Spiritual Warfare by Karl I. Payne

Spiritual Warfare

The Bible is explicit: We live in a world of distinct opponents; our very lives are a battle. Yet too many Christians lose more battles than they win and endure their walk with God rather than enjoy it because they don't recognize the enemy when they see it. More importantly, they have no idea how to respond. While society tells us we can react simply, the truth is that a wish, a hope, and a prayer are not the best responses to attacks from those...

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TitleSpiritual Warfare
Release DateOct 4th, 2011
PublisherWND Books
GenreReligion, Theology, Nonfiction, Christian, Christian Non Fiction, Christianity, Church, Spirituality

Reviews Spiritual Warfare

  • Laura DW
    Awesome truths!All Christians are in a battle and are often living in defeat, frustration and discouragement. Dr. Payne gives great insight into the battle as well as the weapons, resources and strategies at our disposal to walk in victory! Every believer should read this book!
  • Dana
    Amazing book. I feel better equipped and less fearful to protect myself from demons and curses. My favorite quote is “Americans worship the creations instead of the creator.”I would strongly recommend this book.
  • Brandon Carpenter
    Great bookThe best book that ive read on this subject. Very balanced view. Also, very practical and educational for anyone wanting to help someone be delivered from the world, the flesh, or the devil.
  • Peggy
    Spiritual Warfare is a must read for anyone who wants victory in their Christian walk. Karl Payne gives a detailed accurate account of how to fight the world, the flesh and the schemes of the devil. This is a book not only to read but to study.
  • Marcus Constantine
    Solidly biblical and so practical -- this book was a Godsend, so helpful and timely; I read it just before an extended season when we served on the mission field in Africa. Applicable for followers of Jesus everywhere
  • Douglas Beck
    Very good, balanced view of the world, flesh and the devil.
  • Janet
    I had no idea what to expect when I started this book. I learned of it from Janet Parshall's show and since I know very little on the subject, why not try it. I did learn a lot about spiritual warfare. It's not talked about much and I've learned why. Not politically correct, fear and so forth. So I learned of the three things that can harm man but oh so much more. I think it brought me closer in my walk with God and brought back some things I had...
  • Raymond C Odom
    Amazing BookDr Payne and his book showed me how God could deliver my son from demons that had tried to dismember a family member. His writing and his personal commitment to equipt Christians is unparalleled in this area. EVERY Christian should have and use this book.
  • Taylor Ince
    worth reading. much neglected topic in western evangelical church, to our great loss.
  • Aaron Cash
    Great book. Realy giving the full depth and width to understand spiritual warfare.
  • His Love Studios
    Useful, but takes ages to get to his points.
  • Trenace Hayes
    Excellent BookVery insightful. Plainly written and easy to understand. I learned a lot and would recommend this to any one interested.
  • Melissa
    The idea is that when we allow sins to remain in our lives without repentance, we open ourselves up to demonic influence. True peace comes through surrendering our entire heart to God and submitting our lives to Him. I wholeheartedly agree and found inspiration here. I don’t know what to make of everything in this book, but it is definitely unique and therefore valuable.
  • Paul Herriott
    The book starts off with a Bang and then keeps a more level approach. Payne talks through not only demonization but temptation of the flesh and world. These three are often confused or ignored. He also pushes against the common Protestant belief of the demonic possession and/or demonic influence, by developing from scripture a more nuanced view of demonization. Recommended for all Christians.
  • Ben Laur
    I found this book to be helpful on many fronts. The advice he offers on living a holy life is perceptive and clear. His idea that we must not oversimplify demonic activity to a paradigm of "oppression or possession" is something that I likewise think is prudent. The main argument and contribution of the book then is the introduction of a third category which presume calls "demonization". The book is filled with many stories of Payne commanding de...
  • Sam
    This book has an interesting premise that Christians can still be "demonized," or afflicted by demons internally through the granting of "footholds" (unconfessed and unrepentant sin). The idea itself seems to align with Scripture at a general level, and Payne is careful not to pump up fear or cause undue focus on demons, balancing "the world, the flesh, and the devil" quite nicely, although the focus of the book naturally leads to more time being...
  • Jaime Contreras
    Dr. Karl Payne pulls no punches in laying out the reality of spiritual warfare. He is forthright, righteous and honest in laying out the nature of man/woman and the daily battles against the world, the flesh and the devil (sociological, physiological and supernatural opposition). The author does give a perfunctory but a necessary in-depth (and understandable)overview of the devil and his pedigree. Dr. Payne spends much time on the sinful nature o...
  • Josh Mccoy
    Dr. Karl Payne has put together a very interesting book meant to be an overview of spiritual warfare in the life of the believer. Dr. Payne is a very well respected Baptist (also read: Conservative) minister of a large church. He's been in ministry for well over 20 years and in this time, he says his knowledge of and opinions about spiritual warfare have expanded greatly.Dr. Payne breaks his book into 3 prominent sections to outline the historica...
  • Jessica Miller
    This is a great book for Christians who are unfamiliar with this topic and/or for Christians who do not believe a genuine Christian can become demonized.He spends a lot of the book arguing that Christians need to become more knowledgeable about spiritual warfare and that Christian leaders need to become better equipped in helping believers who struggle with spiritual problems that are rooted in demonic warfare rather than in mental or physiologic...
  • John
    Dr. Karl Payne's academic work is well established. He has authored books that are well researched and clearly written. He has developed a wide variety of training material for use in apologetics and evangelism. Karl organizes World View Conferences that bring in well known speakers and educators to discuss a wide variety of contemporary issues. Karl is current and informed. He has collaborated with others in writing on social issues, such as the...
  • Diana
    I found the information in this book fascinating and enlightening--it provided a lot of insight into my spiritual walk--especially regarding how to discern where the problems you're having are coming from (hint--it's not all demons as you might think by looking at the cover). I have converted from a sect of Christianity that barely acknowledged the existence of Satan, let alone demons, to one where we often hear preaching about deliverance/libera...
  • Julie
    This is the best book I have read on Spiritual Warfare. There are a number of good, helpful books on spiritual warfare out there, but this one gives you step by step instruction/guidelines, based on Scripture, explaining how to help someone find complete freedom from demons. The author helps Christians to recognize and use the tools that God has given us to fight the battle. My life has been changed because of the insights this author has given m...
  • Todd Miles
    Payne, a Western Seminary graduate, is advocating a power-encounter approach to spiritual warfare. The book could have been 1/3 the length and badly needs editing as at times it get preachy. He is a conservative - not given to hyper-spiritualization. This gives him credibility. It is difficult to argue with his experience. His exegesis is OK, but his biblical theology, the overall context of any passage of Scripture, is wanting. His theology of r...
  • Diana Jamerson
    An excellent read, only wish I would have bought the hard copy.This is by far the best book that I have ever read on the subject of spiritual warfare and deliverance. It is not one of those books that sees a demon under every rock, but it also does not dismiss the evidence of demonic infestation either. This book will make you rise up and take your place as a believer and cast out demons like Jesus said we would.
  • Andy Addis
    A well thought out perspective Spiritual Warfare has often been a daunting subject, because it comes in one of two extremes: someone lost in a fantasy world, or someone in complete denial of possibility. This book approaches supernatural activity as a reality, and grounds it so firmly in the whole counsel of Scripture that whichever side of the debate you come from, this is worth a read.
  • John Stubler
    Great book!!!It took me awhile to get thru this book. It's chocked full of vital information as a "must have" for all Christians. Demons are real make no mistake about it. Recognizing demonic possession and helping fellow Christians beat demons at their game is what this book is all about. Fantastic book!!
  • Darrell
    I have read everal books on the subject but this one is by far one of the best. What needs to be known and said is summerized and laid out very well for literally anyone to understand and be able to identify negative forces in the world, their lives or in the lives of others. I highly recommend this book to be read by every single human being.
  • Luke Bray
    Excellent book on Spiritual Warfare. Payne focuses on the Biblical rationale and support for fighting against demonic forces. He does not spend much time on the "spectacular", but gives a very even handed book toward equipping Christians to do the work of ministry. Recommended.
  • Dane Carr
    Best book I've read on this subject so far (of 8). Balanced and Biblical. Challenging and encouraging.