The Ultimate Werewolf by Byron Preiss

The Ultimate Werewolf

Original anthology of 20 werewolf stories, two (the Ellison and the Niven) reprints, with an introduction by Harlan Ellison and a filmography by Leonard Wolf. This is being published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1941 Universal film.Crying "Wolf!" · Harlan EllisonAdrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans: Latitude 38° 54' N, Longitude 77° 00' 13" W · Harlan EllisonWolf, Iron, and Moth · Philip José FarmerAngels' Moon · Kathe Ko...

Details The Ultimate Werewolf

TitleThe Ultimate Werewolf
Release DateSep 1st, 1991
GenreHorror, Shapeshifters, Werewolves, Anthologies, Fantasy, Short Stories, Fiction, Paranormal, Supernatural

Reviews The Ultimate Werewolf

  • Xabi1990
    Leído en 2004. 7/10.Cuentos cortos de varios autores clásicos sobre el mito de Hombre Lobo.Como todas las recopilaciones es muy variable y a mí no me gustan estas mezclas de calidades tan distintas, pero por autores y temáticas este libro en particular sí merece la pena.
  • Jillyn
    Over all, I found this anthology to be a hit and miss collection of stories. I did enjoy the many different points of views on lycanthropes, but I often had to force myself through stories. I enjoyed stories such as "Moonlight on the Gazebo" and "Pure Silver". However, stories like "Wolf, Iron, and Moth" and "There's a Wolf in My Time Machine" just left me bored, not to mention the not so infrequent spelling errors ("she shook her heard", for ins...
  • Jim
    Pretty good collection of werewolf shorts- most are clever and well-written. Sadly, there are very few scary moments. In fact, a slim majority of the stories feature werewolves that are just big wolves after the transformation, and that is a mistake in this reader's opinion. The werewolf, or wolf man, is always best and scariest when he walks on two legs. Oh well, even so... good book, read it.
  • Timothy Boyd
    If you like short stories and people taking a new view of a subject then this is a good book. I enjoyed a few of the stories but overall was not pleased. Not recommended
  • Trisha
    De vraag die overblijft, is: Wie onder ons zijn de ware beesten?Dit boek heeft diverse verhalen over weerwolven. Sommige goed en anderen wat minder. Maar de verhalen gaan over de verandering en wat het met de mens doet. Sommige gebruiken hun verandering voor het positieve en anderen ja die weten niet wat ze moeten doen. Lees en oordeel zelf.
  • Ben Kalman
    A couple of decent stories, but most fall flat. What is most disappointing is that the writers I expected the most from - Harlan Ellison, Philip José Farmer, Nancy Collins - were particularly flat.Larry Niven was the one exception - his story was as strong as I expect from him.
  • Sean Chick
    This book was a let down, although a few decent stories made it passable.
  • John
    Some tales are really good. Others, like the opening stinker from Harlan Ellison, are not.
  • Wendy
    Well-crafted stories exploring the werewolf mythology. I particularly liked Angels' Moon by Kathe Koja, South of Oregon City by Pat Murphy, Pure Silver by A. C. Crispin and Kathleen O'Malley, and Partners by Robert J. Randisi.
  • Christina
    Read this one a long time ago back when I decided the werewolf was my favorite paranormal being. And now in this bleak age of Twilight and vampire galore, I think that needs to be said.Over all some nice variations on werewolf short stories.
  • Anke
    Inderdaad niet mijn genre. Leuk om een keer wat anders te lezen, sommige verhalen waren wel leuk, andere heb ik erg ‘schuin’ gelezen.
  • Ana
    This book was a very fun read. Lots of great unique werewolf stories. Some were a little strange, but I love that there were so many different kinds, types, and points of view.
  • Edward Taylor
    Great stories, no spoilers but not all of the tales are in the truest sense “werewolf” but the theme holds true enough. Loved “the werewolf gambit”, “pure silver” and “partners” the most.
  • Kristine
    Some of the stories were great, some were ok, and there were a couple that definitely weren't my favorites, but all around a good anthology.