The Tenth Planet (The Tenth Planet #1) by Dean Wesley Smith

The Tenth Planet (The Tenth Planet #1)

The exciting first novel in a new series that blends the blockbuster thrills of an alien invasion adventure and state-of-the-art astronomical detail. Mankind has just discovered that a tenth planet exists in the solar system. And soon it will also discover that the planet's hibernating inhabitants emerge every 800 years to harvest a new supply of food from Earth.

Details The Tenth Planet (The Tenth Planet #1)

TitleThe Tenth Planet (The Tenth Planet #1)
Release DateMay 29th, 1999
PublisherDel Rey Books
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Tenth Planet (The Tenth Planet #1)

  • Kevin
    After two archaeologists independently discover a thin black layer of soot buried underground at a level that suggests an age of approximately 2,000 years, they combine their knowledge and figure out that there are events that happen every 2,006 years that wipe out all organic material in specific locations around the earth. They soon figure out that it is an alien "planet" that orbits back past us once every and uses our living matter as food. T...
  • Paul Darcy
    I’ll review all three books here since I think they most likely should have been one large book instead of chopped into three anyhow.Marketing ploy, and a good one. Co-written by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch (What’s with the three name author titles?) The Tenth Planet trilogy is a science fiction action thriller and does quite well to follow the genre.The premise of the books is that a tenth planet, in a highly elliptical orbi...
  • Jim
    Good trilogy: The Tenth Planet, The Tenth Planet Oblivion, and The Tenth Planet Final Assault. Unlike most series I read, where the books are independent, this is one continuous story put in three books.It allows you into the minds of both sides of the story (human and alien).From the back of the first book:After a deep-space satellite mysteriously stops transmitting, the Hubble III telescope picks up a startling image. Astronomers don't know wha...
  • Kivrin
    Fun little old-time sci-fi book. "Something" is coming toward the Earth through space, and apparently, it's been here before bringing destruction along with it.I liked the science--a little archaeology, a little archaeoastronomy. The characters were well drawn and likeable with nice personality quirks. I thought the "aliens" were very well-conceived and really alien, as opposed to funny-looking humans. The opposing mindsets of "us" and "them" are...
  • Tristan Gregory
    A fun short read with a great idea but less than spectacular execution. The sequels are worth it if you feel you want the whole story, though there is nothing new discovered after about midway through the second one. From there it's all just trying up the various story threads.
  • Lara
    This one was super-cheezy! An archaeologist notices a pattern of every 2006 years, a layer of black dust covers large swashes of the planet. What could it be?! Aliens, of course! And they are on schedule for another pass at the planet. How can we combat them? Stay tuned for book 2...
  • Cindi Blyberg
    good ideas, poor writing
  • Mary Graybeal
    Liked it very much. Not much character development but it is based on a neat idea. Reminded me of Inherit the Stars.
  • Jacquie Vonhunnius
    Perfectly good junk sf. Sort of the science fiction equivalent to Harlequin Romance. Nothing innovative or special, but satisfying and quick.
  • Foggygirl
    It was a decent read but I found my attention wandering a bit near the end of the book.
  • James
    Good book, have the other 2 so will read them in the near future
  • Alla
    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole trilogy including this book. It's not the world's greatest literature but very solid science fiction.