Mindfire by Scott Berkun


This definitive best-of collection of one of the web's best young writers is packed with big ideas and fun, guaranteed to make you think and smile. You'll learn to find passion, think free, manage time, pay attention and more. Scott Berkun is the bestselling author of Making Things Happen, The Myths of Innovation and Confessions of a Public Speaker. His work has appeared on CNBC, MSNBC, NPR and in The New York Times, Forbes, The Economist, The Wa...

Details Mindfire

Release DateOct 1st, 2011
PublisherBerkun Media
GenreNonfiction, Business, Self Help, Philosophy, Personal Development

Reviews Mindfire

  • Aaron Bolin
    Smart, Kind of Pretentious, Not Very UsefulMindfire makes a big title promise - big ideas for curious minds. In my opinion, Scott Berkun falls far short of that promise. A better title would have been: Very Well-Written Essays by Someone Who is Smart and Pretentious.In all fairness, Scott Berkun has talent. He writes very well and has a very good explanatory style. With a different subject, I imagine that he would be absolutely brilliant.However,...
  • Gina
    Did anyone else find this to be a collection of BFO (blinding flash of the obvious) essays? The author's preface suggests we'll be challenged and think big thoughts. I didn't find that. Anyone?
  • Dave Bolton
    I bought this book on the day I found Scott's blog. Interesting stuff. But after having subscribed to his blog for a few weeks, I've found the insight ratio to be lower than I was hoping for. And so it goes for this book, which is really just a collection of blog posts. Perhaps one in five chapters is profound or insightful, with the rest being almost offensive in that the author must believe he is adding value, but in reality it is mostly banali...
  • Ellen Chisa
    Mindfire is a collection of Scott Berkun's essays. You *can* read them all off his website, but I really liked reading them end to end in the book.Reasons you should get the book instead of just going to the website:1) It's easier to read on paper (or Kindle) especially for a long time.2) I tend to cite a lot of his essays in conversation (notably, the Cult of Busyness). You can now go straight to the source of where I get some of these thoughts!...
  • Chung Chin
    This book is a collection of essays published by Scott Berkun on his personal website. As the author wrote in the Preface:1. These essays have been published elsewhere before. Do not panic.2. If you are so inclined, you can find them for free by poking around on scottberkun.com or elsewhere online.However, the author does not recommend that because, "this book serves as a fantastic introduction to a decade of effort." And "if you've previously en...
  • Sean Goh
    The tagline of big ideas is spot on, though the fact that this can easily be read on his blog detracts from its value-add somewhat. The notes at the end are a nice read though, to see the behind the scenes work of the essays.Take a moment to list your beliefs. If you're careful, you'll find wants lurking inside them. It's good to want things and fight for them, but misplaced belief is not the way to wisdom.Questions help us discover the ideas tha...
  • Reza PH
    An eye-catching title together with a misleading blurb is, more often than not, a surefire recipe to draw the readers in; however, it’s the walkthrough that decides which book enjoys fame and success and which drives off the cliff. In this case, the “Mindfire” is a bold claim, hollow inside and unable to live up to the expectations it creates.Born to a make-believe world originally for the purpose of food-for-thought, the book certainly lac...
  • Regina Wilson
  • Lasse Olsen
    This is honestly one of my top books I've read this year. It's the first book I read by Scott Berkun and I love his writing. He is a combination of very smart with a witty sense of humor. I had no expectations of this book, but it touched on so many things I find interesting: The culture of being busy, be a free thinker, religion, why things are how they are etc. This isn't a recipe book for creating big ideas in that sense, but rather a collecti...
  • Tara Anderson Gold
    I might be slightly ridiculous at times. I dance around my media center, make stupid jokes, have Justin Bieber posters in my office, buy everything in pink, and watch waaaaaay too much reality television. However, at my heart I am a very logical, driven person. Everything I do is purposeful, even if I try to make life fun. Scott Berkun's book speaks to that side of my personality. I'd like to give one big Jersey Shore-style fist pump to Scott Ber...
  • NJ Wong
    Scott Berkun offered this book as a free download. Piqued, I read the first essay, and slowly finished the entire book at a single seating (it is a short book - and I finished reading it within 3 hours). I subsequently watched a YouTube video of him talking about his previous book: Myths of Innovation, which I have started reading after completing Mindfire.I share and agree with many observations made by Berkun about the creation of ideas. Berkun...
  • Ravi Warrier
    There's very little than cannot be said as praise for this book. And ironically, all that can be said can be summed up in just a few words. But, I'll take the longer route. Scott Berkun is one of those writers of this era who can be called a free thinker and a philosopher of the new age. His indie style allows him to be candid and yet get down on a personal level with you as as a reader. His words are easy to read and comprehend and even better, ...
  • M Sheik Uduman Ali
    Very crisp and neat book. It does not waste our time to learn the tricks and tips which is actually the objective of this book.How to be a free thinker and good in time management. Some from this book are:If you say "I'm busy", then there is a problem. Busy people do not think. They are poor in time management. Good ideas starts while walking or playing card with friends. Brain tends believe what it likes to believe. strip away.Traditional educat...
  • Roy Tang
    I've been following and reading Scott Berkun's blog on and off for the past 5 years or so, so I already have a passing familiarity with this work. Mindfire collects some of the best essays from his blog into an easy-to-read format that you can digest in one-to-two sittings. Berkun writes about a number of diverse topics such as how to think critically and how to interact with other people and how to spend your attention. Maybe "Big Ideas" is a bi...
  • Kit Brown-hoekstra
    This is a great book, and I want to go back and re-read it because there is so much good stuff in it. Though it's actually a very quick read, it took me a long time to finish it because it was on my phone, so I only read from it when I was waiting for appts., etc. Honestly, I wish I'd bought the hard copy. There is something about the tactile aspects of holding a book...I think this is a must-read for anyone in a creative profession. It's intende...
  • Robert Chapman
    In my opinion, one of the great wonders of reading is that no matter how much you think you know, a well written book can always remind you of the things that matter. This book did just that and it did it in an easy and pleasurable format.The book is a series of distinct short essays, a format which was new to me, and the reason why it flowed so well.My favorite essay was about the difference between "complexifiers" and "simplifiers", it really r...
  • Lars-Christian Elvenes
    5/5 stars for Mindfire: big ideas for curious minds by Scott Berkun.I’ve had this for quite a while, but somehow didn’t get around to reading it. I’ve previously read his book “Confessions of a public speaker” which is great as well, and after this, I’ll look into more from him.Mindfire is a collection 30 essays on a variety of topics. I found useful thoughts and insights in most of them. “How to make a difference” and “How to g...
  • Nicolle
    As you can see, I clearly loved this book. It's a collection of well-written essays that are meant to get you thinking about your life and the world. Berkun is concise in his writing and has a great sense of humor, and I love that there's enough room at the end of each essay for notes and thoughts. For the most part, I read the essays in order, but a couple titles caught my eye so I just jumped straight to them."How to detect bullshit", "Hating v...
  • Jayne Bowers
    One of the most thought provoking books I've read in a long time, Scott Berkun's Mindfire is well worth an investment of your time. From the title(based on Emerson's reference to the creative mind as a fire) to the epilogue, the book is filled with essays about topics of interest to any and all readers who are willing to truly "think" about where their ideas came from and perhaps even be willing to challenge them. For starters, there's the essay ...
  • Michelle
    I was able to finish this book in two sittings, only because of how short it was. While there were certain points that made me stop and think in a new inspirational light, there were also many instances that I was wishing the chapter would end. It didn't feel like there was an organized flow of the overall book and I often forgot what a certain essay was originally about. There were unnecessary explanations and I found a lot to be boring. This ge...
  • William R. J. Ribeiro
    I got this book for free as a "gift" from the author himself via Twitter and I must say it really impressed me. You know that kind of things that you have no expectation and they turn out to be great?! That was exactly my feeling. I'm the kind of guy that really like questions and points of view and this book has a lot of it. And also a lot of silly jokes. I had lots of fun reading it and some nice insightful moments.
  • Peter Backx
    Mindfire is a collection of essays by Scott Berkun. Overall it's a pretty light read that will have something for every one, but may be a little too general to really catch your attention.Some of the essays resonated with me (like the ones in bullshit detection and mistakes), others not so much (for instance, the ones on creativity)
  • Jane
    As individual essays these are all good and worth reading. As expected some are more relevant and pertinent than others, but they're all well written. However, as a collection I felt it was missing something. Possibly something to join them into a cohesive whole rather than just a collection of essays.
  • Gunther
    A book on big ideas that is void of originality? The book reads like the personal journal of someone who doesn't stop talking, never listens, is too enamored with their own thoughts and with too much time on their hands. I admit I only could get through half the book, and I'm assuming that he doesn't suddenly begin to treat the reader as intelligent towards the books end.To be avoided.
  • Lisa
    Pretty good. Some of the stuff is obvious, some not so much. It is all phrased in a highly accessible and peppy way. I think to really get the most of this, I need to reread select essays and try to make the changes I want. I would recommend this book to someone looking for a starting point to step into something new or different or someone needing a little boost to their spirits and brain.
  • Roman
    A collection of 30 esseys. You can find them on blog scottberkun.com. Anyway a worth reading, especially if you don't have time to read the author's blog. Some of the esseys are very inspiring e.g how to detect bullshit or followers vs. leaders. I skiped few of them as well, it's up to you since they are independent.
  • Elaine Nelson
    Took me forever to finish - I started not long after downloading, which would've been sometime in early 2012, but didn't get back to it until today. But then I finished it in a single evening. An interesting compilation of bits of philosophy and psychology, some of which I'd already read on the blog. Gave me things to think about.
  • Willis
    I really like Berkun and he is one of my favorite bloggers and authors. He writes a lot of thought provoking materials. This book is essentially a collection of his blog posts. So if you've read his blog posts, it will not be new material. The collection of 30 essays is nice to have in one place, they have been polished up from the original blog posts.
  • Jarkko Laine
    I liked Berkun's writing style a lot. The text flows and feels natural while stimulating the mind at the same time. Most ideas in the book aren't that unique and novel, but they are expressed well and convincingly. That's why I think this book is very good reading for anyone who cares about making a difference. Fans of Seth Godin will enjoy the book.