Perfect (Second Opportunities, #2) by Judith McNaught

Perfect (Second Opportunities, #2)

A rootless foster child, Julie Mathison had blossomed under the love showered upon her by her adoptive family. Now a lovely and vivacious young woman, she was a respected teacher in her small Texas town, and she passionately lived her ideals. Julie was determined to give back all the kindness she'd received; nothing and no one would ever shatter the perfect life she had fashioned. Zachary Benedict was an actor/director whose Academy Award-winnin...

Details Perfect (Second Opportunities, #2)

TitlePerfect (Second Opportunities, #2)
Release DateDec 1st, 2002
PublisherPocket Books
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary, Fiction, Historical Romance

Reviews Perfect (Second Opportunities, #2)

  • Blacky *Romance Addict*
    DNF after 200 pages.You know, I usually have a lot of patience when it comes to books.I don't mind if they first do it at 70%.They don't even have to do it at all.I don't mind if the story progresses slowly.It doesn't have to progress at all.AS LONG AS I GET MY HEROES IN THE SAME SCENES TOGETHER!!!!!Separations in the book I just don't like, ever!In this one, the hero and the heroine didn't even meet until page 150!I mean, THAT much detail about ...
  • ~Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$~
    3.5 StarsOnce again I’m impressed with the author’s ability to tell a story and create such a well-developed storyline. And once again I didn’t get the maximum satisfaction from it. After reading Paradise and all of the reviews here I was sure I was about to read a story of epic proportions:A prison escape?A tortured, cold, brooding hero?A smart and strong heroine?The enemies-to-lovers trope?"I'm falling for my captor" theme?A slow burn rom...
  • Mo
    My re-read was just as PERFECT the second time around. “She wept with shame for her lack of will and with fear for a love she couldn't control.” I loved this one. It’s an oldie but stands the test of time. Rugged, charming, alpha hero.Sweet, hometown, innocent heroine. What’s not to like? Long ago and far away I dreamed a dream one dayAnd now that dream is here beside meLong the skies were overcastBut now the clouds have passedYou're here...
  • Miss Kim
    Well what can I say? The title says most of it. I found this book Perfect!! I loved it, and couldn’t put it down for the first 450 pages. Then I had to work and was so ticked that I couldn’t get right back to it. It was written in the early nineties, and does have a little bit of a dated feel, but that didn’t bother me at all.In the late 70’s, Zack was brought up in an extremely wealthy, yet cold family environment. At 18 he is heartlessl...
  • Sophie ♥
    Rate: Infinity and beyond ∞There is no review I could ever write that will do this book justice. I can't even say this book is perfect, not because it's cheesy, but because this book will never be just one word. Reading this book isn't just reading some words on some pages and enjoying the story. No, these seven hundred and four pages are like nothing I've ever read before. I can't even say that any of the other Judith McNaught books I've read ...
  • WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker
    For quotes/comments as I read and others commentary: Buddy Read Perfect700pgs. 700 PAGES The first 30% was good, with amazing development and laying foundation down for our characters. In newer published books, that first 30% would have been edited down to around 10%. I miss layers like that. Having said that, oh my god, could a lot have been edited out. I think. Secondary characters that seemed to add depth to the story, characters, and setting,...
  • Jan
    This book was such a great surprise! I’ve started 5 books and was getting quite desperate to find my mojo back when this book was recommended to me.It is kind of an all-in-one, packed with action, mystery, comedy and romance. However, what touched me the most was the suffocating feeling of helplessness due to the injustice committed against Zach. Balance, harmony and justice rule my sign: Libra (♎). I despise injustice.So, let me start gettin...
  • Karla
    5 Stars! Very enjoyable book with an epic quality! Perfect is a rather lengthy read at 674 pages, but I was never bored and the story was just riveting! The author draws you in with the compelling history about the main character's childhoods and the circumstances that bring them together. This takes up a good chunk of the book, but has you understanding Zach’s hard exterior and why Julie is so eager to please. It was an interesting and necessa...
  • Gavin
    I'm not a giant fan of contemporary romance, but I've always had a soft spot for Judith McNaught's books. Mainly because she was the first romance author I ever read! I'm not entirely sure why, but I always find her stories engaging and enjoyable. This one proved no different. This was not my first read of Perfect. It is however the first time I've read it in many years. This time around I did spot a few more flaws. Some of the authors views are ...
  • Sam (AMNReader)
    *Screams**Rips book apart*Throws it to the ground**Jumps on book until pulverized**Gets out lawnmower**Mows over it multiple times*No just no.I’ll start with the positive. This book made me and my reading buddies Whiskey review here & Obsidian review here wonder: Is consent consent if you are a hostage? I’m of the mind that no it’s probably not. The other positive, it was good, infuriating fun to read with those two. And, really that’...
  • Obsidian
    So here's the thing. I love, love, love romance books. I love the HEA, I love the hot sex scenes, I love a guy that is totally into the heroine and the heroine being kick ass. But as we have all said here time and time again, older romance novels are problematic. There are a lot of tropes that just don't get done anymore unless that's a genre that you are trying to market to these days. These book had a whole mess of issues that made me cringe. T...
  • boogenhagen
    Loved Zach. Hated Julie the betraying, preachy cow and was massively disappointed that she did not die by a toilet seat to the head. She was utterly useless and I hated her with a passion. But the writing was good and the story fun. Except for Julie.
  • Mei
    The title says it all: PERFECT!!!I loved everything in this book: Julie, Zach, the story, the simplicity of the words used to tell it, the way it was written, the witty dialogue, the secondary characters, tehir stories, the immense love Julie and Zach had for each other... ALL OF IT!!!The way Ms. McNaught writes is simply WOW!!! It just touches something in me and I simply melt!Every part of this book is so interesting that I don't know where to ...
  • Esther
    This was fantastic and wonderful and, poignant, moving, touching, affecting, powerful, stirring, emotive, heart-rending, heartwarming, impassioned, etc....I think you get the picture.I love this book and it deserves a ten star rating that's what this book deserves!!!I'll never get tired of reading Zack and Julie's story. Absolute Perfection!!!
  • Barbara
    It's "Prison Break" meets "Pretty Women" (minus one fabulous hooker) meets "Cinderella"...THE BEST book I've read since "When He Was Wicked" (by Julia Quinn). And I just loved how McNaught wove a piece of "Paradise" in with it. It was nice to catch up with Matt and Meredith (and their little girl)! So ladies this is a MUST read...I've never steered you wrong before, and I'm not gonna start now!
  • Mou
    Five perfect Stars.It was a very good read. Julie was a small town sweetheart. Zack was a charmer, a black sheep, and a social outcast. Julie - a School Teacher and Zack - a film Actor and Director Two very different people came together and create a beautiful story. The chemistry between Julie and Zack was just Amazing.I liked every turn of the story. Some people will say that the author was dragging the story or there was no need to explain Jul...
  • [Aengell]
    4.5 stars Reread First of all: this is a CR set in 1993, so there wasn't any trace of Computers, Cell Phones or Internet in the story. It felt really natural to read it without those influences, and the same story set in 2015 wouldn't have worked the same way, with the same suspense level and the same sense of adventure. After enjoying it immensely the first time reading it (with my favourite BR ladies), I got the sudden urge to do so again, just...
  • TJ
    No one writes relationships better than McNaught! She is one of - if not the- best in the genre. With each new book, she takes situations, responses and the emotions behind them and makes them absolutely real and intrinsic to the reader. Her gift is in understanding exactly how a person would respond to a given circumstance, then drawing out the perfect emotion one would feel in that situation. Amazing!"Perfect", however unrealistic the plot line...
  • Kim
    I have read 3 of McNaught's books and I think it is time for me to move on to a new author.Don't get me wrong - I liked Paradise, but I think Perfect and Kingdom of Dreams were just so flat. And full of empty drama.I vowed to stop reading anything McNaught after reading Kingdom of Dreams because I had a problem with the plot/character development: in my opinion, I think the hero was really unjustly mistreated by said author and the heroine bimbo ...
  • Piper
    Five PERFECT stars!!! "What book are you reading?" "It's my book—an early copy, fresh off the press."He smiled and said it aloud: "You named it Perfect."
  • Eni
    The title says it.Loved it.
  • Jo
    Long ago and far away,I dreamed a dream one day—And now that dream is here before me.Long the skies were overcast,but now the clouds are passed—You're here at last.Chills run up and down my spine.Aladdin's lamp is mine.The dream I dreamed was not denied me.Just one look and then I knew—That all I longed for long ago was you. What an absolutely brilliant book!!!!! It was a masterpiece of captivating plot and sizzling romance. I loved that ...
  • Shana
    So this was my first Judith McNaught novel and I loved every page of was like indulging my sweet tooth with the very best chocolate souffle I've ever eaten - LOL. The storyline is completely unreal and over the top and it's certainly not the best book I've ever read, but I willingly admit it tops my list of self indulgent romance/drama/mystery novels. Judith is a pro at character development; she writes in such a way that you find yourse...
  • ♥ℳelody
    Now THIS is how you write a convict on the run falling for his kidnapped hostage. Authors take notes! :PI don't even know where to start with this. A roller coaster of emotions. My gaaaawd. I love how I can rip a book apart to shreds when I'm not happy with it and can't seem to shut up but when it's a 5 star book I'm tongue tied and can never do the book justice. I'll give it a try....My very first Judith McNaught book. It was love at first sitti...
  • Cindi
    Definitely my all-time favorite book and I have literally read hundreds. I was pushed into reading it many years ago by my sister. I didn't want to read another "cheesy love story". But once I started reading I could not put it down. Zachary is the perfect leading man. Julie's innocence, and the way it is explained in the book, makes her the perfect leading lady. There are a few scenes in the book that come across as being silly, but the rest of ...
  • Mandy
    I loved this book! Suspense, intrigue, romance and a little humor - this book was PERFECT! I loved the heroine in this story. From the moment you meet her in this book, you can't help but fall totally in love with her. The romance in this book was unique given the circumstances but it was fantastic. This is the first book I've ever read by this author but I can't wait to read more.
  • Thenia
    The story of Julie and Zack, two very different people whose lives are on nearly opposite trajectories before they collide.Julie spent the first decade of her life in foster care before getting adopted by a loving family and she vows to be "perfect" and so that she never disappoints them.Zack on the other hand grew up in privilege but neglected, until he is kicked out of his house and family when he is 18. He makes his own way and becomes a succe...
  • Anna D.
    4.5 starsThe more romance books I read, the harder I am to please…which I don’t think is such a bad thing for authors to have readers with high standards. This book was very engaging and I enjoyed it very much, and however much I liked it, I didn’t quite love it enough to give it 5 solid stars. Believe me when I say that I am conflicted and disappointed not being able to give it 5 stars because it has such strong characters and a suspensefu...