Homer by Elisha Cooper


Home isn't just where the heart is.Home is often where the dog is.And for this loyal dog—who you will recognize if you have ever loved a dog—home is where you are.

Details Homer

Release DateMay 29th, 2012
PublisherGreenwillow Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Dogs, Family

Reviews Homer

  • Abigail
    As both the humans and other dogs in his family set out one day, intent on various activities, Homer sits peacefully on the porch, turning down every invitation to join in. After a peaceful day spent observing the world, he welcomes canine and human family back, before coming inside for some kibble, and another rest. In the end, Homer has everything he needs, in the form of those he loves...Having greatly enjoyed author/illustrator Elisha Cooper'...
  • Lauren Salisbury
    This book featured some beautiful illustrations and a great dog. Homer sits on the porch watching everyone else frolicking around on the beach and in the yard and patiently waits for them to return home. If you've ever had or loved a dog this is a great little book to share with a young reader. There's not much in the way of story, but the pictures are beautiful and offer a lot to talk about with your young one.
  • Melissa
    Genre: Picture book, Realistic fictionAudience: PrimaryBook Talk: If you have ever loved an old dog than this is a sweet picture book for sentimental adult readers and their compassionate listeners. The story doesn’t come right out and say it, but Homer is an old dog in a dog loving family. He vicariously experiences all that goes on in the lives of his household members through his birds’ eye view from the front porch. Homer is invited, but ...
  • Kris
    Wonderful, soft, inviting, heart-warming illustrations. This book made me melt. Deceptively simple, the illustrations have details that I just want to keep searching out. Great sense of place, of home, of family, of calm and serenity and peace. This book brings an important message -- of living life slowly, of savoring the moments, of taking the time to just sit and ponder and *live*. This is exemplified not only by Homer, but also by the family ...
  • Allison Parker
    So sweet! A celebration of a dog of a certain age. No more frolicking in the waves, no more jumping like a puppy. Homer is a quiet, older dog content with watching his family be their busy selves, all the while patiently and comfortably waiting on the porch for them to return. This story will resonate with all families who have loved a dog who expresses his affection in subtler, quieter ways than younger pups do.
  • Margie
    If you're an animal, especially dog, lover, this will certainly appeal. Of all the things, experiences, etc offered to Homer it seems his needs/wants are very simple. He wants a home, and a family to love and to love him in return. The illustrations and brief, well-chosen words, say it all.
  • Julie
    This book is just right. Loved it.Random fact: My local library cataloged it "Contentment -- Fiction." Now I want a dog, dammit.
  • Rachel
    Not quite sure what the sentiment is here, but the story is simple with great repetitions and the illustrations are nice.
  • Linda Atkinson
    Caution: Kleenix required; brought the tears to the eyes.
  • Pam
    This book should not have been published as it is nor do I recommend that any children read it! I hate being a spoilsport but authors and publishers, who write and publish children's books in general and especially books about pets, need to be hyper aware about safety and what messages the children are picking up from the story and its illustrations. While it is a fine story, not a spectacular one, one illustration totally makes the book inapprop...
  • Lynn Davidson
    What a sweet story! An old dog prefers to stay at home while the family that owns him goes out to do the various things they enjoy. He's there waiting for them on their return. The illustrations give the reader the sense of "being there".
  • Clwseattle
    Homer was hard to read because he reminded my grandson (and me) too much of our sweet little girl we lost recently. She and Homer might have been twins.5 stars for a home loving, FAMILY loving white lab.
  • Diane
    Homer stays on the porch as his family go off to their adventures, but they share with him when they return home
  • Deltora
    For anyone that has or has had an old dog in their lives, this story will ring true, it's a love letter to our 4 legged friends and it's told beautifully
  • N
    Sweet story about a dog and his family.
  • Megan McCloud
    Oh, this makes me want to go home and hug my dog so bad!
  • Garrett
    Is Homer an introvert or does he have depression?
  • Julia Crainshaw
    The contentment and loyalty of an old family dog are the central focus of this beautiful book.
  • Mary Hamer
    Added to my dog picture book collection list!
  • Kayla Fallis
    This story by Elisha Cooper is a great nominee for the 2013 Caldecott Medal. This story is about a dog named Homer that lays on the porch all day while his family and dog friends go out and play and go to the beach. Homer does not want to participate in any of the activities and when asked if he wants or needs anything he says "No, I have everything I need." At the very end of the story he says "I have you." Through the illustrations we know that...
  • Arminzerella
    Homer is an older, laid-back family dog (he looks to be a golden retriever or yellow lab). He spends a day on the porch while the other members of his family (other dogs and people, too) come and go about their business. Everyone checks in with him – inviting him along on their adventures and activities – but Homer is happy where he is. As the day draws to a close, the family returns – taking a few minutes to share something with Homer. And...
  • Tasha
    Homer is out on the porch when the day starts. Everyone seems to have something that they want to do that day. The other dogs want to run around and play chase. Homer doesn’t want to. He doesn’t want to play in the field either, or walk to the beach, or swim, or go to the market. He stays on the porch. One-by-one the others return from their day and everyone tells Homer about it. The dogs are tired from running. He gets to smell the flowers f...
  • Asho
    This is a beautiful picture book about an old dog named Homer who lounges on the front porch of his beach house as his family goes about their daily routine. The illustrations are lovely and support the text perfectly. I especially like the picture that shows everybody simultaneously engaging in the activities they told Homer they were heading out to do. I got choked up when reading this thinking about our beloved old hound dogs who, like Homer, ...
  • S Farneth
    Homer is the kind of picture book that makes you go aaawww at the end. It just makes you feel better. For anyone who has ever had a dog you will recognize your faithful companion. Homer doesn't ask for much. He just lies on the porch and watches all of the activity around him. Members of the family each ask him, Explore the field? Walk to the beach? Swim in the waves? Run to the market? And the answer is always the same, No, I’m fine right here...
  • Hilary
    Homer is an old dog. He likes to lie quietly and watch the activiites of others. The reader gets the feeling that as a younger dog, Homer took part in all the activities he is now content to a spectator of. Family members respect his wishes, but acknowledge him, as well. They include him -- asking Homer if wants to come along, showing him their treasures when they return. At the end of the day, Homer s-tr-e-tch-es and ambles inside to take up res...
  • Barbara
    While life goes on busily around him, elderly Homer is content to lie on his porch and wait for his human companions to return. Even though they invite him to come along, he chooses not to do so. After all, he's living a dog's life and is doing just what he wants to do. Just about every reader will be touched at the pleasure with which he slips into a well-worn, comfortable chair where he can be close to those he loves. After all, he truly does h...
  • Landon Rotolo-Utz
    Homer written by Elisha Cooper tells the story of an old dog who wants not. Homer spends his days enjoying the porch and appreciating the comforts of home. It's a sweet story that portrays the theme of being thankful. Students in the classroom would love the beautiful illustrations that are framed with dark outlining with medium sized text underneath. This would be a good book for independent reading with students in first or second grade. For ki...
  • Vernon Area Public Library KIDS
    Enter the world of Homer, a mature yellow lab: serene and calm as he relaxes at his family’s beach house on a warm summer’s day. Homer’s friends ask him to play, but he is most comfortable lounging on the porch and on his favorite indoor chair. Author Elisha Cooper uses beautiful watercolor and pencil illustrations to capture the day as it passes into evening. A good read for families wanting to quiet the pace of modern life and a reflectio...
  • Hailey
    This book is about a dog named Homer that gets asked by every member of his family to do something different like go to the beach or play or go to the market. Homer says no to all of it. His family slowly comes home and tells him how great all of their adventures were and Homer is glad. Homer is just glad because he has his family.This book was good but it was for a very very low reading level. I did like the idea behind the book though. I could ...
  • Mark Holtzen
    I've always loved works of art that express a mood or a feeling--one that seeps in quietly and lingers in your mind even after you go into the next room. In the case of Cooper's "Homer" it's all about contentment. That feeling of lying on the couch or in a hammock or wherever and with whomever that's just so great you don't feel like moving--ever. (that contentment is so fleeting is likely why it's so delicious)Homer exemplifies contentment. And ...