Eruption (Storm Runners, #3) by Roland Smith

Eruption (Storm Runners, #3)

The explosive conclusion to Roland Smith's fast-paced action series!The adventures aren't over yet for Chase Masters and his dad. In this third installment, Chase heads south of the border with his friend Nicole Rossi to track down the Rossi Brothers' Circus--lions, tigers, elephants and all--after a massive earthquake hits Mexico. With a volcano about to erupt as a result of the disaster, Chase has never faced such a serious threat to his surviv...

Details Eruption (Storm Runners, #3)

TitleEruption (Storm Runners, #3)
Release DateMar 1st, 2012
PublisherScholastic Inc.
GenreAdventure, Fiction, Young Adult, Action, Realistic Fiction

Reviews Eruption (Storm Runners, #3)

  • Amber
    This was a great conclusion to the series I will definitely be recommending these books!!
  • Dyllan Schulze
    this book series was one of my favorite. I like the ending of this book wear Nicole and Chase made up. if i could i would read all three of tease again.
  • Keegan Mallory
    The reason why I chose to read this book is because the book has a lot of suspense in it and it is a very good book to read. Also when I was younger I read the other two books and really enjoyed them. I wanted to get to read the last one but never had the time so I took this opportunity and i can say that i am very pleased that i did. I have always been a fan of storms and suspense so this book and all the others ones were a great fit for me. The...
  • Annie Bolke
    I thought that Eruption was a great way to end the Storm Runners series. It started right where the other one left of. Chase, his Dad, Tomás, Nicole, Cindy and Mark, all travel to Mexico to try to find the missing Rossi Brothers Circus. When they get there, their is an earthquake going on, and they try to drive up a volcano, that has not really erupted a lot. They need to get to Lago de Montaña, a small village where Tomas´s family lives, and ...
  • Alejandro Fernandez
    The book was so good it was funny and scary because people come out of the ground and eat other people.My opinion on this book is good becasuse it is fun to read it.I would recommend this book to my friends because they like to read scary books.
  • Josh
    After surviving the category-5 hurricane of the two previous novels, Chase, Rashawn and Nicole find themselves in another adventure. A new disaster, namely an earthquake, begins Mexico, and leaves Chase, John and Nicole no time to rest. With Rashawn staying in Florida to help her family, the rest of the gang head out to help John’s friend Tomás. Along with them come Mark and Cindy, a news crew wishing the capture their efforts. They come acros...
  • Houston R
    I think this was a good book, this book is about Chase, his Dad, Tomás, Nicole, Cindy and Mark are traveling south to mexico to find a missing circus called the Rossi Brother Circus, when they get there there is a earthquake happening. So as it happens they go up a volcano and look for the village where the circus is stranded, when they find out that one of the trucks crash they realize there is a tiger on the loose.
  • Jose
    this book is about a earthquake and a eruption that happend in mexico and they try to surrvive and live threw all the challanges they have to face. they have to hear bad news about people that had left the earth and they are low on medical supplies and are down to expiered medicanthey are trying to escape the volcano called popocetepetl that has started to erupt.
  • Mary Thomas
    I think this one was my favorite of the three. Like the others, some of the parts were hard to imagine in my head, but I liked how all the storylines came together, and it had a satisfying conclusion.
  • Catherine
    This story is so improbable that is becomes almost mystery science 3000 fodder. I still think students will like it. The books in this series are short, the chapters are short and easily read. The story is exciting and fast-paced. It doesn't seem very well researched though.
  • Ramona
    I did enjoy the setting, the overall theme of the story, but the content seemed to be for older teens, but was written for younger teens. I would have liked to have the characters fleshed out more. The story seemed a little choppy and not complete.
  • Phillip
    4.5 stars for entire series. Should have been 1 book instead of 3.
  • Denise Shaver
    I read this to finish the trilogy. Some action, but a lot of details that either weren’t fleshed out or were pretty lame.
  • Aaron
    I think that this book was amazing because it had a lot of mystery and action. I really thought that this book was amazing because a lot of stuff was going on like volcano erupting
  • Courtnie Walter
    I'm reading this in my class and it is fun we've read all the series
  • Cherie
  • Rose Dillard
    I really enjoyed this book. It is the third in the series (which I have read in just a few weeks). I love that these are quick reads. Short chapters that move the plot forward pretty quickly. I wasn't sure if I should give it 4 stars or 5. I loved the book, but I usually only give 5 stars to my absolute amazing favorite books. My 4 star rating has a wider range, but all still really good to great in my opinion. On this wonderful snow day, where I...
  • Chris
    Roland Smith has become one of my favorite young adult authors. I picked up the first book in this series, Storm Runners, at a school book fair. I couldn't put it down. After the death of his wife and daughter in a car crash and then being struck by lightning, John Masters has sold everything and taken his 12-year-old son Chase on the road as storm chasers. Chase is the protagonist in the series, but it's important to understand the families back...
  • Sherri
    In this third installment of Storm Runners, Chase Masters, 12, once again finds himself in dangerous situations with his dad and new friends. This book continues immediately where the second book ended. It took me a little while to get up to speed on all the characters, so a little more background at the beginning would have helped jog my memory.This time around earthquakes and an impending volcanic eruption thwart the plans of Chase, his dad Joh...
  • Tessa Joy
    After surviving a hurricane in Florida, Chase, Nicole, Chase’s father, and his construction team head to Mexico to tract down the lost caravan of the Rossi Brothers’ Circus. An earthquake destroyed several roads there, making it impossible to search the area for the caravan or for native survivors. Because of the earthquake, a local volcano is threatening to erupt at any time, possibly before survivors can get safely out. As Chase’s group t...
  • Kay Mcgriff
    Roland Smith provides an action-packed conclusion to the Storm Runners trilogy with Eruption. Now that Chase Masters and his father are reunited after surviving a category 5 hurricane in Floriday, they are off to the aftermath of an earthquake and looming volcanic eruption in Mexico. Will they be able to find the missing Rossi Brothers circus before it is too late?It's an oddball crew that heads south of the border. In addition to Chase and his d...
  • Cade
    I like this whole series, but this isn't my favorite of the series. This is the third and final book of the Storm Runners series. Chase, his father, his father's partner Tomas, Nicole, a news reporter named Cindy and a camera man named Mark go to Mexico because of several earthquakes. A volcano starts to erupt and Tomas's family lives in a village on the side of the erupting volcano. They also go to see Nicole's mom and sister and the rest of the...
  • Kim
    Grades 5-8 Fans of the first two installments of the Storm Runners series have come to expect nonstop action and adventure from Chase and his storm-chasing father John, and they will not be disappointed. In the aftermath of Hurricane Emily, they discover that Nicole's family, on tour around Mexico City, has not been heard from since a devestating earthquake struck. They waste no time flying to Mexico to track down the circus performers and animal...
  • Liz
    The Storm Runners Eruption, Book 3, is the final book in the series. All three books are short read and filled with a lot of tension. The Rossi Circus is in Mexico and thought safe, no hurricane to hurt the rest of the animals or the circus people. Instead an earthquake hits the area the circus is in and both Nicole's mother and sister are missing along with the rest of the circus. Chase, Nicole, Chase's father and Tomas take off to see what they...
  • eilyw
    Storm Runners The EruptionBy Roland smithIn this book Chase, his friend Nicole, Chase’s Dad, and others go to Mexico. There has been earthquakes going on. They are going to Mexico because the Rossi Brothers’ Circus was stranded. On there way to Mexico the bridge they needed was broke. So they took a dangerous trail through the woods. When They found the place they needed the only way to get there was to climb over the very unstable camper lyi...
  • Carro Herdegen
    Language - PG (1 swear, 0 "f"), Sexual Content - G; Violence PGChase and friends are heading up a mountain right after surviving a bad earthquake to confirm that family is still alive. Unfortunately, the powerful earthquake has reminded the volcano at the top of the mountain that it isn't dormant. Now landslides and ash are wearing on everyone's hope and strength as they foreshadow more hardships to come farther up the mountain. Can Chase make it...
  • Jonathan
    Roland Smith’s Storm Runners series continues with even more exciting and climactic adventures. Like the first two books, this third one has lots going on all at once. Using third-person omniscient point of view, Smith hops among different plots, examining various characters’ thoughts and actions (even the rogue tiger!), keeping the story innovative and energetic. This approach, along with the non-stop action and heart-pounding adventure, wil...
  • Jennifer Lavoie
    This book is the final book in the Storm Runners series (I guess that makes it a trilogy) and while I loved the first two, this one left me with many questions. I feel like the ending was rushed and left it open for a fourth book. For example, what happens to the Rossi family circus? Does it get back on the road again or not? And where do Chase and his father end up? I know it may have killed the resolution of the novel to extend it more, but at ...
  • Zach P
    I picked up the book in the library after liking first book in this series, Storm Runners. Like the last book in the series, I couldn't put it down. The plot is filled with twists and turns, and after the death of his wife and daughter in a car crash and then being struck by lightning, John Masters has sold everything. Him and his son Chase buy a truck and intend to be storm chasers. One thing I didn't like about this story is the confusing back ...