Lectures on the History of Moral Philosophy by John Rawls

Lectures on the History of Moral Philosophy

The premier political philosopher of his day, John Rawls, in three decades of teaching at Harvard, has had a profound influence on the way philosophical ethics is approached and understood today. This book brings together the lectures that inspired a generation of students--and a regeneration of moral philosophy. It invites readers to learn from the most noted exemplars of modern moral philosophy with the inspired guidance of one of contemporary ...

Details Lectures on the History of Moral Philosophy

TitleLectures on the History of Moral Philosophy
Release DateNov 15th, 2000
PublisherHarvard University Press
GenrePhilosophy, Politics, History, Nonfiction

Reviews Lectures on the History of Moral Philosophy

  • Kramer Thompson
    I quite liked the section in here on Hume, and the Hegel section was also fairly enjoyable. However, I found the sections on Leibniz quite confusing, and many of the Kant sections tedious. That said, this may just have been due to the fact that the sections were about Leibniz and Kant (making Kant enjoyable would have been quite impressive). Still, I found much of this book quite difficult to remain engaged with. I suspect Rawls's writing style, ...
  • Arbitrista
    It's an amazing thing to read an interpretation of the great thinkers of moral philosophy from a great moral philosopher. I suppose that in some sense every work of ethics is a commentary on past works, but Rawls's approach is deeply respectful of his interlocutors. He isn't trying to score points off of them here - he is trying to teach his students to appreciate the strengths of given ways of thought in their own terms. We should all be so luck...
  • Diah Ernawati
    Good book
  • Micah
    ten lectures on Kant, but only two on the greatest philosopher to ever live: Wilhelm Gottfried Leibneiz
  • Jonny Berglind
    Brilliant account of the history of moral philosophy.