Vendetta or the Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli

Vendetta or the Story of One Forgotten

Corelli mystical, fiction. Nothing is more strange than truth-nothing, at times, more terrible

Details Vendetta or the Story of One Forgotten

TitleVendetta or the Story of One Forgotten
Release DateApr 1st, 1996
PublisherKessinger Publishing
GenreFiction, Classics, Historical, Victorian, Literature, 19th Century, European Literature, British Literature, Gothic, Romance

Reviews Vendetta or the Story of One Forgotten

  • Brent Soderstrum
    What a great story. Wouldn't recommend this book to anyone going through marital problems but would recommend it to anyone else. Fabio and Nina are a young couple with a daughter living in Italy in the 1860s. Fabio gets cholera and dies...or at least they thought so. He is placed in the family above ground crypt quickly because of cholera being so contagious with many dying of the same thing. Yet Fabio revives in a cheap wooden casket not sure wh...
  • Dave
    Marie Corelli is the Pen Name of Mary Mackay (U.K., May 1st, 1855 – April 21st 1924). After her first book, “A Romance in Two Worlds”, started to get noticed, her second book was being published. “Vendetta! Or The Story Of One Forgotten” is her second novel, and was published originally late in the year 1886. Unlike her first novel, this one makes no pretence of being true, nor does it push her religious beliefs the way her first book d...
  • Mel
    This was a very depressing Gothic horror without any of the supernatural elements of Gothic storytelling. The story starts with a young rich nobleman, happily married with a charming daughter. He tries to help a boy with the plague and wakes up in a coffin in his family vault. The book then becomes focused on his revenge on his wife, who was having an affair. It is rather depressing, and his motives, rather ludicrous. He does seem more upset that...
  • Larisa
    Marie Corelli has been one of my favourite authors since I read The Sorrows Of Satan, and which I have re-read few times over the last few years. In Vendetta or the Story of One Forgotten, she uses the same style, morbid, desperate, dark. And yet, I could not help, but to feel a ray of hope throughout the whole book, hoping that the story eventually will carry a happy ending, or at least it will bring a relief to the main character in some way. I...
  • Maitha AlFalasi
    Vendetta is a story of a man who has seen it all. A man who died and came back to life only to find lovers turned to traitors. A man who would give all rich man's gold for justice in return. This book is a great example of how wealth destroys people, how pride destroys one's soul. And finally, how vengeance can be just as ruthless when it comes to forgiveness.
  • Jiratcha Vanich
    เรืองนีเคยสรางเปนละครและเปนภาพยนตรหลายเวอรชันมาก เพิงไดมาอานหนังสือ ชอบวิธีการแกแคนแบบนีมาก ^_^ เรื่องนี้เคยสร้างเป็นละครและเป็นภาพยนตร์หลายเวอร์ชันมาก เพ...
  • Andrea
    I found an old copy of this book at an estate sale and decided to take a chance on something that sounded reminiscent of The Count of Monte Christo...and that is pretty much what I got, if The Count of Monte Christo were written by a tabloid.This book mirrors The Count of Monte Christo in many ways. Husband, rather than fiance, "dies," finds untold riches belonging to an infamous bandit, and comes back to his wife only to find that she's been hav...
  • Amna
    The story of one forgotten takes place in Italy during the final years of the 19th century. A time when people started 'evolving' and losing their sense of honor and dignity. A time where many had decided to spare themselves the dishonor caused by such "treacherous creatures as women". Fabio was one of those who avoided women until he had meant whom he though was the most beautiful and innocent-looking creature. But only three years after he had ...
  • Imade (Bridge Four)
    Ordinarily, I'd give this one 2 stars but the story was actually good so I'll be nice. I love the story & initially, I loved the language and beautiful writing. But the writing style is too descriptive all the time, with over-flowery language everywhere, it The style was tired, to be honest. The story is nice but reading through it was like hard labour at a point. This is the kind of book I'd only read once.
  • Rana Makki
    This book wasn't what I thought it was. It was better.
  • Ifeoma
    I don't think I'll ever forget this book. Or the day I finished it.
  • Srinidhi
    I had previously read Sorrows of Satan by the same author and had loved it- a major part of the reason why I picked this book. However , this one disappoints. The basic plot is about a man seeking , planning and carrying out his revenge against his cheating wife and her lover , who happens to be his closest friend. A prosaic enough premise - the author manages to make the execution duller. The execution is boringly linear and the all the major ch...
  • Alexandra
    Marie Corelli a scris bestsellers la vremea ei - se pare ca i-a depasit in vanzari pe A.C. Doyle sau H.G. Wells. Dupa ce am citit cartea, ma intreb cu stupoare cum e posibil asa ceva?! Astazi, o asemenea carte n-ar trece de editor (mai mult, vreau sa cred ca editorul ar arunca manuscrisul in foc...sau in capul scriitorului). Ce sa vorbim de naratiune, personaje, intriga? Daca citeam reclamele la metrou eram mai castigata (erau scrise mult mai bin...
  • Marsha
    Marie Corelli draws the reader into her novel from the very first line “I, who write this, am a dead man”. Once you are hooked, the novel rarely loosens its grip. In the overblown style of the florid 19th-century novel, yet dealing with a situation as old as mankind—an unfaithful wife, the naïve husband and her treacherous lover—we are presented with a ripping, old-fashioned tale of steamy romance, betrayal, hot-blooded passion and coldl...
  • Sami Tunji
    Marie Corelli’s Vendetta: The Story of One Forgotten portrays marriage and human relationship with “with a satirical smile”, a salty style and a touch of mysticism. It is also a satire of humanity, showing the (innate) likelihood of man to become hypocritical and hostile to his destruction and the destruction of others. In this novel, marriage seems “a mere comedietta”, while life is depicted as “a glittering whirlpool of excitement a...
  • Catherine Siemann
    Over the top is just business as usual for Corelli, queen of the Victorian bestseller. A young Neapolitan nobleman, believed to be dead of cholera, awakes in his grave. Luckily, he is interred in the family mausoleum, so he escapes and returns home . . . only to discover, before he reveals himself, that his wife and his best friend have been having an affair. He spends the remainder of the novel planning his vengeance.There's a lot of misogynist ...
  • Poo1987 Roykaew
    There is no special commentary from me, but it is a boring stuff. Full of Victorian morality, which I hate. Saying of God nearly every pages she wrote (too much I think). Story of revenge; I mean, feeling of retaliation without doing nothing else. But it is a good introduction to nobility. This book reveals the way nobilities live, think, communicate with each other. The honour is above all. Death and violence are the way they respect and accept....
  • Fredrick
    Betrayal leaves a very bitter taste that breeds hate and vengeance a sour and even more blinding bitter taste. The story relates deep perspectives on these issues that has confronted and will continue to confront as long as relationships remains an integral part of human existence. I consider it that the writer brings to light the fruitless gratification that results when vengeance is sought at all cost. Consider the outcome if Fabio Romani had t...
  • La Stamberga dei Lettori
    La Vendetta così come la concepisce Marie Corelli è decisamente un piatto da servire freddo, o meglio, gelido come la cripta che accoglie le spoglie, mortali ma non morte, del creduto fu Fabio Romani.Novello Edmond Dantes, il nostro conte si fa beffe della tomba risorgendo più ricco che mai e pronto a deporre i suoi tesori ai piedi della sua angelica moglie, ma il destino ha in serbo per lui un altro tiro e gli tocca assistere, da un posto di ...
  • विद्या
    I liked the book very much. Especially when you imagine the scenes when he is coming out of his grave, and the scene when he finds his friend with his wife at his home after his supposed death. Worth reading once. It brings out the anger and the vendetta in you for the fairer sex of the story. Bitches!!!
  • Rachel
    Utterly ridiculous, unintentionally hilarious Victorian melodrama. Buried Alive! Betrayed! Disguised! Revenge Plotted and Carried Out! And all in the most flowery 'dark and stormy night'-esque prose. Fascinating.Miss Correli outsold Conan Doyle in her day and was wildly successful. There's no accounting for (Victorian) taste.
  • Pari Rajulu
    Could have rated 4 stars, but the last 150 pages the pace of the story slows down a bit more than what i would have preferred. But a good read overall. Would'nt expect anything less from a book written by Marie Corelli.
  • Joy Joy
    review to come!
  • Lata Tokhi
    A very well narrated story. It's dark, intriguing and liberating at the same time. A different version of the 'Count of Monte Cristo'
  • Reda Ali
    not recommended for married couples! :)