Martha's American Food by Martha Stewart

Martha's American Food

In this beautiful volume, a love letter to American food, Martha Stewart, who has so significantly influenced the American table, collects her most favorite national dishes, as well as the stories and traditions behind them. These are recipes that will delight you with nostalgia, inspire you, and teach you about our nation by way of its regions and their distinctive flavors. Above all, these are time-honored recipes that you will turn to again an...

Details Martha's American Food

TitleMartha's American Food
Release DateApr 24th, 2012
PublisherClarkson Potter
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Nonfiction, Food

Reviews Martha's American Food

  • Kandace
    It is not everyday that I run across a cookbook I can truly rave about, but this is it! I can honestly say I will use every recipe in this book! They are home cooking that all my family will love and not filled with strange ingredients. The chapters are arranged by regions of the United States. It starts with drink ideas and goes to appetizers, main and side dishes, breads, and moves through to desserts for each region. I can't wait to start cook...
  • Christina Windle
    For those not wanting to read my detail and lengthy review this book is a winner. It's filled with a multitude of delicious classic American dishes from all over the country. It also serves as a great American food history textbook, with almost every page having historical write ups related to accompanying recipes. There are colour photos for, I think, every single recipe. Recipes to try: chicken parmigiana with home-made Marinara sauce, Texas ch...
  • Patricia Myers
    Beautiful BookThis is a great book with beautiful pictures. The recipes are the things we all love using ingredients that are easy to find. I am sure I will use it very many times.
  • Karen
    Love Martha Stewart and this book is no exception!!
  • Lanie
    I've never reviewed a non-fiction book, nor a cookbook either. In the past five years (since our twins were born), I've done a lot more cooking at home and less eating out. I'm always on the lookout for new recipes for myself & my husband, as well as teaching our children variety and trying different types of vegetables, fruit and different flavors. There are a few things I look for in a cookbook. Here is my criteria.1. Pictures are important bec...
  • Traci
    Martha has outdone herself in her latest cookbook! I don't really buy books anymore, but I think I'll need to make an exception.One of my all time favorite cookbooks is The Martha Stewart Baking Handbook. I remember I was in grad school when it came out and I was super poor, but when I received a 40% off coupon, I rushed to the nearest Borders to buy a copy. I remember hesitating before tackling my first recipe (her staple brownie recipe that I h...
  • Minna
    Martha hit it OUT of the park!!! This book made me drool. The recipes are beautifully written, approachable (shocker!), and accompanied by mouthwatering pictures. The background information is very helpful and as far as I can tell, spot on. My region definitely matched what I expected to see (the only one I haven't personally tasted is Hoosier pie, although I have heard of it). I rarely buy cookbooks anymore, as I usually only want one or two of ...
  • False
    I think she should be ashamed of herself. Read Clementine Paddleford's "How American Eats" instead. Overly common recipes and not even the best versions you could find for say...meatloaf or apple pie. The photography was lush, as ever in most cookbooks, but the recipes? I made the chicken salad and regretted it. Did you ever think you could describe chicken salad as "sour?" No? I didn't think so.
  • Patricia
    It is good as are all of Martha's things. She has recipes that are All-American, and then divides the country into Regional areas. She tells the "backstory"I'm doing that myself in my own book, only the recipes are all personal and I don't cover the whole country, but I do go back farther in history. I have better "backstories" though. My Family and Food book is more personalized and fun. Just sayin'So--I am intensely interested.
  • Sara
    I'm not a "drink-the-kool-aid" Martha Stewart fan, but this cook book is a good one. It's got all the typical good-old American recipes in it. Not fancy - but family fare. Stuff you want to make at the lake house or for Sunday Family Dinner. I think this would make a great wedding shower present - or house-warming. I think I'd like to have this book!
  • Gloria
    Martha has done a great job with this book. Excellent photos of food organized by region. I felt the Midwest section accurately represented food that we associate with this region. The food for once is not complicated. This is just good, basic cooking with recipes that do seem like they'd be especially good without being especially hard to create.
  • Christine
    Great job Martha. LOVED the pictures, the recipes and the stories. I would have given 5 stars if there were some basic nutritional stats listed. I would love if she did a German and Polish book in the same layout.
  • Thisbeautifulmess
    My favorite part of this book was reading about the history of each type of dish and how they have evolved over the years. I am particularly fascinated with dishes from the south as they don't make an appearance in Canada all that much so are new to me.
  • Monique
    As usual Martha taught me something. These are "American" dishes with history of their development. The stories along with the photos are amazing. More than a cookbook it's a history of food development in America.
  • Valerie Nicgorski
    Corned Beef Hash Recipe Marvelous!
  • Jess
    I liked that almost every dish had a little history attached to it. I found that fascinating. I'm not sure I'm going to add this book to my collection, but it was a good one to read through.
  • Heather
    Pictures with every dish, simple ingredients, user-friendly recipes! Highly recommend.
  • Dona
    Her best cookbook yet!
  • Paul T
    Someone might tell Peter Sagal the book's recipe for caramel corn calls for Beer Nuts.
  • Kjennings
    Simple but flavorful food recipes in this new Martha Stewart cookbook. I have tried several and they are all very good with great flavor. As always, the photography is beautiful.
  • Leigh
    A nice cookbook but I found relatively few "I gotta try this" recipes. And the writing style is dry; informative but not interesting.
  • Cody
    Wasn't interested in a single recipe.
  • Lisa
    Beautiful book! I want to make everything in it.
  • Paul
    I like it and still reading it
  • Emily
    A fabulous compendium of American cooking, with the country divided into five regions, as well as a collection of "All American" recipes. So much wonderful history and cooking tidbits, as well.
  • Rj
    Martha's collection of American recipes. Presented in her straightforward style.
  • Kipahni
    Wonderful Pictures! Amazingly simple recipes. I love the descriptions of the food and the wonderful memories it brings up.
  • Linda
    I already have recipes that I like for much of those here. Not much of interest for me.