A Walk In The Park by Jill Mansell

A Walk In The Park

It's been a while, but Lara Carson's back in Bath and lives are set to change as a result. Because Lara left her family and boyfriend Flynn eighteen years ago without a word to anyone. Why has no one heard from her since? Her childhood best friend Evie is thrilled Lara's back and able to share her happiness. Evie's about to walk down the aisle with her dream man, Joel. Or so she thinks... Then there's Flynn Erskine, even more attractive now and s...

Details A Walk In The Park

TitleA Walk In The Park
Release DateFeb 16th, 2012
PublisherHeadline Review
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews A Walk In The Park

  • Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا
    This story has the feeling of a modern Cinderella story. Lara Carson had her prince, she lost her mother, her father remarried to this awful witch of a stepmother, she went and lived with her aunt (fairy godmother?) after being kicked out of the house and finding out she was pregnant.Eighteen years later she returns to her hometown, her house, her old life and re-meets the love of her life. Things unfold pretty fast from that point.The book is go...
  • M.B.
    A few years ago (not saying exactly how many, I don't want to admit I'm old) I read pretty much every book Jill Mansell released. When I say read, I devoured them in matter of hours then re read them a few weeks later because I was jealous of the journey these women went on to find the loves of their lives. Why could that never happen to me?Then I stopped reading Chick Lit because there were too many books that started to read the same. I underst...
  • Bookworm
    A Walk in the Park started off with a bang. I whizzed right through the first hundred pages or so, but then the story began to get bogged down with too many different storylines and too many different characters. I don't know, maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for this one.The book did pick up again towards the end, but I felt like overall, at 448 pages, it was just too lengthy. I think Jill Mansell has a knack for writing fun and quirky char...
  • Susan Buchanan
    Another hit from Jill. Loved Flynn, the love interest. Also the gangsta rapper with a secret, the effeminate jewellery store owner, Aunt Nettie and even the 'toad' Janice. Lots of lovely characters, some of whom were a tad stereotypical, but loved them nonetheless. A few surprises along the way shocked me . Plenty to hold your interest. Plus the family dynamic, as well as the relationships between love rat Joel and his long suffering girlfriend a...
  • SOS Aloha
    If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one. - Dolly Parton Jill Mansell’s new title, A WALK IN THE PARK, was just that – a walk in the park. It was engaging, enlightening, and surprising. It kept my attention with its warmth, spunk, and humor. Mansell even offered a secondary character ala Dolly Parton, as if she had been transplanted from Dollywood to the Lake District!A WALK IN THE PARK kicks off with a homecoming ...
  • Sophie Narey (Bookreview- aholic)
    Published 5th July 2012Author: Jill MansellI love reading Jill Mansell's books she is one of my favourite chick lit writers. This book did not disappoint, I read it in two days as I couldn't put it down. Hurray for a few days off work to indulge. I enjoy Jill Mansell's style of writing its relaxing and entertaining at the same time. A gentle read but by no means boring. I loved the characters Lara and daughter Gigi and could empathise with her re...
  • Pamela
    2.5 stars. Not my favorite JM book, I struggled to connect with the characters. The last couple of chapters saved it from being a two star book for me.
  • Wendy Hines
    I think I've read almost every book Jill Mansell has wrote. She's an auto-read. The only problem I have with her books is that they are like potato chips. Once I start, I can't stop. So I waited until I had a nice long evening where I would be uninterrupted to delve into A Walk in the Park. Whew!What a fabulous read! When Lara's mother died, her father took up with another woman and married her. Janice never liked Lara and wanted her gone and use...
  • Beau Maton
    Een erg leuk boek. Leest lekker makkelijk weg!
  • Gorana Gogach
    Uvijek sam se veselila knjigama koje je napisala Jill Mansell. Njene knjige su mi bile zanimljivo, zabavno i lagano štivo. Međutim, ova me razočarala. Likovi mi nisu bili zanimljivi a priča je previše predvidljiva..
  • Vanessa Loockx
    3.5 * Had blijkbaar boek al eens gelezen ....
  • Carolyn Hill
    I had seen Jill Mansell's books recommended as British chick lit, so, being in the mood for fun and light fare with a British accent, I thought I'd try one. Unfortunately, this book fell flat. Very fluffy romance, totally predictable, silly plot (the U.S. rapper bit was not only extraneous but totally unbelievable), and didn't even make good use of its wonderful setting in Bath (hardly any description at all). As I'm a serious Anglophile, I want ...
  • Nan
    This may wind up being a five star book for me. I'll have to give it time to mull over before I'm willing to add that extra star, though.There's a certain ineffable sweetness about Jill Mansell's books. I've been trying to explain it to my friends for the past few days. In her books, characters are rarely mean. There may be a tosser or two, as you'd see in real life, but most of the characters are simply good people trying to be better and make g...
  • Joy
    I loved this book!
  • Biljana Becirovic
    I baš si mislim, kak je stil pisanja super, čitak, tečan, užitak za čitanje. Radnja je ok, ajde možda mjestimično neuvjerljiva, al sve u svemu, skroz ok. A onda ugledam na zadnjoj strani- ljubavni roman...!!! Došlo mi smiješno, inače uopće ne preferiram "ljubavne romane", a ova mi bila baš dobra 😂🙃 eto, i tako ispade da ipak volim i ljubiće 🤭
  • Sabrina Davis
    I picked this book up on my library's NEW 2018 shelf and thought I can't go wrong with a Jill Mansell book.. and I was so right.I read this in 2 sittings, she writes complex stories with wonderful deep characters and background stories but it still is an easy light read, that warms your heart.Thoroughly enjoyed this book as much as I have her others before.Great romance author.
  • tara
    Enjoyable chick lit read, 1 or 2 too many characters though!
  • Bruna Vraničić Vujević
    Meni odlična! Baš sam uživala od početka do kraja. Savršeno štivo za duga, lijena, jesenska popodneva!
  • Jessica (Jess Hearts Books)
    After only discovering Jill Mansell last year with the wonderful To the Moon and Back I’m definitely a newbie fan of her books but she’s already fast becoming one of my favourite chick-lit writers. A Walk in the Park is Jill’s twenty third novel a huge landmark and testament to how beloved Jill Mansell is as an author. She truly is a chick-lit legend and after reading three of her books (To the Moon and Back, An Offer You Can’t Refuse, an...
  • Best Crime Books & More
    Another year has passed since I read one of Jill's books and I was so looking forward to her new one. I got mine in the post and realised that it was in usual Mansell style a reasonable sized book with over 400 pages and a gorgeous cover inviting me to start reading! Within the first four chapters I realised that my plans for the evening were finished. There would be no cooking or cleaning done, all that would happen is that traipse back and fort...
  • Luanne Ollivier
    It seems like there has been nothing but rain, rain and more rain lately. So, I decided that yet another rainy day was the right time to pick something light and fun to read. Jill Mansell's latest book - A Walk in the Park - was the perfect antidote for all that rain.Lara was just sixteen when her father kicked her out of the family home, but her stepmother had a hand in that decision. So she left Bath, England without a word to anyone - not her ...
  • Suad Shamma
    So, as all Jill Mansell novels, this was a book filled with drama, humour, and very quirky characters. The past few books I reviewed for Mansell, I had been quite disappointed and letdown by the storylines, especially all the redundancies and similarities between plots.This one though, finally, was different and Mansell came through in the end. I can now say I actually really enjoyed reading this book! Sure, it's predictable in certain areas, and...
  • Maddy Lanslots
    This was absolutely a lovely read - and a nice surprise, too, since I didn't choose this book myself; it was a gift, so I wasn't even sure if I would like it. But gosh, did I. I'm usually more of a fantasy kind of girl (although I do love romance). I like reading romantic stories set in the present time, but those don't tend to be the kind of books I enjoy most thoroughly, with some exceptions. However, I was sucked into the story within the firs...
  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    Originally posted at: http://www.longandshortreviews.blogsp...One downside to getting into really good book is reading the last sentence. The sad feeling that you’re saying goodbye to characters you’ve come to know and love. That’s what happened to me after reading A Walk In The Park. It held me captivated and longing to find the time to read more. I think a big part of its appeal for me was the wonderful characters that Ms. Mansell created...
  • Ariana
    A Walk in the Park by Jill MansellI wanted to read this book because it was recommend to me through a friend and I bought it. When I first read the blurb i thought it didn't seem very good, and I was right, but I read it anyway because I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt.An interesting character in the story is Enjay, who is a famous rapper that stops by in town. The reason he is interesting is because he starts of very cocky and a...
  • Aleida Oskam
    Ik zal er maar geen doekjes om winden. Ik heb wel eens betere boeken gelezen van Jill. Het is dat ik volgens een schema las zodat ik mijn 2015 reading challenge nog kan halen maar anders was ik nu nog in het boek bezig geweest. Het verhaal was wel leuk maar kreeg me niet zo te pakken als bij andere boeken. En ook vond ik de introductie van sommige karakters best lastig te volgen. Later in het verhaal was het gelukkig wel weer te begrijpen. Uitein...
  • Karschtl
    I have almost all of Jill Mansell books and have read some of them so far as well. When I saw her newest book on the hotel bookshelf while on holiday I picked it up and immediately read it. But unfortunately it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be.The characters weren't especially likable. Not that they were not likable, I just felt indifferent about them. The only (at least a bit) interesting couple for me was the best friend and the hotel guy....
  • Ginger
    First off, this is a "new to me" author. I was pleasantly surprised! There were some predictable aspects of it, as well as a few surprises thrown in. If it hadn't been for the surprises, I'd have probably given this a little lower rating. I was confused a couple of times with the British humor, but figured it out eventually. I'm willing to try other books by this author.
  • Kim
    I absolutely loved this one. Lara comes back for her estranged fathers funeral and discovers that she owns the family home. Her daughter gets to meet her own father for the first time and her best friend jilts her husband to be at the altar. That was just at the start and I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen to them all.
  • Emylie
    I can't wait to read this one!update: loved it. Not surprised. Probably one of my top five favourites by Mansell. I just love how her writing style brings you right into the mix. It took me one afternoon in the park to finish this one-pure escapism.