Ice Fire (Jock Boucher #1) by David Lyons

Ice Fire (Jock Boucher #1)

In this explosive debut thriller, a judge from the Louisiana bayou goes up against a company on the verge of causing an ecological disaster. Cajun-born Jock Boucher has overcome modest beginnings to assume the prestigious position of U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana. One of his first cases on the bench involves a scientist who has been hiding in mortal fear for more than twenty years. The fugitive claims that another judg...

Details Ice Fire (Jock Boucher #1)

TitleIce Fire (Jock Boucher #1)
Release DateMay 1st, 2012
PublisherAtria/Emily Bestler Books
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Reviews Ice Fire (Jock Boucher #1)

  • Patrice Hoffman
    I won this book through an ARC Giveaway. Initially I was so excited to be winning a thriller since that's what I love reading. I didn't get this book until a while after I'd won it. But it isn't the publishers fault. The blame is better given to the United States Postal Service who happens to give me my mail once a week. I decided to begin this book on a Monday so that I could give it the fairest shake possible. I do my best reading on Monday. (l...
  • Maddy
    PROTAGONIST: Jock Boucher, federal judgeSETTING: New OrleansSERIES: #1 RATING: 3.5Jock Boucher, born and bred in Cajun Louisiana, has just been appointed as a US District Judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana. His heart belongs to New Orleans; despite (or perhaps because of) his modest beginnings, he is a connoisseur of the local architecture and cuisine. He lives in a wonderfully restored home. Widowed a few years earlier, he is involved i...
  • Paul Pessolano
    Ice Fire by David Lyons, published by Emily Bestler Books.Category Mystery/ThrillerWhat better place to find corruption than New Orleans. Jock Boucher has been elevated to the position of District Judge. One of his first cases is Bob Palmetto who is brought in on a warrant that is over 20 years old. Boucher dismisses the case and sets Palmetto free.Palmetto, who finds trust in Boucher, tells him why he has been in hiding for 20 years. He claims ...
  • Claire Wyckoff
    If you want a fast read for a weekend - it's really great; if you're sitting in the doctor's office waiting your turn, you'll be so absorbed you might not hear your name called! There's so many more reasons for reading this book besides being captivated by Jock Boucher and staying at the edge of your seat. I learned about methane hydrate as an energy source and the book brought up some points that made me look into this fascinating subject. Also,...
  • Shomeret
    This was a good read and a satisfying thriller. The central character was no more realistic than James Bond which makes him a wonderful thriller hero. I'd love to see more of Judge Jock Boucher. He has all the traits thriller readers like to see plus he's Cajun, lives in New Orleans and loves it. The main reason why this book doesn't get more stars is because of my environmental concerns. This involves spoilers. (view spoiler)[Boucher is trying t...
  • Theda
    I purchased and read the hardcover version of this book just after it was released for sale on the recommendation of a friend who reads every thriller novel thats published, and also because I noticed that the reviews it has received were by-in-large positive and from a wide variety of sources. I will say that I absolutely loved this book and returned to my bookstore to buy several as gifts for my friends!I started it early one morning and had to...
  • Doreen
    I received a free advance uncorrected proof of this book through Goodreads First Reads. Reading and finishing this book was very frustrating. There were so many problems with it that I just couldn't get into it. The plot is very simple: A U.S. District Judge, Jock Boucher, becomes involved with Bob Palmetto, a scientist who claims that an energy company tried to steal his intellectual property, a way of mining methane hydrate. The two set out to ...
  • Jan Norton
    Story revolves around a judge - Jock. The story is pretty unbelievable.
  • Kai
    Ice Fire is a suspense thriller. Jock Boucher is a newly appointed federal judge who accidentally get pulled into a twenty years old crime when Bob Palmetto showed up for his arraignment in court. Ice Fire is a story of bribery, conspiracy, and murder and political corruption. It is about a corrupt company using the law to steal someone's invention and to destroy the environment with dangerous consequences. Jock, Bob Palmetto, and Detective Fitch...
  • Sue
    I received "Ice Fire" by David Lyons through the Goodreads Giveaway.The main character,Jock Boucher, was raised on the Louisiana bayou, and just recently has assumed the powerful position of U.S. District Judge of the Eastern District of Louisiana.One of his first cases on the bench involves Bob Palmetto, a geophysicist,just apprehended, who has been hiding from authorities for twenty years. Palmetto had invented a process that could double the w...
  • Roger Smitter
    The most interesting element of the novel is the introduction of a new resource for energy. It is a ice fire rock that can be scrapped from the bottom of the ocean. It provides far more energy than coal or oil. I hope the new energy source is for real, and not just a plot devise. My decision to read the book comes from the promise on the cover that the main character in a newly appointed judge. Unfortunately, we see little of the courtroom. There...
  • Roger
    2.5 starsThe first book in a series apparently, and it's a very weak start. The federal judge, Jock Boucher, gets involved in some crooked dealings his method of dealing with them are laughable. The plot is pedestrian and hard to believe (a federal judge openly solicits a bribe, right...). The characters are thin and predictable. But the worst part for me is the New Orleans setting... Clearly the author has only frequented Bourbon St. And clearly...
  • John
    I've read a few of David's books and this is by far his best and in my opinion will be very well received by those that love a great thriller as well as learn something new at the same time. I was fortunate enough to get a pre-release of this book and enjoyed reading it over the Christmas Holidays and it kept me engaged all the way through. The release is timely, with energy a global concern, the story is based upon a potential alternative source...
  • Kelly
    Obtained: Through Goodreads First Reads When I first won and received Ice Fire: A Thriller from a goodreads First Reads giveaway, I couldn't help but marvel at the cover. It has a cute grain-like cover, one of those covers that always feels like their are some dust on it. The title tiles also matched the words; "Ice" is covered with ice while "Fire" has flames inside the word tile. However, to my disappointment, the cover greatly outmatched the i...
  • Emily
    4.5 starsFirst ReadsI won a copy of this book in a GiveawayI thoroughly enjoyed this book. Although some elements seemed to be a little far-fetched, I think those particular elements gave the book its 007 effect.It was a quick and easy read with a little bit of everything: tall,dark, and handsome male lead; quirky but brilliant scientist; dark and malicious villain; the mad scientist/hit man; a couple of romantic flings; and a good bit of action-...
  • L.A.B.
    Jock Boucher is a newly appointed federal judge in eastern Louisiana. One of his first cases involves a man captured by the FBI on an expired warrant. Something doesn't make sense to Judge Boucher and the more inquiries he makes the stranger are the answers. Corruption? Bribery? Insanity? Murder? Hoax? The judge is not impartial as he seeks the truth.Ice Fire by David Lyons (Tantor Media, 2012) is the first in a series of Jock Boucher crime myste...
  • Deb Blackbourn
    I absolutely loved Ice Fire by David Lyons! I can't wait until I can read another book by him! The book kept my attention to the point that riding in the vehicle just to the grocery store I would take the book along - I would take it anywhere I could possibly have a few minutes to read! My husband and I had just returned from a trip to New Orleans and so I enjoyed that the story took place there. David Lyons described the scenes so well I could a...
  • Susan Jo Grassi
    I won this book at Goodreads and, have to say, I am glad I did. First it was, basically, set in New Orleans, one of my favorite places. Second, it was a well researched, fast paced first novel by David Lyons. The characters were fully developed and believable, both good and bad, and so was the action. The story never drug along, although, I did recognize some clues and had to wait for a couple of pages for the characters to catch up with me. This...
  • Georgiann Hennelly
    I won this book on Goodreads first reads Giveaways.This is a fast paced thriller. Jack Boucheris a newely appointed Federal Judge he is asked to take over some cases for another judge who has had a heart attack. Suddenly he is thrown into a twenty year old murder and property case. The eccentric inventor who created the idea worth killing for tries to get Jack to help him . Soon there's a fresh corpse in the Judge's driveway. The inventor and Jac...
  • Alexandrea
    I received an advance uncorrected proof of this book through Goodreads Giveaways.The characters in the book are likeable and somewhat believable. I don't think that a federal judge would break as many laws as Jock Boucher did in this book. The descriptions of New Orleans where the story is set are very well written. It made me want to travel there just to see the architecture and eat the food. A quick read, something you can finish in a few days ...
  • Diane A
    I won a copy of this from Goodreads Giveaways. This book is a thriller, with taut writing and a fast paced story. Cajun Federal judge Jacques Boucher takes over for another judge who's ailing, and is suddenly thrown into a twenty year old murder and intellectual property case. Soon there's a fresh corpse, in the Judge's driveway, followed by two more. The eccentric inventor who created the ideas worth killing for tries to enlist Jacques' help to ...
  • Joy
    A good start to the series. I enjoyed the character of Jock Boucher and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. I have a few criticisms of this book. The first being that 'of course all of the women in this book must sleep with our hero'. Really? You have about 2 female characters and they both think he's irresistible? The other is that Jock is just a little bit too perfect. I get it; it is a book and I need to suspend disbelief. But he ...
  • Catherine Woodman
    Ok, this is a bit improbable in terms of a federal district court judge who is willing to give it all up when he discovers that it is not exactly the clean and above board position that he had been hoping for--he also gets the opposition to sleep with him, which might or might not be any case, this is set in New orleans, always a plus, and the main character is likeable, there is a conspiracy involving energy and the oil companies-...
  • Jackie Tebbe
    This is the first David Lyons book I have read. It was a really good book. I would say very interesting way to present and get the reader intrigued about a somewhat boring topic (alternate global energy). I usually would not be interested in a book about the worlds alternate energy sources, but David Lyons puts this suspenseful novel together to keep the reader involved. I actually listened to the CD of it in my car and would get from point A to ...
  • Michael
    I won this book from goodreads giveaway; thank you!! I enjoyed the book and the story. The Judge is a strong character and could see this as a series of books; I do think that Fitch would need to be part of the story as well. New Orleans seems fitting for the story and I enjoyed reading about places that I have visited on previous occasions. I'd give another 1/2 star if I could and if another Judge Boucher book comes out I'll certainly read it.
  • Rick Bavera
    I found the book to be an entertaining read, with some settings that made me want to think of some of the Lincoln/Child Pendergast novels, or Anne Rice (New Orleans).While the book held my interest, and kept me reading, it wasn't riveting in the sense of the others. I for some reason didn't come to "care" about the characters as I did with other books.Guess maybe I was conflicted, because maybe the descriptions weren't some ot...
  • David V.
    Received as an ARC from the publisher. Started it on 2-19-12. Finished it on 2-21-12. Fast-paced; could've read it in one sitting if I didn't have to go to work. Don't you hate when that happens?!Main character is a newly-appointed Federal judge in New Orleans who becomes involved in investigating a 20-year old murder, techno-espionage, and the world's energy crisis. A lot on the plate for one judge! Will make one heck of a movie.
  • Pvabogada
    I don't read much fiction but I read this on a recommendation from a friend and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main character Jock Boucher is likable, realistic and one really cares what happens to him - I believe this will be a recurring character which would definitely encourage me to read more in this series. The descriptions of New Orleans where the story is set are also very well done and made me want to book a ticket right away.
  • Michelle
    Super quick read!! The story quickly engulfs you of course not letting you put it down. This is one of those books that you find yourself as the reader already casting actors to play the characters parts in a movie, lol. I was pleasantly surprised to learn there was a 2nd book out in this series already. Great read!!
  • Landon
    I received this book from one of the Goodreads Giveaways. The story was really interesting and it really was a great book. It just had a bit too much cursing for my taste and for that reason alone I wouldn't recommend it. Take out all of that, and you could have had a 4 star book.