A Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays by Mary McCarthy

A Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays

Mary McCarthy was one of the leading literary figures of her time. In addition to the novels and memoirs for which she is best remembered, she was also a tireless literary and social critic. Starting out as a theater reviewer for "Partisan Review" in 1937, she quickly distinguished herself for her witty and fearless commentary on topics ranging from McCarthyism to the French New Novel to women's fashion magazines. McCarthy was an eager controvers...

Details A Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays

TitleA Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays
Release DateJun 30th, 2002
PublisherNew York Review Books Collections
GenreNonfiction, Writing, Essays

Reviews A Bolt from the Blue and Other Essays

  • Terence Manleigh
    A terrific introduction to McCarthy, with a range of essays (theater reviews, literary criticism, memoir, journalism) that reveal a cold eye, a merciless critical stance, and a formidable b.s. detector. (Cf. McCarthy 19s infamous bitch slap of Lillian Hellman on The Dick Cavett Show: 1CEvery word she writes is a lie, including 18and 19 and 18the. 19 1D)There are several theater reviews of now-classic productions -- The Iceman Cometh, Death of a S...
  • Sarah
    Sharp, in every sense of the word. My favorite essays were "The Fact in Fiction" and "My Confession", but just about all of the pieces had something to recommend them. Even when Mary McCarthy was reviewing a play I haven't seen, it was pretty fun to read the exceedingly pointed barbs she was usually throwing at it! She also had interesting perspectives on America, generally quite astute though I disagree with her on some points. The depth and qua...
  • Brandie
    This is a lovely collection of essays written by Mary McCarthy. It ranges from reviews of plays to books to politics to travel. McCarthy definitely had an interesting take on life and literature. I really enjoyed reading many of the essays. Some I couldn't connect to because they were reviews of plays I haven't seen in any form, let alone the form she saw. But I did appreciate her views and appreciated how she often was able to weave several thin...
  • Darinda
    A collection of essays by Mary McCarthy. A variety of topics - theater, literature, politics, etc. Critical and sharp.