This I Know by Susannah Conway

This I Know

Part memoir, part creative journal, This I Know chronicles Susannah’s journey through bereavement and healing, taking the reader on a ride into the possibilities of unravelling — and healing — her own life too. It’s a guidebook of sorts, a collection of thoughts and theories, with creative exercises for you to try, and dreamy light-filled Polaroids dotted throughout the text. It’s a cosy blanket for your heart.

Details This I Know

TitleThis I Know
Release DateJun 5th, 2012
GenreAutobiography, Memoir, Nonfiction, Language, Writing, Self Help, Spirituality

Reviews This I Know

  • Barbara
    This book helped me tremendously as I've grieved the loss of my special dog, Frankie, known as the "walk 'n roll dog" this summer (she was in a doggie wheelchair due to disc disease).Susannah's book gave me so much hope that I will find a new bliss and direction for my life after such a deep loss. Frankie and I were a team and she was my life and work the past six years, making close to 350 appearances at schools. She was also a therapy dog and w...
  • Kristi
    This is a really lovely and inspiring book about overcoming grief, loss and other obstacles to live a heartfelt and authentic life. The writing is breathtaking in parts and the photos are gorgeous. It's a nice pick-me-up of a book if you're looking for inspiration.
  • Todd
    To "ravel" is to "entangle or confuse". "This I Know" is a story of un-raveling ... untangling or eliminating (reducing? can we ever truly eliminate?) confusion in the life of the author. After a period consumed by intense grieving, confusion and a near-total loss of self (although the author, I think, makes an excellent case that she was quite "lost" before her loss) caused by the tragic loss of a still-growing and deepening love, Ms. Conway fou...
  • Helen
    Wow, really enjoyed this, great if you have been bereaved but also if you haven't. I didn't do all the exercises rigorously but just reading and thinking about them was good for me
  • Jenny
    Something different happened when I finished reading This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart. Something that has only happened after watching 10 Things I Hate About You. I immediately wanted to start it again.I want to re-read and savour every single word Susannah Conway has written. I want to read every single blog post she has ever published, so I can continue to lap up her beautiful way with words. She's the blogger I wish I was. The writer...
  • Jill Salahub
    Disclaimer: I love everything Susannah Conway does, her blog, her ecourses, her photography, and now this book, This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart. She is consistently honest, open-hearted and funny, willing to share her “wobbly bits” along with the brilliant beauty of life.Any woman who has experienced grief and loss (that is, every woman alive) should read this book. For some of us this is the loss of a loved one, for others the los...
  • Lisa
    I felt so connected to this author that it was as if I wrote this book myself. I was drawn to this book after running across Susannah's blog and decided to read it for blogging inspiration and what I assumed would be mostly a book on creativity - which it was. But it was so much more than that for me. Although I knew she touched upon grief issues, I did not expect this aspect to resonate with me. It did. I was also happily surprised that she wrot...
  • Kasey Jueds
    Thoughtful and honest. Susannah Conway is a blogger, and her book is quite blog-like, in a good way--very personal, very immediate, very heart-felt. It's also full of her polaroid photographs (there seems to be a sort of polaroid renaissance these days, which I didn't know about!)--which are soft-focused and beautiful and dreamy, other-worldy. The author comes across as a completely likeable person; I was so happy spending time with her. Love the...
  • Amelia Maness-gilliland
    While I enjoy this authors blog on occasion- I really did not understand the purpose of the book- it felt disjointed- it was also a very similar experience as her course- no new material really. The writing is basic- yet sincere. With that said- the author has clearly mastered Polaroid photography- a real expert.
  • Barb Lawrence
    Quite possibly the most profoundly important book I've read. Susannah spills her heart and soul on those pages and spoke directly to me. I bought copies for my friends, and as I go into health coaching, I'll be buying copies for my clients as well. For anyone who sees the world through a camera lenses and/or written words, it quenches a thirst.
  • Donna Wynn
    I am halfway through and can't put this book down, it speaks directly to the heart. I have followed the author's blog for quite some time and this book is like having her right in my home with me! Love it!
  • Emma
    I love Susannah's blog and think she's an excellent and honest writer but this book wasn't for me. Perhaps because I haven't experienced grief in the same way that she has. I'm sure that this is an excellent book for those in similar circumstances. I still love her. She is ace.
  • Philippa
    A well written, compelling and beautifully illustrated book about creativity, grief, joy and living an honest, authentic life.
  • Roni Blanche
    Some books are so beautiful, I can't help but pick them up and thumb through. "This I Know: Notes On Unraveling The Heart" by Susannah Conway was one of those books: the cover resembled a homemade scrapbook saved for only the most precious photos; the heavy matte pages were filled with random quirky Polaroids, the kind you would tape to the bathroom mirror to keep a special memory fresh in your mind; the size of a girl's secret diary that felt ju...
  • Bonnie Cowan
    Loved it! Descriptive ... working through her grief ... word by word. Each chapter had a reflection that I appreciated.
  • Elle
    Susannah Conway's 'This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart' is a fantastic book for anyone who is grieving -- due to the death of a loved one. As someone working through grief where no one has died, I found the first half of the book to be less applicable.Susannah Conway writes with heart and with sincerity, baring herself and the events of her life in a beautiful way. I am somewhat ashamed that I spent the first half of the book skimming ever...
  • Ally
    Inside the book + Mini reviewI've had This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart since not long after it was released, I think I actually pre-ordered it. I read the first half of This I Know when I first got the book but it made me cry a lot because the first half of the book is about Ms Conway dealing with the loss of her significant other and how it was a shock and how it effected her, and there were some many things that Ms Conway said that hi...
  • Natasha
    This book has touched me in so many ways, I don't even have the words. I have laughed out loud, and I have cried tears at my own reflections. The writing is a gift, and though I have finished reading it, it has gone to an easily accessible bookshelf, because I am no where near finished with the book.In her own words:"It's a blessing to find writers whose words speak for us when we are mute, the scribes who record our collective experiences and mi...
  • Louise Mathewson
    I want to read this again and again!! Susannah shows us how she lets herself enter a cocoon to find herself and she comes out with a beautiful butterfly of a story! She shows us her pain on the page. I found myself loving her more and more and wanting that for myself. If you face the pain of your losses, you will find yourself and be able to love yourself like you deserve. I was so inspired by her writing, that today when I didn't want to take my...
  • Vanessa
    I admire Susannah's honesty and willingness to search deep in herself for answers after going through such a tragic loss. However I expected the book to be a little more about how we, the readers, can engage with the world, notice things, appreciate life, take photos, open our senses, etc - ESPECIALLY since in the beginning of the book she states that "this is not a book about grieving or loss" and then goes on to spend about half the book talkin...
  • Kathryn Dechairo
    This is one of those books that you want to sit and take time with but I just couldn't put it down. Susannah writes so aptly about love and loss and the grief that accompanies losing someone we love. Her description of drowning from grief were as though she'd reached down inside of me and found those words there. Susannah has such a beautiful way of writing that explores the stages of grief, the journey it takes you on and the growth that occurs ...
  • Caroline
    This book is just beautiful. It's honest and brave and hopeful even as it talks about opening into grief. I have loved everything of Susannah's that I've read and this one ended in such away that I hope there will be more. I would keep reading right where the story left off. I am always grateful for narratives about people who have overcome challenges and found ways to break open into a life that is more than it was before. It makes me optimistic...
  • Lindsay
    First of all: I'm a big fan of Susannah's photography, so I was very curious about the story behind her as an artist. This book is a milkshake of her tender words and Polaroids. I had no idea what she has been through, so I've met with her strong side for the first time by reading this book. It's about losing love, grief, depression - slowly unraveling every layer, going far back in the past so everything could be healed. This book also contains ...
  • Beth
    Just beautiful -- this expression and exploration of grief and the process of healing, or 'unravelling' is poetic and honest, and the Polaroids sweet and stunning by turns. It's written primarily for the American market but Susannah's 'Englishness' shines through as does her fluent writing style, her incredible insight and her artistry. There are so many truths in this book, whole paragraphs I wanted to read aloud to myself or transcribe, notably...
  • Barb Novak
    My favorite parts of this story were Susannah telling her story. Those are the parts I really wanted to read.Each chapter ended with an idea of a way to live a more fulfilling, present life. Although I liked some of those ideas, I found myself sometimes annoyed with the suggestions about how to improve my life. I would have rather read Conway's story and generalized how it could apply to my situation.I completely loved the color Polaroids, other ...
  • Rukhsana Sukhan
    I am only on page 25 but this book has opened the floodgates. The deep grief and sorrow that I tried to shrink-wrap and stuff away for so many years in so many unhealthy ways has begun to engulf me. Grief denied seems to breed on a logarithmic scale. Susannah is absolutely right, grief does not leave us and we cannot leave it. Rather, we must sit with it and live thru it, accepting its transformative nature. Acceptance. I have to wrap my heart ar...
  • Karen
    Some books are so delicious that even though they are meant to be savoured a bite at a time, you can't help but devour them all at once. This is definitely one for devouring and then going back to savour and ponder so you don't miss any moment. Added bonus, the hardcover is one of the most beautiful books I've ever held in my hands. As books go, it's a new friend, but I already know it's going to be an old friend that I'm going to visit time and ...
  • Alicia Fish
    I loved this book. Susannah's style of writing is so beautiful and natural. When I read her I can feel the cool salty air and imagine I am a fantastic photographer, bringing out the personality of the person in the picture. She is so honest with herself and with us it is endearing and inspiring. The book was well written, the photographs dreamy and emotional, and the content thoughtful. I loved reading this book and can think of a few people to r...
  • Balancetue
    i'm surprised. for some reason i expected sort of a written unraveling course, but no. the book is quite autobiographic, starting with the loss of the beloved boyfriend in 2005, and it is very much about grief and how she copes with it, day by day, year by year. for some reason i expected a thin paperback but it is a stable hardcover and it even seems to have more than 234 pages. very present: susannah's voice, unique, wise, charming and above al...