Bones to Ashes (Temperance Brennan, #10) by Kathy Reichs

Bones to Ashes (Temperance Brennan, #10)

For Temperance Brennan the discovery of a young girl's skeleton in Acadia, Canada, is more than just another assignment. Évangéline, Tempe's childhood best friend, was also from Acadia. Named for the character in the Longfellow poem, Évangéline was the most exotic person in Tempe's eight-year-old world. When Évangéline disappeared, Tempe was warned not to search for her, that the girl was "dangerous." Thirty years later, flooded with memori...

Details Bones to Ashes (Temperance Brennan, #10)

TitleBones to Ashes (Temperance Brennan, #10)
Release DateAug 28th, 2007
PublisherScribner Book Company
GenreMystery, Fiction, Crime, Thriller

Reviews Bones to Ashes (Temperance Brennan, #10)

  • Alex
    I don't know why I read these books. I mean, I love the forensics, but, like Patricia Cornwell, Reichs has created a character who is just dumb dumb dumb and, in my opinion, extremely unlikable. She's tough - okay, whatever. To illustrate that she's tough must she be pigheaded, irrational, totally ruled by her passions, putting EVERYONE's life in danger because OMG what she wants is WAY more important than anything else? Ego, much?Why anyone take...
  • Sarah
    I picked this up because I am a fan of both the tv show Bones, which is inspired by this series; and of the early Kay Scarpetta novels, which these often get favorably compared to. First, the show is much funnier and more tightly written, and the tv Temperence Bones is much more interesting then the character by the same name in the books, who is flat. Second, the early Kay S., a strong mix of both a classic crime novel and forensic anthropology,...
  • Erin
    Although I have to admit that this wasn't the strongest book in the series, it was nice to read a book that focuses on forgotten history from my Canadian home province-New Brunswick. Specifically, the way in which people who contracted leprosy were dealt with in the 19th and early 20th century. The disappearance of young women, coupled with the finding of a female skeleton, and the added attraction of learning something from Brennan's past was a ...
  • Gina
    A new mystery excellently solved!Oh, do I ever adore Reichs’s novels. Her novels show proof that there are no limits to one’s imagination - especially when the author knows what she/he is talking about.Reichs sucks you in with the first sentence and doesn’t let go until the very last word. The mystery and forensic descriptions keep you just as glued to the pages as the characters do. Again, Tempe lands herself in trouble when she does somet...
  • Agatha Donkar
    Devoured this in a day; since this novel and Margaret Maron's Hard Row are two of the books I've most looked forward to this year, it's unsurprising. And I honestly think that this could have been Reichs' best Bones novel -- aside from my growing irritation at her reluctance to finish Tempe's relationship with Andrew Ryan one way or the other once and for all, this book has a first rate, complex mystery, an ongoing appearance by Tempe's sister Ha...
  • Kendra
    This is the 10th book in the Tempe Brennan series.How to explain my rating? I love this series. I do. I'm always eager to get my hands on the next one, and I always plow through them quickly. But Kathy Reichs has a big, big flaw that has persisted throughout the series: she gets an idea in her head and is determined to write about it, even if it means tying together cases that shouldn't be related and creating completely unplausible coincidences ...
  • Lorraine
    I'm not sure if I've become more critical since the last Kathy Reichs book I read, or if this book is simply less stellar. I certainly enjoyed many parts of it, and overall it was an interesting forensic investigation, but it has a few significant weaknesses. My main complaint is that Reichs is inconsistent with her target audience. There's enough science in the book to suggest the reader is intelligent and interested in the scientific details an...
  • Alaina
    Bones to Ashes was a lot better than the previous book of this series. HOWEVER, I still don't understand why Pete, her ex-husband, is still in the picture? I get that they aren't together and everything.. but him being around is ruining things for her and Ryan. It's also frustrating to read.Okay, so this book is the tenth installment of the series. Again, I liked this one because we got to see more of Temperance's sister Harry. Not quite sure how...
  • Starling
    This is the second book in this series that I've read. I'm reading them out of order. Just picking one off the shelf at the library.The first book I read was set in South Carolina, this one is set in Canada. The back-story is set in the US, but the current mystery takes place totally in Canada. There is a mystery about the disappearance of Temperance's childhood friend, and that mystery gets tangled in a mystery about young teenaged girls who hav...
  • Arnis
  • Kathrin
    The 10th book in the series - still going strong. I liked this one maybe a little more than others because it tells a lot about Tempe's past and how she grew up. Looking forward to the next one!
  • Katie Fitzgerald
    I thought this was one of the best books of this series. I loved learning about Tempe's childhood and seeing her interact with her sister, Harry, and thought it made me sad, I liked the new developments and problems in her relationship with Andrew Ryan. The mystery was also really interesting, especially when it intersected with Tempe's personal life. Reichs continues to make the scientific jargon of her profession easy for novices to follow, and...
  • Celia
    I don't know why I keep picking up Kathy Reichs' books - I'm am always disappointed with them. While the mystery in this one was fairly engaging (forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan believes that an anonymous skeleton of a young girl belongs to a missing childhood friend), it's almost too convoluted, with its twists and turns neatly confined by chapter, and almost every chapter ending in a, "He turned towards me with a look of horror," mom...
  • Melissa
    This book never pulled me into it. Couldn't seem to get to that point where I had a desire to know who did it. Sometimes I had to keep reminding myself what the actual crime was because it all got so lost in a bunch of writing that never really seems to work together for a story.I didn't care for the main character, she would be mad that the guys jumped to conclusions on something then she zeroed in on Bastarache decided he was guilty and acted c...
  • Sunsy
    Mich fasziniert das Thema der Knochenrecherche wirklich sehr. Es ist aufregend, was in der heutigen Zeit möglich ist, und zusammen mit ungelösten Fällen, die Ryan bearbeitet, zu ungeahnten Ergebnissen führen kann. Wiederum war es sehr spannend, den Ermittlern über die Schulter zu schauen. Einiges hat mich allerdings ziemlich aufgewühlt.Ich gebe 08/10 Punkte -
  • Julia Katic
    Series and author on which one of my favourite TV series "Bones" is based .... just as is most often the case, the book is far more enjoyable than the screen production. Looking forward to reading more in the series. Easy read and a good escape. Love the cliff hangers at the end of each chapter that 'forces' one onto the next chapter!
  • Melissa
    This is a BORING Canadian French novel. LOOOOOONG, BOOOORING, FRENCH book. About porn, love, disease, a coroner, and terrible writing. If you like foriegn books you MIGHT like this one. About a Canadian coroner that is caught up in looking for exploited children in the porn business. Terrible characters with no character. Did not like it at all.
  • Hasewue
    Das Verhalten der Personen ging mir hier sehr auf die Nerven. Kommunikation wäre schon ein Anfang. Werde den nächsten Fall noch lesen und dann erst mal wieder etwas pausieren. Vielleicht war es jetzt einfach zu viel hintereinander.
  • JBooks
    Wollte erst 2,5 Sterne geben aber ich gebe doch nur 2 :/Es hat mir nicht so sehr gefallen. Am Anfang war es spannend aber dann gab es zu viel Durcheinander....
  • Bruna Vraničić Vujević
    Odlična!Totalno me zaokupila i bacila u svijet forenzike. Napeta do samoga kraja!
  • Aaron
    Temperance Brennan finds herself working a case that forces an intersection of her professional and personal lives. It all starts when a detective from Acadia in Canada approaches here to investigate the skeleton of a young woman was found located in another officer's desk drawer. Because of it's location, the skeleton reminds Tempe of Évangéline,a childhood friend whose family was from a small town in Acadia. Évangéline disappeared while Tem...
  • Angela
    I have been following this series of books for many years now and have always enjoyed every reading experience. Recently I have revisited them again as my daughter wanted me to buddy read them with her after discovering the television series and then seeing the books in our bookshelves. Even though I explained that the books and TV show are two different entities, she was still determined to read them. So here I am, many books later and enjoying ...
  • Em*bedded-in-books*
    I love forensic procedural thrillers and am a great fan of Tempe Brennan, who is a forensic anthropologist working for Quebec govt as well as for US govt, dividing her time between the 2 places. Andrew Ryan, the detective in Quebec forces is her now on, now off paramour.The writing and wit engages me more than the story line.Even discounting for the story line, this was not one of Reich's better works. In Quebec , teenage girls go missing, And so...
  • Terri
    I enjoyed this book. I did find it a bit predictable or maybe I’ve watched to many crime tv shows and I am now good at guessing. 🤷♀ There was definitely a point toward the end when I didn’t want to put it down because I wanted to see how everything wrapped up. I enjoyed this book. I did find it a bit predictable or maybe I’ve watched to many crime tv shows and I am now good at guessing. 🤷‍♀️ There was definitely a point towa...
  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    I read this book for a reading challenge and I actually enjoyed it. The content was not something I ever want to read about again but the the plot was fast paced with plenty of twists and turns.It kept me engaged until the end.
  • Angela
    childhood friends who disappear from your life and missing children in the present
  • Linden
    Fun first book of the year! Kathy Reichs is always an easy edge-of-the-seat read.
  • Yvonne (Fiction Books)
    “Babies die. People vanish. People die. Babies Vanish.”As this was the first Temperance Brennan mystery I had read, it was good to find that the series didn’t obviously appear to need to be read in any chronological order and I found that this book stood alone as a great ‘one off’ story.The plot, although sometimes disturbing, was racy and fast moving, with plenty of new twists and turns being thrown into the equation periodically, yet ...
  • Matt Schiariti
    Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this book is finally getting a more in depth look at Tempe's past. This novel delves into her childhood and family while she was growing up than pretty much all of the other novels combined.When Tempe was a young girl, her family would vacation in NC. One summer there she met an exotic french girl several years older than she and they became the best of friends. Then, all of a sudden, three years later she j...