Greedy Bastards by Dylan Ratigan

Greedy Bastards

Dylan Ratigan is mad as hell. Infuriated by government corruption and corporate communism, incensed by banksters shaking down taxpayers, and despairing of an ailing health care system, an age-old dependency on foreign oil, and a failing educational system, Ratigan sees an America that has allowed itself to be swindled and robbed. In this book, his first, he rips the lid off our deeply crooked system—and offers a way out. This country, now more ...

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TitleGreedy Bastards
Release DateJan 10th, 2012
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreNonfiction, Politics, Economics

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  • Matt
    You know those books "Eat This, Not That" well if I published a book called "Read This, Not That," the first entry I would put in it would be "Read Dylan Ratigan's Greedy Bastards not Thomas Friedman's That Used to Be Us." While both books deal with the sorry state that this country is in, Friedman still has some right-wing delusions.Ratigan just tells it like it is. Facts like the American finance and banking industry want to the world to be the...
  • Book
    Greedy Bastards: How We Can Stop Corporate Communists, Banksters, and Other Vampires from Sucking America Dry by Dylan Ratigan“Greedy Bastards” is a fun, engaging look at “extractionism”, that is taking money from others without creating anything of value. Former host of The Dylan Ratigan Show and political commentator for the Young Turks, and now candidate for the House in New York’s 21st Congressional District, Dylan Ratigan provides ...
  • Donnell
    Some takeaways from this book:1. From this book and others its becoming clearer to me--in the same way we must look at the world of communications differently after the Internet, we must look at our aspirations, the "American Dream" if you will. The grow up/raise kids for college, a job/career that truly calls to us and at which we need not spend every waking hour, a spouse chosen for love, kids, good schooling for the kids, and an owned-home can...
  • Dave Lefevre
    I think this is a very good book, but be aware that if you have read books that go into depth about the problems behind corporate finance and lobbying, education, energy, and the like that you probably don't need to read this book. This is another in the list of basic books that people should read to get up to speed on the many problems we have in the U.S. if they wonder why so many of us are so concerned right now. It takes some great books on v...
  • Autumn
    I think almost everyone should read this book. A lot of this was not news to me - I remember reading about how our government's approach to the 2008-2010 economic crisis was a band-aid at best; I've heard endless stories about government waste of taxpayer money; lobbyists are usually depicted as self-serving leeches in television shows like The Good Wife and House of Cards. So I don't think anything in the book came as a surprise, but what author...
  • Book
    Greedy Bastards: How We Can Stop Corporate Communists, Banksters, and Other Vampires from Sucking America Dry by Dylan Ratigan“Greedy Bastards” is a fun, engaging look at “extractionism”, that is taking money from others without creating anything of value. Former host of The Dylan Ratigan Show and political commentator for the Young Turks, and now candidate for the House in New York’s 21st Congressional District, Dylan Ratigan provides ...
  • Paul Hinman
    [I actually listened to this as an audio book]There are many works out there documenting the misaligned interests and "short-term greedy" woes that have overtaken this country in recent years. Some might actually do a better job of laying out the case of how they have exploited the American political system and people (im thinking in particular of Simon Johnson's 13 Bankers, Matt Taibbi's Griftopia, or Lawrence Lessig's Republic Lost). This book ...
  • Daniel
    Think of this as a book that provides an overview of the various problems corrupting the political and financial systems, combined with solutions on how to fix it. If you are a politically aware reader, many of the issues brought up will seem like old news to you, such as how the various industries write legislation, how the education system is broken, and how the true monetary cost of many items are not always reflected on the sticker price. Rat...
  • Meredith
    Finally someone in the media who not only doesn't subscribe to the belief in a free market utopia but who admits that the market is rigged!
  • Diane
    This book is straightforward and informative.
  • Greg
    hard to rate. it's not my favorite topic (greedy bastards! isn't a very nice phrase, though there's a kind of humor/concern), though the topic area was/is a salient phenomenon/concern. effort to understand and be good reasonable about the issues is appreciated, though focusing on more pleasant things in life. problems can be annoying, though also with some calibration indication.
  • Julian
    This is the type of book that I want to buy multiple copies of, so I can loan them out to my friends and keep one for myself to reread every year. I heard about this book when I caught part of a Commonwealth Club of CA with Dylan Ratigan (find it here: Ratigan was clearly bright, well-spoken, and surprisingly even-handed and non-partisan, and these qualities shine through in Greedy Bastard$. Don't be foo...
  • Patrick F
    This book was phenomenal. Ratigan diagnoses our vampirous industries of banking, trade, health care, education, and energy. Not only does Ratigan diagnose the problems, but he proposes solutions that make you feel hopeful after feeling completely hopeless in the preceding paragraphs. - this cycle continues throughout the book; one moment you sit in total rage, the next, a bit of light, if only because we have solutions, and the conversation has a...
  • Angular
    Am still reading it, but it's blown my mind. In 1994, I kind of sensed something weird was happening but it was strictly an intuition. I was pre-wonk. Fast forward to now & I'm trying to understand what in the Wide World of Sports happened the hell to all the opportunity and I got this book - aHA. China's pegging of its currency to half of the Dollar in 1993... which initiated an extraction (one of several he mentions) the size of Mt. Aetna. So.....
  • Brian
    I'm a liberal and I don't care for MSNBC, but I've always known Dylan Ratigan to be a good fact-based journalist when it comes to corporate matters and our financial markets. In fact, he's probably the only certifiable journalist that MSNBC has. This book gives a lot of good insights to the corruption caused by deregulation in our markets, or the lack of any regulation in our markets. He discusses the financial meltdown of our country in 2008, th...
  • Kyleknapp
    GREEDY BASTARDS by Dylan Ratigan is an inspiring book on taking America back from the clutches of tainted capitalism. From lobbyists and the so called "Greedy Bastards" that steal money from wall street and suck America dry of its last cent. Ratigan goes into detail giving the who,what,where,and why and how people should confront and neutralize the sticky situation.GREEDY BASTARDS is written in a style that i have never encountered before. Like a...
  • Doug
    I decided to read this book after seeing Dylan Ratigan's now famous "rant" on MSNBC because what he was saying made a lot of sense to me. In Greedy Bastards he takes on everyone - big business, the financial system in general and banks in particular, the oil industry, health care, education, the media and politicians. He shows how the American people have been sold out by these institutions to the point where we are headed toward becoming a third...
  • David Smith
    This book is filled with a thousand insanities in need of fixing. This country has a lot of opportunity for folks who want to extract wealth without making any discernible social contribution. One model of crime is human pathology meets opportunity. The first step to removing opportunity is to point out the problems, and that is exactly what Dylan does.Read this book to get a good picture on how some bozos are extracting wealth from the prison sy...
  • Tim Jin
    I've learned far to none from "Greedy Bastards.". It is just babble talk on personal commentary and rhetoric. Dylan Ratigan used to have his own show on a financial cable network. It's a bit ironic that he decided to write a book on greed. Also, this is United States where greed and profitability is the sole purpose. Not all vampires are evil. Ratigan goes on and on how these companies are all greedy bastards, but he never explains what the greed...
  • Bob
    he former Global Managing Editor for Corporate Finance at Bloomberg L.P. before having a financial talk show on CNBC, then moving to MSNBC where he was the moderator/host/commentator of the Dylan Ratigan Show. I hesitated to get the book due to the title and subtitle which I find to be unnecessarily provocative. I was pleasantly surprised. Ratigan is a political moderate that rails against those in business who have used our government to slant t...
  • Louise Silk
    This book offers insight and solution to the corruption that led to the financial meltdown in 2008 including the bank bailouts, trade with the Chinese, our health care system, and our educational system.Most of the information you should know but what Ratigan does is offer concrete solutions to each of the situations and suggests using the modern communication methods of the Internet and these general solutions:1. Update our gauges to get a bette...
  • Lori
    excellent coverage of what's wrong with the country, how it got that way and how to fix it. bipartisan point of view. his opinion is not that a bunch of evil overlords are pulling our strings but that the system is broken and people are playing it the way it is and that can be changed. i've read plenty of books that tell you what's wrong so it's nice to read one that has constructive ideas on how to fix things, not just one short chapter tacked o...
  • Sarah Mccarthy
    An excellent book chronicling what he views as exhoribant profits acquired by the financial industry. The title might lead one to expect that author Dylan Ratigan is aMarxist or socialist, but he's a retired stock analyst formerly of CNBC who is a self-identified greedy guy himself, but has come to believe that the U.S. Congress is the "bought Congress" which has so much influence that it led to the melltdown of the 2007 crash.
  • Wendybird
    A good primer for understanding corporatocracy, banksters, and the disenfranchisement of citizens from a once productive nation, particularly from the chapters and references to financial and economic policies. Some excellent personal insights in my opinion, especially in the concluding analysis, but not really any specific details as to how to stop 'the greedy bastards." Rating based on presentation, relative simplicity, illustrative examples, u...
  • Richard Terrelonge
    A clear list of priorities that we need to address to get our country back on track. He takes shots at The Obama Administration as well as others so at least in his mind he is being balanced. I tend to agree with his perspectives but having the internet at my fingers allows to me to do my own research and form my own opinions. Plus we have the track record of various policies to fall back on as well. A worthy read even if the title is overly prov...
  • Jack
    This is a book that every American should take the time to read. It is bipartisan in it's exposition of greed in nearly all of our institutions, from corporations to education. This is not an enjoyable read, but rather an explanation of the corruption that infests our country on nearly every public level. Most of us have an inkling of the problem, and most of us will feel enlightened by the specifics. The book also offers solutions to the many pr...
  • Michael
    A very insightful and informative book. I would recommend it to those who seek to understand some of America's problems. While Ratigan is associated with the liberal MSNBC, he also worked at CNBC as a financial reporter. This book should appeal to to liberals and conservatives -- to everyone -- who want explanation as to the root of the evils eating away at American foundations. The book is written in layman's terms so that it's easy to understan...
  • Richard
    Good book. If you care about what's ruining the country via extractionist policies, read this book. I don't care what your political views are, this book doesn't either. It shows how both parties are corrupt and how the payoffs from big corporations and special interests of all stripes are corrupting the process to benefit the few.
  • Mary Ann
    This should be required reading in our high schools and colleges. Ratigan offers not only overviews of many problems facing America - our health care system is about the most expensive treatments, not the best, education fails most of our students and money that dominates politics and buys favors - but he also offers solutions that are ore than worth listening to.
  • Robert Davidson
    excellent read. confirms our worst fears what is happening to our society in the united states and ( canada ). should be required reading/ debated in our high schools to give the next generation an idea of what is in store for them. the united states is a great country with many wonderful people, however, their political system is failing them.