Digestive Wellness by Elizabeth Lipski

Digestive Wellness

Sixty percent of the population has suffered from a digestive ailment in the last three months. Acid reflux, heartburn, gastritis, ulcers, lactose intolerance, and food allergies are among the many ailments caused by faulty digestion. Digestive Wellness was designed to help you understand the complex relationships between gastrointestinal physiology, diet, and health. Written by noted nutritionist Elizabeth Lipski, this accessible third edition o...

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TitleDigestive Wellness
Release DateNov 1st, 2004
GenreHealth, Nutrition, Nonfiction, Food and Drink, Food, Reference

Reviews Digestive Wellness

  • Doris Jean
    –page 262, line 2: "...low-fat, low-calorie diets increase your risk of developing gallstones".–page 263, line 5: "Low-fat diets help prevent gallstones..."and on-page 275, line 33: "Gluten is found in...millet..."–page 276, line 7: "Gluten-free..include...millet..." These kinds of errors were throughout the book. Also, many memes were gratuitously thrown in without basis. I do recommend it since there are not enough better alternative book...
  • Elise
    In my early teens, I was diagnosed with a digestive/autoimmune disorder that changed the way I had to approach food. However, I neglected to really be careful about the types of food I ate and a few years ago, my diagnosis progressed into something slightly worse. After the horrible experience I went through to discover that, it seemed to be the kick I needed to make my health a priority. As a result, I enjoy researching what I can do to maintain...
  • Jillita
    My poor body! No wonder my immune system is so messed up and I'm burdened with chronic fatigue. I was recently diagnosed with leaky gut, candida, overabundance of other bad gut bacteria, and food allergies and consequently put on a strict diet and probiotic regime to fix this, which is going quite well. In the meantime this book does a stellar job explaining what probably led to this state and what I can do to have a happy gut and healthy life ag...
  • Trisha
    This book was jam packed full of information about many symptoms and conditions brought on with the "unwell" gut. There are many scenarios and examples of different experiences she has had treating the gut. Elim diets are discussed and suggestions for supplements good foods to get you back to health. This will be a good reference.
  • Laura
    This is an excellent and unbiased primer on digestive health and also a terrific reference book on various ailments that have digestive roots or connections. Lipski provides a broad view of various therapies for treating digestive issues. For each ailment, she offers many suggestions for treatment that are mostly based on nutritional supplements, using food as medicine, or herbal treatments. She doesn't prescribe any specific one diet or solution...
  • Jodi
    This book contains good solid information and could absolutely really help improve the health of a lot of people.This book was good, but not as good as the book on this topic by Dr Sherry Rogers which I found far more thorough. That book was excellent and so I would recommend it over this one. If all your library has is this book however, it is well worth a read and makes many important points.Also worth reading are books on the SCD eating plan a...
  • Michele
    Really a mini-encyclopedia of how you can improve your digestive wellness and, in the process, a lot of problems and serious illnesses that ail you. It is honestly the first place where I've seen someone connect the dots with things like digestive health and rosacea but on reading it all, it makes perfect sense. I wish I could get some people I know to change their diets and see if some of their health problems would go away. If you're interested...
  • Jennifer
    This is a pretty good resource, especially for people struggling with an autoimmune disorder and seeking help through functional medicine. There are a few inconsistencies, and occasionally the advice isn't backed up by solid evidence--which she points out herself, so it's not like she's trying to sell snake oil. One of the biggest risks is that you might read this and think you've got even more disorders than you thought you had to begin with. Fo...
  • Caroline Mathews
    I read Digestive Wellness in conjunction with The Inside Tract by Gerard E. Mullin. I don't know how lucky I was, out of all the books that Amazon recommends to me, to find just what I was wanting/needing/hoping for! I am not disappointed!I'm using this book as a reference to holistic and herbal remedies and other methods of developing an individual program of digestive well-being. Lipski's explanations of digestive diseases and self-care practic...
  • Sam
    3rd Edition, 2005. Outdated (2018). I felt instructions were slightly useless. I spoke to my Dr. about a few things I read and not much aligned. What I did like about this book is its suggestion of color coding your food diary to help balance your diet. It lost me when it told me to be a vegetarian. Lol.
  • Ann Bredemeier
    very detailed and informative...a didn't read the whole book thoroughly since parts of it didn't pertain to me at all
  • Hayaalsadah
    A very resourceful book on all aspects of digestion. If you want to understand the way your digestive system wants to communicate with you, then you have to read this book. I assume it was written for the regular reader, who only needs to understand the digestive system & how to deal with the most basic signs. It's a great resource for everyone, Elizabeth Lipski offers many alternative treatments for any digestive condition, as a preventative way...
  • Andrea
    Review from a nutrition student: This book is great! It offers a plethora of information and detail, which I love and really look for in this genre of books. Causes, symptoms, and treatment, and the mechanisms of each are all included. It is such a great source for all digestion-related health and disease information, which is of course related to so many other health problems. Essentially a textbook, but so much better because it has room for al...
  • Astrid
    A well-written, enjoyable, at times humourous book about the digestive system and how to keep it healthy. Introduces basic concepts about food and anatomy first, then delves into specific health concerns and how to care for them using nutrition and supplements. Even if you are not experiencing digestive upsets, you could benefit from this book, as Lipski points out connections between digestive health and overall wellness. One of the best nutriti...
  • Jes
    Very well researched and full of compelling information. I have so many questions for my doctor! :) it's amazing to me that 70% of the immune system is located in the digestive system! And it's crazy how what we eat affects EVERYTHING. Literally, every system in your body. Hoping this information will help me move toward further healing!
  • Diana
    This is an excellent book to learn more about your digestive system and how to keep it healthy. If you have a chronic condition I highly recommend this book. There are more current versions of this book and I look forward to reading the updated version.
  • Heather
    I've had some GI (gastrointestinal) problems and this book was very insightful. Has a lot of natural remedies for common "gut" problems. Good for anyone who is having problems from IBS, colitis, ulcers, to Chron's.
  • Vasilis
    The first part of the book is a great introduction to how your digestive system works, what's happening with all the bacteria and what you should look out for. The next part goes all over the place, mostly looks like pseudoscience and could be omitted entirely.
  • Adrienne
    If you want to learn more about how to better support your digestive system this is one of the best books I've read. Covers everything from food/environmental sensitivities, candida, crohn's disease, etc and how those are related to your digestion.
  • Marcelle
    Enjoyed a lot of this content, although I disagreed with a lot of her nutritional recommendations. Her information on the actual digestive issues and concerns was very helpful.
  • Martha
    4th edition = 2012 almost total rewrite of 1996; so much new info
  • Rick
    Excellent. Should be everyone's standard reference for health issues.
  • Loree
    a must read
  • Jude Grebeldinger
    Excellent program.
  • Emily Cerda
    I will be taking class with Liz next semester and I *cannot* wait! She is a wealth of information with easy-to-understand explanations and a warm delivery.
  • Tracyrn03
    This was more informal than I expected. It actually had my illness and more insight into the types of foods I've been needing to eat to help heal within.
  • Sonali
    A must have for folks dealing with digestive concerns!
  • Megan
    This gave me lots of very helpful information.
  • Linda
    Great reference book. Understand how your system works and what you can do to be healthier.