Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega, #1) by Aline Hunter

Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega, #1)

A bond forged in blood. Fealty given to the one he desires above all others. Graced with the ability to shift into any form, Diskant Black is the absolute authority when it comes to New York shifters, and as the Omega of the city, his word is law. Protecting the shifter races is more than a job, it's a predisposition ingrained since birth-nothing is more important. Until a chance encounter with a tiny female sets fire to his blood, brings him to ...

Details Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega, #1)

TitleOmega Mine (Alpha and Omega, #1)
Release DateSep 1st, 2011
PublisherEllora's Cave
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifters, Vampires, Adult Fiction, Erotica

Reviews Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega, #1)

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    “I don’t…I need…I want…” She tried to clear her head. She was drowning in this man. “To come?” he offered, licking her nape. “I’d love to make you come. Just tell me how you want it.”How to make a great paranormal book:1. Give the main guy a Harley2. Make him tattooed3. He “I don’t…I need…I want…” She tried to clear her head. She was drowning in this man. “To come?” he offered, licking her nape. “I’d lo...
  • Kristen
    5 starsFull review now postedOh Wow! What a book! I LOVED IT! Omega Mine had me riveted and enthralled from the first page to the last. Aline Hunter has created a multifaceted and gritty paranormal world with a solid and intriguing plot, richly developed characters, and a provocative, explicitly erotic, and enticing love story.In fact, what I loved the most about this book was the way the author constructed the relationship between the hero and h...
  • Liz
    ★3.5★ “There is nothing more important in this world to me than you and there never will be." Omega Mine is the first book in the Alpha and Omega Series. Ava Brisbane is a bartender who has always known that she was different. Living in a world where shifters, vampires, and powerful entities intermingle with their human counterparts, Ava is wary of putting her trust in anyone. Diskant Black is the most powerful shifter in the city. When he ...
  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    3.7 StarsI started this one on audio but when it came to the sex I had to switch back over to the ebook version because the narrator pretending to be a man slamming his big thick cock into the woman's lady bits, was quite off-putting. Listening to someone say "...the cream of her cunt mixed with the pungent odor of his seed." made me feel weird, and not in a good way. I've read a lot of rude stuff, but I think erotica via audio is my limit unless...
  • Rach
    THANKS BLACKY FOR THE RECOMMENDATIONIt is certainly a hot readThe shifter theme didn't overtake the whole romance in the book which I was pleased about as I'm not completely into paranormal books. The EXTREMELY hot sex more than made up for any reservations I hadMeet Diskant The hot shifter who drives a Harley and knows his way around the female body to induce toe curling orgasms and extreme pleasure. What I want to know is where is he so he caha...
  • Vishous
    this was like reading some huge sex scene with couple of pauses to insert some don't get me wrong! it was hot! it was uber hot!HE was hot! HE was delicious! I would jump him and hump him!but will all that sexual tension and how to finish marking process I forgot what the plot is really about hahaI am really interested in Trey's story and I know that one will be off the charts hot!
  • Pam
    4 stars “Hang on, Ava mine. From here on in, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.” Can I just say, I swooned every freaking time he said “Ava mine”. Coming from a 200 pound possessive Alpha Omega there was just something so sweet, tender and HAWT. Ava keeps to herself, knowing she is special but never truly realizing what it all means. Time and time again she has had to bail out her brother but this was the last time. All she wanted w...
  • CC
    4.5 starsI loved this book! It was super hawt! They could not keep their hands off each other! I loved that they were together most of the book. It made for a more enjoyable read not having relationship angst. Plus the world building was interesting and the suspense plot was really good. I hope the next book keeps up the pace.Safety gang (view spoiler)[Neither are virginsSo she flees from her first meeting wi 4.5 starsI loved this book! It was ...
  • Sláinte Wanderlust
    Cover & Title - 4 out of 5Favorite Line - "In thirty seconds I'm going to carry you to the bedroom. drape you across the bed and see if you taste as good as you smell." Favorite Character - DiskantThis is me reading the book(teeheehee) seriously though.. i think need a cold shower. There is nothing like reading a man take charge *fans self* Diskant is protective, possessive & potent. He was ridiculously sexy, alpha (i know he is an Omega) and a t...
  • Crystal~BIG book addict~
    Normally I am a sucker for a shifter book with a strong alpha male character. I love how they get all bossy and possessive and with their female, he thinks she is allUnfortunately with this book, I had a hard time getting into the story. Not sure why, probably just my mood. I did enjoy enough that I will be reading more of this series. Diskant is the Omega. He is the alpha of all shifters, wolf, panther, Normally I am a sucker for a shifter boo...
  • Nikki
    This book contains:As well as:AndAndOh, MyThis book contains:As well as:AndAndOh, MyI FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! GO READ IT NOW!!! PACKED FULL OF SOME SERIOUSLY HOT SEX + MAJOR ALPHA MEN + A PRETTY TOUGH CHICK + LOTS OF DRAMA = A HELL OF A GOOD TIME! :-)I really can't wait to read the next one and I'm hoping Trey's book will be out very soon! Ms. Hunter, I think I love you! ;)
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    Diskant is an Omega shifter, which means he has several animals that he can shift into and he helps with all the packs/prides. Ava is human but she does have some pretty nifty powers of her own. They met when Ava got attacked by vampires and Diskant saves her. Right away he can tell that she is his mate and he takes her home. She is unconscious from the attack but he can hardly contain himself. When she finally awakens, she takes off at the first...
  • Duchess Nicole
    4 solid starsSo, those of my GR friends who know me well know that I've been on a pnr burnout for quite some time. If Bones couldn't cure me, no one can, right? Wrong! What I needed was a shifter! We all love those alpha men...all levels of alpha-ness, from simple protectiveness to the possessive control freaks we hate to love. I'm tentatively tipping my hat to this book for showing me what I loved about paranormal romance way back when Twilight ...
  • Jamie
    DISKANT..... [image error]LOVED this one! I've not read any pnr in a while and this was just what I needed.. I enjoyed it so much I'm rolling right into book 2 of this series.. Diskant is the Omega of all shifters in the northeast.. he can shift into anything and he has all the beasties inside him just waiting to come out kick ass and give multipe orgasims out to Ava.. he's delicious. He saves Ava one night from some creepy vamps, he smells her a...
  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    **4.5 stars**This book was so freaking hot! Paranormal erotica done right!This is the book that I wanted Feral Sins to be. It was ridiculously sexy, had a nicely developed shifter world, and an insta-love even a jaded reader like me could get into. And thank GOD we didn't get an annoying, whiny heroine. Ava was just perfect- sexy and confident. She doesn't do any of the things that irritate me in these types of books: She doesn't pout, she doesn'...
  • Jen
    This book was a definate five stars from me..hands down!! What a wonderful way to begin a series, and this series is gonna be hot!! We are introduced to Diskant Black, who is an "Omega" and he can shift into several different animals. He shares his skin with a bear, a wolf, and a wild cat, an very few would want to mess with the protector of the shifter population. He is focused on protecting his fellow shifters, until the day he catches a scent ...
  • Anna (Bobs Her Hair)
    C- or weak 3 starsThis is the story of a telepathic human woman named Ava who becomes mated to Diskant, an Omega shifter. The first half of the book is focused on the mating process. (The H/h can't get enough of each other.) The characters didn't seem very sexy or sensual. Instead of intimacy there are dripping loins, wet panties, and uncomfortable buldges in the hero's leather pants. The plots gives hints to something sinister, but the character...
  • Melanie
    4.5 starsThis was a fresh addition to the ever-popular paranormal romance genre. Aline Hunter has created a complex world involving shifters, vampires, mages, warlocks (and witches I assume), a secret society of dubious intent, and a religious zealot group hell-bent on eradicating the "demon-possessed". In Hunter's world the varying animal-based shifter groups, while each lead by an alpha, are all in fact united by Omega, the ultimate shifter who...
  • Jo
    Only an Omega bore the mark of all the races and possessed the ability to change into any of them. That meant total submission and respect was bestowed to him among the shifters. In the city that never sleeps he was in charge, and it wasn't open to discussion. That's Disktant (sigh) the Omega, a king among the shifters! And well, if i love an alpha male i FREAKIN LOVE the Omega!! And when he s Only an Omega bore the mark of all the races and p...
  • Dee
    September 2013 OK, so this was the 3rd time that I have read this book and I think that pretty much says what I think about it! As I had already read it twice I had remembered most of what happened, but as was about to go on to read Vampire Mine I wanted to brush up on the minor characters and especially wanted to refresh the details of events previously happened between Trey & Sadie May 2012 I originally read this back in December last year (201...
  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    4.5 starsThis was a very pleasant surprise. Was this book hot?But it actually had a pretty good plot.While I wasn't too invested in Diskant and Ava's story (don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed just didn't have any wow factors to it) I was still thoroughly drawn in to the Aline Hunter's world building.I will happily be continuing the story with Emory and Mary's story...but I CANNO 4.5 starsThis was a very pleasant surprise. Was this book...
  • Kathleen
    For this reader, too many typos, some really wonky sentences, and reams of graphic sex diminished a promising plot. Ellora's Cave can do better. Some of their publications are great. Ellora's Cave (EC) publishes different types of imprints. In terms of heat, the Blush imprint is "traditional romance, with less emphasis on sex" while the Romantica imprint is "erotic romance." You would not know it from GR or Amazon info (unless you click the "LOOK...
  • Ingie
    3.5 Shifter Stars for a STEAMY story with a lot of suspense and a lovely hot Omega Imagine a muscular, tall man in NY with a Harley, a black leather coat, semi-long black hair, a big predator tattoo and gold-colored eyes. Eyes that shift ... A alpha male. Yes, there can't be anything but pleasant reading. I'm purrs and smiles. Diskant Black is New York's Omega, he is all different shifter groups authority. His word is law. One night he saves, by ...
  • Jo
    Diskant Black is the Omega of New York City, and used to have his law followed. His job is the most important thing to him, keeping all shifters in line and protecting them. Until he comes across a tiny, pixie haired human, who brings him to his knees. Nothing matters but making her his and keeping her safe, because finally he has found his mate. But Ava Brisbane is not just a fragile human, she’s a strong telepath, who can read the thoughts of...
  • Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker Queen of the Undead
    At first I was worried this would be a fated-to-be-mated sexfest with a side of story, but thankfully, I was wrong. After the initial couple of chapters, the story turned out to be really good, the entire cast of characters- bad and good, are well written and not just shoved in between the break in the sex scenes. And let me tell you, the sex scenes are hot! That wasn't my review. That's me rambling (though most of my reviews look like me ramblin...
  • Monica
    If you give me an alpha male (whose body is pure sin), all tatted up and with baddass engraved in his blood...Well, let's just say that you have one incredible happy woman.I LOVED this book. Great characters and even greater plot.Diskant was LIFE, ladies.That man had everything I like in a male character going on for him. And surprisngly enough, HE WASN'T AN ASSHOLE!!! A first when dealing with alpha males.And Ava... She was super likable. If y...
  • Mara
    It's always a disappointment when I read a good story destroyed by too much sex. This book had potential: some world-building, plenty of interesting characters, a political thread that could get good, a couple with the possibility of a real conflict. And everything is drowned in sex. How annoying is it when you have to skip all those sex scenes because you want to read the meaty, meaningful part? :)Warning: a friend noticed what some might consid...
  • Carisa
    Really good, interesting world building, very well written. I loved the H/h fated-mates, passionate love story, action plot, and the introduction of two other love stories that I guess will be featured in this series. HERO is a Leader, the Omega of all shifters in the New York Area, who finds out by chance that his mate is a human female.SCENES/CONTENT: many/steamyGENRE/TONE: paranormal/actionLENGTH: 210 pages
  • Mariann {at} Belle's Book Bag
    Omega Mine came highly recommended to me by several different readers/bloggers and after reading, I can definitely understand why. I have been missing out on such an AWESOME book. And if the series continues on the same way as Omega Mine, I'm going to be one happy girl!! lol :)WOW...SO FREAKING GOOD!!! Omega Mine is a perfect example of why I read and absolutely love shifter type romances. It has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. The s...