Sankta Psyko by Johan Theorin

Sankta Psyko

Johan Theorins romaner med Öland som fond har satt stora avtryck i svensk spänningslitteratur. Nu byter han tillfälligt spelplats och från ett vindpinat alvar tar han oss med till en mellanstor stad någonstans på västkusten.Dit anländer Jan Hauger för att söka tjänst som förskolepedagog. Men Gläntan är inte riktigt som andra förskolor. Det ligger på andra sidan muren till Sankta Patricia - med öknamnet Sankta Psyko - ett säkerhe...

Details Sankta Psyko

TitleSankta Psyko
Release DateMar 15th, 2019
PublisherWahlström & Widstrand
GenreThriller, Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Crime, European Literature, Swedish Literature

Reviews Sankta Psyko

  • Franco Santos
    Estoy tumbada en la camay Jan está a mi lado.Sabemos dónde estamos,adónde nos conduce el viaje.Nos conduce al espacioy allí hace mucho frío,mas la oscuridad es tan bellaque uno puedo olvidarlo todo. Gran libro de Johan Theorin, un autor que debería ser más conocido y mejor valorado. El guardian de los niños cuenta una historia con mucho misterio, con un muy buen desarrollo de los personajes, una prosa madura y con un ritmo ligero, lento ...
  • Farah Cook
    This Nordic Noir is super creepy with an unexpected twist that will leave you thinking long after reading it. If you’re looking for a dark psychological thriller with a twist I highly recommend this book.
  • Rebecca
    Reading In The Dark BlogLike Reading In The Dark Facebook PageEdit and much more elaboration now*** 3 stars definitely, even if I forget it's a translation I still had issues with the book as a a whole.If I were reviewing this at about 80% it would have been a completely different review. BUT the way it ended changed everything.To be fair I couldn't picture a nice neat ending so I was prepared for something not to be thoroughly explored because o...
  • Dimitris Passas
    Μετά την ανάγνωση του πρώτου μέρους της τετραλογίας του Oland, ο Johan Theorin μπήκε στη λίστα των αγαπημένων μου crime/thriller συγγραφέων. Το ''Αsylum'' είναι ένα standalone ψυχολογικο θρίλερ, το οποίο εψαχνα για αρκετό καιρό και εν τέλει το κατέβασα από το amazon στην έκδο...
  • Mio
    It's strange. This ought to have been a very engaging story. The main character Jan has had a troubled youth and is now working with children - and successfully so. He really does care for the children and the kids love him. He doesn't have much of a social life, though, and has spent a great many years looking for his friend from back then, an Alice Rami. The story jumps between now and then and in between - and it works. I just never really sta...
  • Tanja Berg
    "Sankta Psyko" är en förkortelse av "Sankta Patricias regionklinik" och där vårdas patienter på psykiatriska enheter. Invid mentalvårdsenheten ligger en förskola för barn vars föräldrar är inlåsta - att träffa barnen är en del av terapin. De slussas in på psyket genom en underjordig gång. Hit kommer Jan Hauger för att jobba som barnskötare - eller förskollärare, det är något oklart. Han har sina grunder för det. Jan tror at...
  • BookAholic12
    I tried so hard but this book was not for me. DNF!
  • Jitka Jitulisko
    Skrýš od J.TheorinaAnotace – Jan Hauger, devětadvacetiletý učitel, přichází pracovat do mateřské školky v jednom větším městě na západním pobřeží Švédska. Mýtina ale není běžná školka – sousedí totiž s psychiatrickou Klinikou svaté Patricie, jíž se mezi lidmi říká Svatá Psycho, zvláštním zařízení s ostrahou, kde jsou internováni psychicky narušení pachatelé násilných trestných činů. Mezi ni...
  • Julie (Bookish.Intoxication)
    I recieved this novel from NetGalley.This novel, although engaging and well written/trasnlated, was confusing and hard to grasp the initial meaning behind the characters motives. The characters themselves were fantastically created and seemed like normal people, they were deep and multi-dimensional. The aspect of the setting was also incredibly clever, considering the characters pasts. This being said, it was still a highly confusing novel.The en...
  • Katriina ❆
    This is probably the best 3 stars I ever gave to a book. It's like 3++ stars. I was ridiculously annoyed with this book at first, especially because Theorin was basically shoving the fact that Hauger had a secret right into my face. With a shovel. At a steady rate. And it really annoyed me, as much as Jan seemed so ridiculously obsessed with a singer that even the worst fangirls I know would turn pale in admiration. Really. Everything seemed so p...
  • Nancy Oakes
    (Another review I sort of forgot to copy here -- read in June 2013).Let's just say this is not nearly as good as his other work, and I'm a huge fan of this author.As the novel opens, Jan Hauger has applied for job as a classroom assistant at the Dell preschool located in a building at St. Patricia's Hospital, lovingly referred to as "St. Psycho's" by the locals. St. Patricia's is home to patients of all sorts, but it houses some people who "have ...
  • Anne
    Jan Hauger has seen a job vacancy that interests him; a classroom assistant is needed at The Dell, the nursery that is run by St Patricia's - a psychiatric hospital that is houses some of the most damaged individuals in Sweden. Jan applies, and is successful, he starts his new job almost straight away and moves to live nearby. It is clear from the beginning that it is not just the vacancy that appeals to Jan - he's a dark and mysterious character...
  • Tracy Shephard
    This is a fabulous tale.Almost everyone who works at St Patricia's has a secret.. and it is these secrets,along with slow burning tension that makes this story an interesting read.Jan Hauger is a troubled young man, he is employed in the pre-school that is attached to the asylum and very early on we come to realise that he is lonely as well as a loner. With only one friend, Rami, who he met a long time ago at a teen - psyche unit when he tries to...
  • Kathy
    I have had this book for over a year and tried reading it a few times before. Finally, I dove in and read it. The first 100 pages slowly develops some background on the main character Jan. From there, the book picks up as far as the story line and various events unfold. Johan Theorin is brilliant with atmospheric writing. I am still waiting for him to put a book together that makes me completely satisfied. I have read all of his books and will co...
  • Lynn
    Another dark, suspenseful, psychologically gripping tale from this author. I was happy to see "The Asylum" finally become available for Kindle, which is how I also read "Echoes from the dead" and "The darkest room", all set in the same area of Sweden and deeply evocative of both place and season. I wish Amazon would hurry up and offer "The Quarry", the final volume in this series (loosely defined: there are no continuing characters except the set...
  • Mare
    “Felicidades, tu nueva vida empieza ahora." Pero ha pensado eso tantas veces... Uno puede cambiar de trabajo y mudarse a una nueva ciudad, pero en realidad nada cambia. Se está atrapado en el mismo cuerpo, la misma escoria circula por la sangre, los mismos recuerdos dan vueltas en la cabeza.” Este es uno de los libros más raros que leí en toda mi vida. Es un libro triste, realmente triste que te mantiene a la espera de lo que va a pasar, c...
  • Сибин Майналовски
    Невероятно добър роман на много силен автор! Книгата не е от поредица, но въпреки това кърти мивки. Финалът е размазващ, а действието е развива толкова плавно, че се чете на един дъх.
  • Esteban Tomás
    Great book. It's the first time I read something written by Theorin. I really wanna pick up more of his books.The story is heartbreaking.
  • Madla
    Skrýš není klasická detektivka a ani se neodehrává na Ölandu jako ostatní Theorinovi knihy, ale je to neméně působivý příběh. Když se po přečtení všech dosud vydaných Theorinových knih zamyslím, není v nich snad ani jedna postava, která je kladná a které by se dalo bez námitek fandit. Je zajímavé, že přesto mě jeho knihy bavily a vždycky jsem je musela přečíst prakticky na jeden zátah. Pokud nepotřebujete k ...
  • Pili
    Narración ágil, líneas temporales bien construidas, personajes bien dibujados y un argumento interesante. Disfruté mucho descubrir a este autor.
  • Abbie
    Actual rating - 3.5
  • Joanna
    Chyba za dużo oczekiwałam. Miał być wyjątkowy "twist" i pewnie był! Tylko ja oczekiwałam czegoś jak w "zaginionej dziewczynie" (która podobała mi się bardzo). No i nie doczekałam się. No i chyba naprawdę nie lubię kryminałów i thrillerów. Czasem wydaje mi się ze to snobizm, wart zwalczenia dla poczucia prostej przyjemności, ale jednak nie! Ja nie lubię się denerwować w trakcie czasu wolnego :-) oczywiście i od tej, jak i o...
  • Leah
    “That way madness lies…” A slow-burn psychological thriller, the book starts with loner Jan Hauger applying to work in the pre-school that is attached to St Patricia’s psychiatric hospital, known to locals as St Psycho’s. From the beginning we know that Jan has reasons of his own for wanting to be close to the asylum – reasons that the author slowly reveals as he lets us see inside Jan’s head. St Patricia’s holds some of the most ...
  • Inga
    Der junge Erzieher Jan Hauger tritt eine neue Stelle in einem Hort im schwedischen Valla an. Das Besondere daran ist, dass der Hort zu einer psychiatrischen Klinik gehört, in der gefährliche, psychisch kranke Menschen inhaftiert sind. Schon bald wird klar, dass Jan Gründe hat, die unbeliebte Stelle anzutreten: Er vermutet eine alte Jugendliebe dort. Doch auch andere Mitarbeiter des Horts und der Klinik verfolgen ihre eigenen Interessen. Immer ...
  • Beadyjan
    A friends review of this book brought it to my attention, and I really enjoyed it. I barely noticed that it was a translation from the original language as it doesn't lose anything in translation although I did find myself reading it with a faint Swedish accent in my head!I found it quite a sad and empathetic story about loneliness and the different ways it affects different people. Its also psychologically very chilling which I like in a story. ...
  • Sophie
    I devoured this book in a little under three hours, so that should tell you something. I'm not a big fan of thrillers, but this one had me hooked by the first page.It's the story of Jan, a child care worker who starts his new job at a small pre-school that is connected to a mental hospital so that the children can still have - supervised - contact to their mentally ill parents. What makes this book so interesting and compelling is that you know p...
  • Hanna
    När jag läste på baksidan blev jag genast intresserad, och lovorden från andra läsare som stod på både fram- och baksida skadade ju inte direkt. Nu har jag läst boken och jag har lite splittrade åsikter. Å ena sidan kunde jag knappt lägga ner den och läste ut den på en dag, å andra sidan minns jag knappt vad den handlade om.Huvudpersonen Jan går från att vara misstänkt, till missanpassad till offer och sedan tillbaka igen och fö...
  • Helen
    This is a dark psychological thriller, and it takes a long time to build up to the point where you actually understand the motivation of the main character, Jan Hauger. The story is told from his POV but he appears to be rather sinister, and it is not until near the end of the book that everything makes sense (more or less). Not a comfortable book to read, and the outcome is (without giving too much away) not good. The world of the asylum, with i...
  • Jenni Joru
    Sankta Psyko oli varsin mielenkiintoinen trilleri päiväkodissa työskentelevästä Jan Haugerista, joka sekä toteuttaa omaa kostofantasiaansa että yrittää elää todeksi suuren nuoruudenrakkautensa pestautumalla vankimielisairaalan yhteyteen rakennettuun päiväkotiin lastenhoitajaksi. Ilma on sakeana erilaisia inhottavia uhkakuvia, jotka tihenevät, kun Janin lapsuudentraumat avataan hissukseen. Pidin juonesta, joka flirttaili hirveyksill...
  • Serena
    ///ESPAÑOL///Un muy buen libro. Aunque tarda mucho en llegar a la acción. Pero los personajes están muy bien desarrollados y evolucionan bien en la historia. El último capítulo fue todo una sorpresa. Lo recomiendo totalmente.///ENGLISH///First of all, I don't know if this book has been translated into english. It is polish or something like that (original name "Sankta Psyco"). That said, it's a very good book. But it takes it some time to ge...