Fatal Shadows (The Adrien English Mysteries, #1) by Josh Lanyon

Fatal Shadows (The Adrien English Mysteries, #1)

One sunny morning Los Angeles bookseller and aspiring mystery author Adrien English opens his front door to murder. His old high school buddy (and employee) has been found stabbed to death in a back alley following a loud and very public argument with Adrien the previous evening.Naturally the cops want to ask Adrien a few questions; they are none too impressed with his answers, and when a few hours later someone breaks into Adrien's shop and rans...

Details Fatal Shadows (The Adrien English Mysteries, #1)

TitleFatal Shadows (The Adrien English Mysteries, #1)
Release DateMay 1st, 2007
PublisherMLR Press
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Mystery, Contemporary, Crime

Reviews Fatal Shadows (The Adrien English Mysteries, #1)

  • Lenore
    I'm surprised by how much I liked this. It was slow and it dragged a little and the mystery was a bit sloppy and the villain was meh and Adrien's inner monologue could be irritating—if you let it.But still, I can't describe how much I loved the writing. I now understand why some people claim they would read the telephone directory if a certain author wrote it. Well, when it comes to m/m crime/mystery/romantic suspense, I'll read whatever Lanyon...
  • Kat
    2015 After an embarrassing number of rereads, I've decided to up my rating from 3 to 5 stars for the first book, because I can't view this book separately from the rest of this fantastic series anymore anyway. So, there.2013Isn't it nice to root for a male lead who is such an adorable cookie? The 32-year-old Adrien runs a little bookshop in LA. Getting his hands on rare detectives makes his heart beat faster (ah, the effect books can have on us b...
  • Argona
    I'm writing this review after finishing the entire series. I have to say I went back and rated every single book 5 stars. What can I say, this series has officially joined my all time favorites, Adrien and Riordan making it into my most favorite couples. Forever! These books might not have such complicated mysteries and for some people, they might drag a little, but after finishing the entire series, I don't have the heart to give anything less t...
  • Lena♥Ribka
    I know I know, I'm a bit too late with my excitement and my new discovery of a F*CKING ADORABLE COUPLE!! But better too late then never, right?So...A late reading has it's advantages also.I knew already before the reading: That it is one of the best MM series we have.That it is one of the best MM couples we have.I just need to add:Josh Lanyon is one of the best MM-writers EVER.I LOVE his writing. LOVE IT! Do I need to say more???????????????????...
  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    A mystery with almost no romance whatsoever and very little sex content? For me? Oy, this book was so not my thing... in theory. But I surprisingly enjoyed it and the promise of what's to come is making me itch for more. I think the fact that this was an excellent audiobook really helped its case. In fact, it is well worth continuing with the series just to hear Chris Patton speak.All in all, a promising start to a series I will hopefully come to...
  • Anna (Bananas)
    Five stars for being effortless and entertaining, slyly funny and utterly charming. This is true comfort reading. Adrien is our amusing gay antihero, a simple guy who owns a bookstore that specializes in mystery novels. He's also a murder suspect. Policemen Chan and Riordan arrive on page one to question Adrien about the murder of his childhood friend and employee. The mystery isn't terribly complicated yet it's still engaging. I was never certai...
  • Wendy
    After re-reading this one yet again... I figured it was time to finally write a review for it as well. I also changed my rating. I normally don't do this, but I have re-read and enjoyed this series so many times already that a higher rating is definitely deserved ;)That said, this first book is my least favorite of this series. This is usually the case for me, when I start a series, because the first book is always more of an "introduction" into ...
  • Martin
    O.M.G. The very first Lanyon mystery? I stayed away from that series for a very long time, even though I've been a huge Lanyon fan for several years, simply because I'm usually too lazy to start a series that consists of so many novels. Finally giving myself a shove and reading this very early Lanyon, where people still held phone receivers in their hands that were considered modern if they had a caller ID display, I noticed once again what I lov...
  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    I think this is my third time around with this book. I think I enjoyed it more and appreciated the story telling more. I really do love Adrien. He's one of those character's that you just feel like you could totally be friends with. Well, I could be at least. Riordan really frustrates me with how he see's a homosexual relationship. Or how there can't be one. In his eye's it's OK to fuck a man but a relationship with one is out the question. He is...
  • Simone
    ***5 Stars for the audiobook*** Chris Patton did an amazing job with his narration and reminded me of how much I love Adrien-with-an-e and what an a**hole Jake was most of the time. #BooksEvokingStrongEmotionsAreTheBest
  • Rosa, really
    Update 4/30/14 - Editing all my reviews of this series in preparation for writing my review of The Dark Tide (YES, I KNOW I TAKE MYSELF WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU - and NO I don't know why I can't write a review without acting like I'm Gustav FUCKING Flaubert). I can't seem to write it 'cause I just don't want this series to be oveeer! *sob************************************************************March 28, 2014I love the noirishness (hope tha...
  • Macky
    The Adrien English series is a must read if you love your m/m. In fact Josh Lanyon should be in your library somewhere. Ok it's more of a slow burner than some but that's what makes it so enjoyable. I love the way these two guys dance around each other all the way through the series. Great underlying murder mystery and I say winner and keeper. Magic!
  • Breann
    3rd reread, second time in audio. ******************Adrien, Adrien, Adrien. You might not scare yourself to death, but you just might do me in. This was a reread (or listen) for me, I know Adrien is too curious for his own good but I didn’t remember him being so STUPID! Anyway, I loved this. I just love Adrien to pieces and he’s one of my favorite narrators. His POV is just a pleasure to read and I don’t know if I’d get tired of it. Durin...
  • Ingie
    Written May 26, 20144.3 Stars - not much of a romance but wildly fun to 'hear'... and breathlessly thrillingBook #1I just finished my listening to the first part in the series about Adrien English by Josh Lanyon. Kind of highly "hyped" M/M books as many readers here 'talk' about. This is also books my wise (missed) friend Vio recommended me long ago. Five and a half audiobooks hours later: Jeez, Yahoo, Yeah!! - I'm just like a nerdy out of time,...
  • Katerina
    Re-read in October 2018 with Chris Patton. So great. Perfect audio.Perfect reading pleasure. Great humor. I love Adrien :)
  • Natasha
    4.25 big beautiful stars!Naturally, a home-run produced by my favorite author, Josh Lanyon.I've been meaning to read this book (series) for a while, and well, it started off with a bang.I'm a total sucker for the classic WHODUNIT's and Lanyon also produces great results.I laughed a lot, said "WHAT THE SHIT?" a lot, and squealed like a pig at some of the awkward conversations/situations, and I loved every second of it. (view spoiler)[Riordan as a ...
  • Susan
    Ummm...yeah...so this books was...surprisingly boring.Semi-interesting lead characterForgettable secondary charactersBlah, blah, blah storylineAnd I skimmed almost the entire book until I got to the final 20% when the mystery arc finally reached it's pinnacle and I was forced to pay attention.With that being said, I'm still hopeful that since this is the first of a series, the author was just setting everything up for the sequels. I'm giving book...
  • Jenni Lea
    What a great start to a series! I loved Adrien! I didn’t love Riordan! A bunch of people died. A bunch of other people lived. There was a mystery. And a Hollywood-esque HFN ending. And there was too sex in this book. I was sucked in and now I have to read the rest of the series. Like, right now. I feel sorry for all my other books that I have to read because they are just going to sit there until I’ve finished with the entire series. And poss...
  • Shelley
    So pleased I finally picked this up (thanks for the push Anna) I finished it in one sitting, and was very tempted to start the next straight away.I’ll be honest and say I’m not reading this series for the murder mysteries thing, I’m reading (and reviewing) it for the (hopefully) romantic relationship development between Adrien English and Jake Riordaan. I find that these murder mysteries leave me confused and frowny faced (not good for the ...
  • Sofia
    I like the start of this series. I liked Adrien and the fact that the overall story is probably a slow burner. I like slow burners and Lanyon can write, JL is not a showy writer, the writing is quiet, subtle but it creeps upon you and grabs you. At least she has gathered me into her web and I look forward to more and more of her stuff.There are hidden depths to Adrien. He's coasting along thinking his normal humdrum thoughts than all of a sudden ...
  • Ariana
    It has only taken me years to finally get here. I admit the reviews who mention 'lack of romance' put me off, and I found myself shying away from Adrien English again and again.Well, it is true - there is no romance in book 1. There is a bit of static electricity between the two men, I would say, and an interest, an attraction on Adrien's side, but as for Mr. Riordan ... he remains a bit of an enigma, so when he kind of 'goes after' Adrien at the...
  • Deeze
    I thoroughly enjoined this first introduction to Adrien English. As usual my deduction skills left me out of the loop till nearly the end, but I did manage to figure out who done it a fraction before I was told lol. I loved that this book was based on story not instant love/sex. The murder mystery theme is not my first choice, but I’m now eager to read more of Adrien and his mysteries. I’m also extremely eager to read more of Jake. There was ...
  • Eli Easton
    I finally got around to reading this book that I've seen floating around the m/m community for ages. It's beautifully written, and I loved the setting and the characters. I guessed the killer very early on, but that didn't bother me. The book kept me reading by its sheer pull and easy readability. There's really no romance in it except a bit of dating with a guy who isn't the right guy. I'm more interested in seeing Adrien and Jake's relationship...
  • Marte - Thunderella
    I've been on a Josh Lanyon (audio) spree these last days, finishing among others Winter Kill and the three All's Fair books. I love a great murder mystery!I've heard a lot about the Adrien English series, and I found that I really enjoyed it. I liked Adrien with an e. I'm not so sure of Jake. Based on what I've heard, I'm prepared to be pissed at him in these books. This was a great murder mystery with an amateur sleuth and a prickly cop. Not muc...
  • Laura
    Welcome to my world, “Adrien-with-an-e” English! With a quiet, intelligent, lonely, witty-with-a-dash-of-smartass charm, Josh Lanyon’s introduction to the Adrien English Mystery series stole my heart and smiles. Pour me a cup of tea or hell…Adrien’s Ovaltine with a shot of whisky brew! I’m hooked! :DThis crime mystery hits close to home and heart for bookstore owner, author, and amateur sleuth, Adrien English when one of his oldest fr...
  • Jenni
    Love, love, love. That’s me, just discovering the greatness that is Adrien English. And Jake Riordan (oh, la la). Am I late to this party? Hell yes. Do I feel like I’m just now digging on cupcakes, 10 years after they became the sweet treat to eat? OF COURSE. But calm down, y’all, ‘cause I’m here now, front-and-center on the Adrien English/Josh Lanyon bandwagon.Who knew I was a sucker for a good m/m mystery? Not me. But Adrien makes thi...
  • Jaya
    🌟 🌟 🌟
  • Josy
    I forgot how much I love Adrien and how much I enjoyed the narration of this audiobook! On to the next book in the series.