You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

You Can Heal Your Life

Louise’s key message in this powerful work is: “If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.” Louise explains how limiting beliefs and ideas are often the cause of illness, and how you can change your thinking…and improve the quality of your life.

Details You Can Heal Your Life

TitleYou Can Heal Your Life
Release DateJan 1st, 1984
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Spirituality, Health, Psychology

Reviews You Can Heal Your Life

  • Carly
    This book is actually dangerous. I can't remember ever having said that about a text?I read thirty pages of it, before having to shut it and run far away.Every single copy of it should come with a huge trigger warning for ableism, fatphobia, and victim blaming of every variety. Louise Hay claims two things that are odious:1. All illnesses - including cancer - are caused by negative thinking, and not loving yourself enough. Thus, all illness can b...
  • LA
    This is actually the second time I have read this book. I remember reading it as an undergrad years ago in the early 1990s. I remember then that there was some interesting information in the book, but there were things that just didn't make sense to me then and now, looking at it again 20 years later, it still doesn't. First, this book is an entertaining read and has some good suggestions about how to overcome trauma and the importance of forgive...
  • Alithegreat
    I got this for my mother after a personal tragedy destroyed our family. She was having trouble eating, sleeping, smiling, being awake, being alive... When she had finished, I read it myself and found incredible tools there for taking responsibility for myself, while letting go of my irritation, anger, whatever, toward those whom I perceive as shirking responsibility. This book has given me tools to get things DONE, to control my own thoughts and ...
  • Fatima
    شفای زندگی از آن دسته کتاب هایی به شمار میاید که درست مثل آدمی شجاع و صریح هست که بدون هیچ ترسی و مراعات حالی ، با نهایت شجاعت، واقعیت پشت پرده مشکلات انسانی و درد و مرض های جسمی و روحی را به روی انسان میاورد و شدیدا تکانمان میدهد و ممکن هست خیلی ها مثل...
  • Kyra
    I once held a great respect for Louise Hay, but in her recent publishing years, she has proven herself to be as much of a fraud as the authors she promotes, including the charlatan Sylvia Browne, former Amway star Jerry Hicks (with his wife Esther who speaks for "nonphysical"), plagiarist Neale Donald Walsch, and phony PhDs Doreen Virtue and Caroline Myss. This book, though including some practical advice that she has pulled from Aaron Beck's wor...
  • Mitch
    Louise Hay told a generation of dying gay men that it was their fault they were dying because they didn't love themselves enough. Her basic premise is that if you just love yourself enough, you'll never get sick. A stupid premise, to be sure. The hiv+ community of the mid-80s, looking for any hope to hang onto, desperately embraced this book and its author, and she returned their devotion with the disrespect any common carnival con artist shows t...
  • Therese
    This is a tough book for me to admit to. Because its self-help. And its got goofy-sounding psuedo-science around the edges...and its hippy flakey commie witchy woman so on so forth... everything that is the opposite of how I indentify myself.But damn. The core of it is one revolutionary idea that I can't disassemble, with any amount of cynicism or logic. And that is: I'm choosing my life. All sadness, failure, struggle in my life...I'm creating i...
  • Kory
    Dear Oprah, I typically appreciate your literary leadership. "The Secret" and I have had some good times together. I even enjoyed A Million Little Pieces despite the lies. However, you have dropped the ball on this one. This chick is crazy! She has some good ideas, sort of, but wow this one was hokey hokey hokey. I forced myself to read it, and I wish I hadn't. Feel free to make it up to me by sending me a new car.
  • Pam
    I have read many "self help" books...this one is metaphysical
  • Allison
    I couldn't finish this one due to high levels of disagreement & seeing flames ;]While I agree that our physical states are tied to our emotional ones, I don't think breast cancer or HIV affects people who just didn't love themselves enough. Her approach tries to be inspiration but just ends up blaming the victim.No thanks.
  • Rishelle Vinson
    I heart this book! I read it when I was fifteen and it changed the way I structured my thinking. Louise L. Hay sent about a dozen copies to my mom and she handed them out to a bunch of my friends. I have bought copies for so many people over the years because she offers such a great way to think about life. It puts the reader in the realization that we have a life we can learn to love and we can use the tools in her book to change it. It’s pret...
  • Pooja Parikh
    If v're willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed...
  • Dawn
    I've read this book before and I know I will read it again. I refer to the 'Heal Your Body' section often if I am sick or I have an ache or pain, to learn the positive affirmation to say to 'release' the physical ailment. I saw the author, Louise Hay, on Oprah maybe 8 years ago and was instantly compelled by her sincerity, knowledge and compassion to buy this book. I have since given this book as a gift to many. Many of you may scratch your head ...
  • David
    I listened to this book as an audiobook of CDs. I only made it through the first disc before deciding it was not for me. At first it seemed to make some sense, that we poison ourselves with toxic thoughts, but then the author (who was also the narrator, I believe) started going off with platitudes, too many of which I took issue with. For example, she implied that studying history was irrelevant and that we should instead teach our children about...
  • Beverly Diehl
    I held back on reading this for a while, and, while reading, have (so far) held back on doing some of the exercises it suggests. Still trying to figure out WHY, but I have some inklings.I think, if you read this book and do the suggested affirmations and exercises when YOU are in the right emotional place to do them, this book could potentially be life-changing. There's so much good here, so much about rejecting negativity and embracing one's one...
  • ♥ Ibrahim ♥
    As usual I was hesitant to read this book as it is not "Christian" but the more I read in it the more I like it and the more I gleaned from it in practical ways in order to overcome resentment and practice forgiveness and thus receive healing. Christian preacher keep telling us we need to forgive and so on and we end up feeling even more guilty. Louise is fantastic: she doesn't yell and she has given me some ideas, practical ideas to apply. What ...
  • Leo Robertson
    I think all you need to know for this review is that Louise Hay thinks that all diseases are created by negative thinking. I think this is not entirely untrue with some important amendments that I will allude to. If you’re considering reading this book, I would, because I think there are benefits to it, but I would of course exercise critical thinking just as I would advise with any book. I mean, you’re not an idiot!One interesting maxim I di...
  • Loretta
    Meh. It just goes too far. I believe that our health can be affected by our mental states, sure; I even believe that some physical ailments are, quite possibly, almost entirely connected to our minds and emotions. But I simply cannot accept that every single thing that happens to me is something I have brought on by my own mental attitude. Sometimes bad things just happen.
  • Khenpo Gurudas
    This book is one of those timeless classics that takes the fundamental precepts of New Thought, and makes them accessible, relevant and particularly practical for someone who might be facing emotional or physical challenges. Having been introduced to Louise Hay's work with this book, just hours before meeting her, I found it to be an invaluable tool for cutting through what I would have considered too much "religion" and "Jesus-talk" in the writi...
  • Maryam Shahriari
    واسه من كه خيلي مفيد بود... در جهانم همه چيز نيكوست...
  • Sphinx Feathers
    I was told that I should read this book because it would be helpful to me. The book is very, very focused on the New Age idea of the Law of Attraction, if you put out good then good will come back to you, and to an extent I do agree with that idea, and that is a good lesson from this book. However, that being said, it is the sole good lesson that I was able to see in this book. Hay takes everything and spins it as a result of negativity in one's ...
  • Jamie Saloff
    What I like about You Can Heal Your Life is that the reader can look up a specific illness to find out typically related emotional issues. This gives them a starting point in healing their life. For me, however, these connections were too vague and the affirmations didn't work for me. I was a novice at the time, and had trouble understanding the full impact. It was because of my lack of understanding, though, that I went in search of a simpler, m...
  • Lynn Wilson
    This is a classic, and can be very useful as long as one doesn't get too literal about these things. I find that sometimes people in the "new age" community use this kind of information to judge and define rather than to support themselves or others with possible interpretations.
  • Liza
    This book takes the reader through counseling sessions with the author. While it has some very good things I found beneficial, it also has crazy parts. I did enjoy the illistrations throughout.First, the good parts. The book is very positive and helped me be more positive towards myself. It's OK that I made mistakes in the past, but I don't need to feel guilty because I did the best I could. Everyone else did the best they could as well, so I sho...
  • MsheArt2
    Approached with an open mind & free spirit this book if utilized can help you heal your life. This isn't a book you read through once, it's a hand & reference tool you go back to again and again, I love this book, it's my personal and positive companion. You Can Heal your Life was recommended to me in 1985 by a motivational speaker whom I met at my place of employment.She at the age of 32 after her husband in an unforeseen whirlwind abandon both ...
  • ArEzO.... Es
    همه امراض از عدم بخشایش ناشی می شوند.هرگاه که بیماریم , باید در دل خود جستجو کنیم و ببینیم که چه کسی را باید ببخشاییم . کتاب ((تعلیم معجزات )) می گوید: (( همه امراض از عدم بخشایش ناشی می شوند. و هرگاه که بیماریم باید به پیرامون خویش بنگریم و ببینیم که چه کس...
  • Frenchie
    This was the first book I read, all those years ago, when I embarked on a journey of self discovery and running away from a (very) dysfunctional family (yes, we have them in France too **smiles**). It is a nice book, as a starter book. But, if you think of it, it is really common sense, but things you need to be reminded, from time to time, to feel better, like ''you are worthy''. I have never done the exercises in You Can Heal Your Life. I would...
  • Sonya
    شايد خواندن دقيق اين كتاب و تامل در آن تحولي در زندگي هر يك از ما باشد.تو اقتدار دنياي خود هستيايجاد دگرگوني ها ساده است، اگر ايمان داشته باشيم.كتاب شفاي زندگي نوشته ي لوييز هي، كتابي ساده و در عين حال حاوي نكات تامل برانگيز در مورد نيروي انسان براي خ...
  • Zohreh Samiei
    شفاي روح و تن در پي شفاي ذهن مي آيد، با خواندن اين سبك كتابها مدام با خود تكرار مي كنم كه به راستي هرچه بخواهم را بدست مي آورم و همه چيز ممكن الوجود است و شدني ست؛ انسان، اشرف مخلوقات است و تمام كائنات در اختيارش هيتند در جهت رشد و اعتلاي روح و جسمش
  • Zohreh Avatefi hafez
    هر بار كه مي خوانم حالم بهتر از قبل است