Savage Desire (Brandon-Morgan #4) by Rosemary Rogers

Savage Desire (Brandon-Morgan #4)

The fire of their passion sparks as Steve and Ginny reunite in London. Their years apart have taken a toll, but nothing can change the fierce emotion that burns between the two. The lovers have made a pact to look beyond the hurts of yesterday and look toward their future --- their future as a family. But the dark treacheries of the past have called Steve back to Mexico to finally put an end to some unfinished business.Determined not to lose Stev...

Details Savage Desire (Brandon-Morgan #4)

TitleSavage Desire (Brandon-Morgan #4)
Release DateNov 24th, 2000
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Victorian, Westerns

Reviews Savage Desire (Brandon-Morgan #4)

  • MaryReadsRomance
    5 Nostalgic Stars This is the last in series of Morgan Challenger Books regarding the romance of Ginny and Steve Morgan. Their long romance, and sometimes sordid story, started with the book Sweet Savage Love. If you have not read any of the series, I strongly suggest you start with Sweet Savage Love, which is the opus of this series, before you read Savage Desire. Unlike so many "series" today, the 1st book, Sweet Savage Love, is complete and th...
  • Alysha DeShaé
    My full review is here on my personal website. I'll post a few excerpts here, though:3.5 out of 5.0 starsThe very worst thing about this book is that the saga of Ginny and Steve is over…The very best thing about this book is that the saga of Ginny and Steve is over… I love these characters in spite of all their flaws both in who they are (considering that they’re fictional) and how they were written (usually with a lack of development) and ...
  • Sunni
    I truly enjoyed this book. The characters are believable, and you may just find yourself rooting for them, being angry at them, and you might just cry with them. Ms. Rogers has a wonderful gift for being able to describe people, places, and emotions in such a way that you feel that you are right there with them experiencing it all. This novel is no exception, and I found it very hard to put down for a book I grabbed by complete accident.
  • Vira
    A return to my own hacienda de la nostalgia.Completely politically incorrect, although I suppose Rogers tried this time, at least a little. Sweet Savage Love was one of the first bodice rippers I ever read, at the tender age of 13-14 (My first? A Pirate's Love by Johanna Lindsay) and left an impression.The original Ginny and Steve were a product of their time. They belong there.
  • Andrea
    Did not finishplot spoilersI slammed this utter piece of filth down very early in the game when I found that they had once been together, or were married, but had separated for some reason that I cannot remember. It's been years since I attempted to read it, so some of the details have faded. But what stands out like a beacon in the night is that these two married people, who had several children together, had cheated on each other. The woman was...
  • Sherily
    Another great Steve and Ginny story. This couple has endured so much in the previous 3 books and finally you can see some maturity and growth in the both of them. I was happy to see that they finally matured and finally started to try and trust each other. These 2 have been through so many tragedies and believe it or not, they endure some more in this book too. Two very head strong personalities. Great read. Looks like this (book #4) is the last ...
  • Pamela
    This is the final book of Steve and Ginny who have gone up and down in their relationship so much you could be sea sick. It finally comes to a satisfying and happy conclusion and that is saying a lot with these two characters. I have enjoyed the ride, but glad they found happiness.
  • Debby
    The saga is over.