Two Rings by Millie Werber

Two Rings

Judged only as a World War Two survivor's chronicle, Millie Werber's story would be remarkable enough. Born in central Poland in the town of Radom, she found herself trapped in the ghetto at the age of fourteen, a slave laborer in an armaments factory in the summer of 1942, transported to Auschwitz in the summer of 1944, before being marched to a second armaments factory. She faced death many times; indeed she was certain that she would not survi...

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TitleTwo Rings
Release DateMar 27th, 2012
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, History, World War II, Holocaust, War, Biography

Reviews Two Rings

  • Kathryn
    When reviewing Holocaust memoirs, I automatically tend to rate them highly for a number of reasons. For one, I admire the amount of courage it takes for a victim to come forward with the truth, often after decades of painful silence, and secondly, for the valuable primary source material these stories provide. And although the reader understands from the outset that the protagonists of these memoirs will survive the Holocaust, I always find them ...
  • Marla
    This is a very beautifully written story about a woman who survives World War II as a 17-year-old Jew. It spans her entire life. I'm always fascinated with experiences dealing with World War II and this is another one that tells of the horrors endured and how one survivor made it through and found love.
  • Michelle Doerr
    I have always been interested in World War II, the holocaust in particular. I think it is an important part of history that everyone should be familiar with so we are sure not to let history repeat itself. That being said, this is my favorite source of information about the holocaust yet. I even liked it better than the holocaust museum! "Two Rings: A Story of Love and War" is a memoir about Millie Weber written by both Millie and her trusted com...
  • Jillyn
    I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.Two Rings: A Story of Love and war is a vivid and haunting memoir of love and survival during the Holocaust. The story follows that of Millie Werber, as she starts off in a small ghetto before being ushered to work in a factory. It is there where she meets her first love, Heniek. Unfortunately, it is also there where her love is taken away, ripped apart as Jews are forced into concentration camps...
  • Julie
    A heartbreaking but inspiring story of a woman who, as a young girl and teenager, survived Auschwitz, and, up until now, had kept her first marriage a secret. I can't say I'm ever happy to read these Holocaust stories, but I do love to because I'm always amazed at these people, what they went through, lessons they learned, and how they accepted these experiences as part of themselves/their lives and tried to move forward afterwards. A testament t...
  • April
    Wow! What an amazing story. This is a book meant to be read in one sitting. I felt Millie was in the room with me, sharing her story and I hung onto every single word. I felt the truth and honesty coming from this woman who endured so much and survived when so many did not. I am grateful for her bravery; reliving her youth in order to bring this story to print must have been extremely difficult. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone...
  • Lisa
    This book is like hearing your grandmother tell you a story, though this one is a difficult story to hear. Told in a conversational tone, this is the story of Millie Werber as told to Eve Keller, who wrote the book. Millie had kept to herself what happened to her and her husband Heniek, a Jewish policeman in a wartime ghetto in Poland, throughout the years, not even telling it to her two grown children. What happened to her, and the thousands of ...
  • Kim Heimbuch
    This heartfelt story takes you on the personal journey of a young and innocent Jewish girl, Millie Werber, as she steps from childhood to adult overnight in the midst and turmoil of World War II. Author Eve Keller gives readers a first hand perspective of what it was like to be a Jew under the German regime. From 12 hour days of factory work to Auschwitz, Millie shares with readers her own horrors of watching her friends and families torn apart, ...
  • Sue
    I've read many Holocaust books, some incredible, some not so much. I didn't love this book. It's well written and the experiences of the author are horrifying as in every Holocaust event that has ever been recorded. What I found sad was that it seems the author seemed to remain bitter and angry and revengeful throughout her life. Obviously I have nothing in my life to compare to the devastation of loosing everything, your family members, your hom...
  • Erin
    I received this as a first read giveaway. This is the story of a Holocaust survivor. She was separated from her family at 14 and worked in a factory while her family lived in a Jewish ghetto. She married a man and he was later killed. She spent time in a concentration camp and then in another factory as part of slave labor. She describes her experiences the best she can and I appreciate it when she simply writes that she can't remember what happe...
  • Alison
    I have been interested in the history of WWII for some time, particularly by the Holocaust. I don't know where the interest began. It has nothing to do with my family. My dad was an infant & my mother not even born. As far as I know no one in my family fought it the war. I think more than anything it is the horror of the situation & that people were able to survive despite the atrocities they faced. Ones I can not even begin to imagine.This memoi...
  • Stephanie
    Two Rings is the story of an Auschwitz survivor and the loves she found amid the war and afterwards. I feel like so often these stories are presented alongside the victim's path to peace and forgiveness. Millie certainly found peace and happiness in her life after the war, but she was also still really angry about many things that happened, most particularly the love that she lost. Owning the anger she felt even so many years later made this acco...
  • Usha
    I love reading WW 2 memoirs. This book is a moving and inspiring life story of the holocaust survivor Millie Werber. Born in Poland, her growing experiences through the ghetto, being a slave laborer in an armaments factory, later promoted to work in the kitchen through the kindness of a jewish policeman, then transported to Auschwitz, and later taken through two marches both of which very harsh, she faces death many times very close. Amidst all o...
  • Suzanne
    The story that Millie Werber recounts of her days as a young girl/lady growing up and surviving during the most unimaginable horrors of the holocaust is unbelievable. Like many, I have heard stories told of things done but to "hear" it told in this way makes it even more real and tragic. With as priviledged as we are to be living in this time and in this country, I wonder if any of us would be able to survive the hardships that she endured.
  • M
    The writing is just "okay," probably bc the author is transcribing her notes from conversations. I've read 'better' Holocaust memoirs (referring to the writing). It's not a particularly compelling love story (no Bridges of Madison County here). It's a tale of survival, of luck, and of the little miracles that kept her alive during the horror of WWII. you'll read this in a day, btw.
  • Mandy
    Read this in one day - which I never do. Great book. Sad, obviously, but good.
  • Sara
    Really loved this book. Didn't want it to end. Another tale from the Holocaust but different from others I've read.
  • Carolyn Thomas
    Oh my God. (I am not being blasphemous.)How is it possible to live through such horrors and still retain ones sanity?Do not be fooled by the title of this book - the "Two Rings" are a very small portion of this "story of love and war".Millie was 15 when she first met Heniek Greenspan, one of the Jewish policemen used by the Germans to carry out their policies in the ghetto and in the factory where she lived and worked. She was 16 and he 28 when t...
  • Michele
    Incredible personal story of a young girl from Radom, Poland and the experience that she went through during World War II. Her story helped to clarify a lot of what happened during the way and gave me the experience to share personal stories with my 8th grade class, particularly about the death marches from the camps.
  • Francine
    Five stars for this memoir describing the fear, horror, love, and survival that the author, Millie Werber, experienced as a Jew in Poland, 15 years old until her early 20’s—during the Holocaust. Eve Keller, a Professor at Fordham University, met Millie through Millie’s son, Martin. In the book’s introduction, Eve beautifully describes the development of her relationship with Millie, and the challenges of drawing out stories and secrets th...
  • Nancy
    I received the book, Two Rings: A Story of Love and War as part of Goodreads First Reads. The first night I picked it up, I read for about 3 hours and had a hard time putting it down. The book is written in a simple manner as if I was sitting with Millie Werber, listening to her tell me about her life and it brought me right into the tale she telling. It's a hard subject, as it is about the life of a Polish Jewish teenage girl in WWII and what ha...
  • Joyanne
    I finished this book on my birthday at the Tunnel Beach in Holland, MI. I am glad the sun was shining as there were some truly dark parts to this book. It is a true story of one Holoaust survivors experiences before, during and after being in the Nazi work camps of World War II. As with many stories from survivors, Millie shares the horrors that she witnessed and lived through but she does it with an authenticity that touched me deeply. She tells...
  • Beth
    I feel like an absolute heel rating a Holocaust book so low ... but the best I can say about this one was "it was ok." I did learn some things: it was told from a new-to-me perspective (Polish Jews forced to labor in factories for the German war machine -- though later Millie was sent to Auschwitz, too). And I certainly appreciated the candid honesty with which Millie told her story. But I just felt so disheartened reading it. I felt so sorry for...
  • Michael Richards
    very fast read. Could read in a couple of days if had the time. Story starts in central Poland the city of Radom. One third of town was Jewish. A city of 30,000. By age 13 or 14 Millie Werber was forced to move with her family to a Ghetto. August 1942 brought deportations. Later 12 hour work days were mandatory and no bathroom breaks until after 6 hours. One shower a month. A move to the kitchen was better for Millie but still peeled 1 thousand p...
  • Susan Foster
    Not a bad story. It was a little confusing because it skipped around chronologically. I was listening to in my car in snippets. That probably didn't help.And, I'm sorry--this might sound bad, but I was disappointed that Millie chose to step away from her faith. I know, I know--I've never been a prisoner of war nor subjected to the cruelty and torture of the Holocaust victims. But, I've read Corrie ten Boom's "The Hiding Place." In her book, ten B...
  • Leanne Davis
    Excellent. This story is brutal in what happens to Millie during WWII. She is put into a ghetto at the age of 14 and goes on to be a slave laborer and ends up in Auschwitz for six months. She survives it all and finds two different loves, one in midst of being a slave laborer. It is horrifying and heartbreaking what she and her first love/husband suffer. She never really knows what happens to him but he most certainly died at the hands of the Ger...
  • Trustno1k
    What a GREAT book! I won this book as a First Reads; in fact, this was the first book I have won on goodreads and I was far from being disappointed! If I had to use only one word to describe this book, I would use the word "honesty". What an amazing women and what an amazing life and story. It's a memoir about a young girl named Millie while growing up during WWII. It's about her stuggle with great loss, the unbelievable bond of love and survivin...
  • Holly
    This is an interesting memoir of Millie Weber's experiences during WWII. As a young Jewish girl Millie has whatever childhood left ripped from her as she is trapped in a ghetto built around her home, forced into slave labor, then somehow managed to survive Auschwitz only to provide slave labor again. It's also the story of her survival, endurance and triumph over these events which could have killed her at any moment. It's the story of the indivi...
  • Jennifer
    Millie Werber spent her teenaged years surviving slave labor camps and Auschwitz. She endured its brutality and witnessed more, but in the midst of it all, she fell in love. Her memoir is all the more poignant because she kept her first love and marriage a secret for most of her life, fearing that her own children would not understand how a fifteen year old girl could experience love while surrounded by such horror.In sharing her story, Mrs. Werb...