the beginning the relationship would not last. Hell, you knew by reading the prologue for crying out loud! So I don't see how this is a spoiler. Even though I knew the relationship was doomed, I still felt the impending dread as the book went on. My chest got tighter and tighter until the awful heart wrenching breakup scene. And the more I think about it, the more I hate the prologu...
  • Hannah
    My new favourite life-ruiner.
  • Mel
    I've got a new project on the go where I reorganized the TBR books on my shelf in a random order onto my shelves and I'm reading them in order. This was the next book to pop up, and I am so happy that it did. This book follows Flannery Jansen, who at the start of her University life at the age of 17, falls in love at first sight with another woman and thus begins a very whirlwind romance. I saw so much of myself in Flannery and therefore really e...
  • Malum
    Pages for You is like a cross between Alain de Botton's Essays in Love and Ann Bannon's Odd Girl Out. Like Botton's novel, it examines the life of a relationship through all of its twists and turns (although in a much less clinical way). And, like Bannon's pulp novel, it is about an experienced college girl and a naïve freshmen finding love together in a world that doesn't accept them (view spoiler)[and also ends with a tragic "Oops, I guess I'm...
  • Anna Baillie-Karas
    Flannery, a university student, falls in love with Anne, 10 yrs her senior. This starts beautifully & the language is poetic & sensual throughout. Flannery & Anne are interesting, each strong in their own way, & the dynamics of a relationship wonderfully observed. But I didn’t share Flannery’s absorption in her new love. She was like a precocious uni student; it didn’t quite hold my interest. Saved by the lyrical writing.
  • Liralen
    I wish I'd read this ten years ago—not because I think I particularly needed it ten years ago, but because there are ten years between Anne and Flannery, and I wonder whether I might have taken the book differently if I'd read it when I was at Flannery's age (seventeen, then eighteen) rather than Anne's (twenty-eight, as I am now).I wish, too, that I hadn't read any reviews immediately before starting the book, because I also wonder whether I m...
  • Lindsay
    This book is admittedly pretentious, unrealistically centered around two characters, and it loses its momentum about three quarters the way through, but I liked it anyway. There were many sentences, or merely phrases, that were heart-stoppingly beautiful. And although I would label this strictly as literary fiction, it had a suspenseful quality to it that kept me spellbound.All in all, an interesting, although flawed, book.
  • Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!}
    This book was delicious. The love scenes were not erotic per se but you would get right up there and cuts off right at the porn, but the writer did it right, it add to the erotic nature instead of taking away. The ending was heartbreaking and tragic and I cried. Yup this book made me slightly emotional at times.
  • Angela
    This book came highly recommended. It was one of those books that leaves you with an inexplicable feeling rather than a set of characters and plot. More like a soothing jazz ensemble, this book is a book for those who want to discover or relive the first taste of infatuation.
  • Natasha (Diarist) Holme
    3.5 stars. Beautifully written, haunting love story. A little drawn out. Found the name 'Flannery' endlessly irritating, but it encompasses the name 'Anne,' you see.
  • Ylenia
  • Cindy Wilkerson
    3.25 starsI really enjoyed watching Flannery’s initial obsession with Anne. And I also loved watching them become a couple and fall in love. But I did feel some disconnection with them as characters, and I wasn’t sure why until I read another someone else’s review. I would’ve been much more invested in Flannery, had this been told in first person POV.With this particular style of prose, and not much of a plot, it was too long. There was a...