The Synergist by Les McKeown

The Synergist

Why do so many teams fail to perform - achieving compromise at best and gridlock at worst? And what does it take to end this gridlock? Wall Street Journal bestselling author and speaker Les McKeown shows how to take any team from gridlock to world class success. In his new book, McKeown argues that every successful team includes a critical player, the Synergist, who can take the three exisiting types - The bold dreamers (Visionaries), the pragmat...

Details The Synergist

TitleThe Synergist
Release DateJan 3rd, 2012
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenreBusiness, Leadership, Nonfiction, Management

Reviews The Synergist

  • CJ
    An outstanding business book - and seeing Les in person is worth doing! I love the concepts of the Visionary, Operator and Processor and how those play out in the arc of a business growing. I find that this arc applies to nonprofits as well!
  • Jamie Meyer
    The concept behind this book is awesome! In the workplace, people typically operate in one of three way: The Visionary, The Operator, or The Processor. The Visionary is leading the charge, always bringing new ideas to the table ready to start the next project. The Operator is a doer, give them a project and they will make sure it’s done and done fast so they can finishing the next project. The Processor is exactly that, a processor. They’re a...
  • Josh Andrew Brown
    Wow! What an eye opening concept for working with teams. It has helped me to understand and be more gracious to myself and others as I lead in and participate with teams. I finally have language for some of the “why’s.” This book is a must for any organizational leader.
  • PurposeFocusCommitment
    I have seen firsthand how teams full of experts in their field failed to accomplish the teams’ goals. The problem wasn’t in the knowledge they had or didn’t have, it was that they couldn’t come to an agreement on what are the priorities and how to get things done. Have you ever found yourself being part of such a team?If you were or still are wondering how things could have gone better then you might find a couple of answers in this book....
  • David McClendon, Sr
    The Synergist is a rather interesting book. It is a great book for anyone who has to work in a group or team setting. McKeown discusses the different styles of people who interact within a group or team setting. McKeown introduces the concepts of Visionaries, Operators and Processors which can all be found within most large groups or teams. Most people possess attributes from more than one of these styles. One style that I did not see introduced ...
  • Soundview Executive Book Summaries
    The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success by Les McKeown was chosen by Soundview Executive Book Summaries as one of the Top 30 Business Books of 2012.THE SOUNDVIEW REVIEW:Author and consultant Les McKeown has spent nearly four decades working with and observing business teams. During that time he came to understand that individuals take on one of three roles when working in teams. The conflict and compromise created by the inter...
  • Sherrie Rohde
    I love studying how peoples' minds work and have read so many books on personality types and quite a few tests and quizzes. All of those helped me in understanding others and the way they work but The Synergist is a new level of perspective. Les' writing style holds my attention while illustrating through his personal experience, and the experience of those he's worked with, the different mindsets and how they apply in the business realm. Not onl...
  • Sharon
    I enjoyed this book. It was very easy to read and understand. His 1st few chapters I thought were really good on defining his 2 natural group styles that most people fall into. Though the book is written for the business person, its information and tips on how to become a synergist and to eliminate group stagnation actually would work in any group dynamic whether business, personal or family. The book gives you access to his website and additiona...
  • Teri Temme
    If you work in a team (who doesn't?) reading this book will show you with clarity some of the stumbling blocks we all deal with and more importantly what to do to avoid them and work through them. I learned a lot reading this book and also taking the assessments on the website. You always get what you put into it and Mr. McKeown offers a plethora of information to help you work together more effectively! Watch the video's too - very helpful in un...
  • Tridiv Daas
    Good book, must read for all entreprenuers. It clearly explains the reason for grid locks in organisation. how differnt kinds of people conduct themselves differently and how the synergy can be maintained.
  • Jason Galloway
    I read this book after I heard Les McKeown speak in Boise for an EO event. He knows the cycle well, and it has help me identify some of the different roles of players on our team. It specifically demonstrates the importance of the processor - something I am terrible at.
  • Sue
    Les has a very accessible writing style and aptly describes the leadership styles one can encounter on teams. Read this book if you need to interact with teams at work, at play, while volunteering, etc. You will learn a lot about yourself as well.
  • Darryl
    interesting ideas on natural approaches by different personality typeslittle over the top with promotion of the author "system"all in all worth a read to understand how team interact
  • Sorento62
    Lots of good insights, although this paradigm will not fit every situation.
  • Becky
    Best book on team dynamics ever!! Have recommended it to countless friends and colleagues.
  • Randall
    I found it surprisingly helpful for understanding dysfunction in the office.
  • Michele
    A must-read if you want to understand why some teams gel and others falter.