The Discourses & Other Early Political Writings by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The Discourses & Other Early Political Writings

The work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau is presented in two volumes, together forming the most comprehensive anthology of Rousseau's political writings in English. Volume I contains the earlier writings such as the First and Second Discourses.The American and French Revolutions were profoundly affected by Rousseau's writing, thus illustrating the scope of his influence. This volume contains a comprehensive introduction, chronology and guide to further ...

Details The Discourses & Other Early Political Writings

TitleThe Discourses & Other Early Political Writings
Release DateJul 13th, 1997
PublisherCambridge University Press
GenrePhilosophy, Politics, Nonfiction, Political Science, Classics

Reviews The Discourses & Other Early Political Writings

  • B. P. Rinehart
    Though this book is a collection of diverse early political writings by Rousseau, I want to mainly focus on The Discourses since they make up the vast majority of the book.In 1750 and 1754, Jean-Jacques Rousseau of Geneva decided to enter into the annual essay contest held by the Academy of Dijon. In both of these contests, the discourses he submitted became extremely popular and controversial and the ideas have influenced generation after genera...
  • Lovely Fortune
    Will definitely be reading this again outside of a class context.Rousseau's idea that inequality stems from the fact that we are too far removed from our primitive state thanks to the luxuries/conveniences that progress has given us along with a shift in focus on the talents/traits others have rather than ourselves and our own basic necessities is pretty radical (but I suppose that's what he's known for!). It's definitely something I'd like to re...
  • Chloe Ducluzeau
    honestly i found the discourses (specifically the second) much better than the social contract
  • Varad
    This is a superb collection of Rousseau's early political writings. The focus is of course on the two Discourses of the title, the Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts or First Discourse and the Discourse on the Origin and Foundations of Inequality or Second Discourse. What makes this the best edition of those two seminal texts is the inclusion of Rousseau's various replies to critics of the First Discourse. These replies were quite significant...
  • Robot
    It's a travesty to read The Social Contract without haivng read the Second Discourse. That's all there is to it. Take care of that immediately.
  • Clare Cawley
    Not the easiest read in the world, but I learned a lot about Rousseau's political philosophy.
  • Egor Sofronov
    The paragon of insight, style, wit. I am under his spell. Also superb edition