Joy the Baker Cookbook by Joy Wilson

Joy the Baker Cookbook

Joy the Baker Cookbook includes everything from "Man Bait" Apple Crisp to Single Lady Pancakes to Peanut Butter Birthday Cake. Joy's philosophy is that everyone loves dessert; most people are just looking for an excuse to eat cake for breakfast."When I first heard the name 'Joy the Baker, ' I immediately felt happy and warm. I couldn't help it. And in the years I've gotten to know Joy the Person--and her beautiful, warm, comforting style of food-...

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TitleJoy the Baker Cookbook
Release DateFeb 28th, 2012
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Foodie

Reviews Joy the Baker Cookbook

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*
    I love Joy the Baker. My butt should not-because I see it growing. I love everything I've made from this cookbook but the brownies with the buttercream icing have to be one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth. Sorry the pic isn't the greatest. Couldn't be still long enough to take a good picture. Had to eat brownies. There is Ovaltine in that icing folks. Best stuff ever. Chocolate crack. I've tried several of these recipes and they ha...
  • Clare
    Confession time: I'd love to be a single gal living in LA, baking carrot cake pancakes or bacon leek quiche at 3 in the morning with an Anthropologie apron and kitten heels. Instead I'm a married mother of 4 living in Minne-SNOW-ta. Unfortunately, most of these recipes were a bust in this house, with the exception of The Best ever Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting. It truly is the best butter cream frosting I've EVER made.
  • Laura
    I don't know if I'd buy this book, but definitely check it out from your local library! The recipes are different, and mainly sweets (though a few fried items have been thrown in for good measure). The main attraction here is her love of peanut butter - there are several really amazing peanut butter related recipes that you've got to try. If you don't like the peanut butter and bacon cookies you may not be human;)If you like to bake and are looki...
  • Natalie Jo
    I've just discovered how relaxing it is to read a cookbook all the way through. It's also wonderful to read it through so you can make a prioritized baking plan. My sister and I made the Texas Sheet Cake tonight, and it was a definite five stars. Delicioso!
  • Deb
    I don't give a lot of 5 star reviews, I tend to hover in the 3-4 star range when I like a book but the Joy the Baker Cookbook gets 5 stars from me. I had the opportunity to read through it thoroughly and cook along with it each week for a month during a Cookbook Spotlight blog event. As much as I am not a baker, I love this book. It is engaging, well-written, has gorgeous photos taken by the blogger/author herself and the four recipes I made were...
  • Erin
    This is a beautiful book; Joy follows her usual blog standard with tons of awesome pictures of practically every recipe. And they're well written and easy to follow recipes at that. Can't wait to make them all.As the little diamond sub-title says, this book is fore sure a celebration of sugar and butter!
  • Jennifer
    First recipe I ever found that turned out delicious, unburned kettle corn at home :)
  • Sarah
    As much fun to read as it is tasty.
  • Brindi Michele
    While I'm not rushing out to buy this one, I did enjoy perusing it. I found quite a few recipes I'd like to try and am happy to get it through my library or her blog. And I am a big fan of the kitchen tips in the front of the book. But this would be a great cookbook to start off someone's collection.
  • Elizabeth
    I bought this book years ago, loved it and still reference it. yes, I traveled to Brooklyn NY to meet her on her first book tour, and it was totally worth it. Fun recipes, fun stories, accessible ingredients. Awesome.
  • Flossmoor Public Library (IL)
    4 stars- Ms. Jenn
  • Bethany
    Excellent book of writing advice. I love Writer’s style. Highly recommend for other.
  • Sofia
    Read this book last year, Loved it!
  • Tina
    I made several recipes from this book. So far I have made the cheddar chive biscuits, whole wheat goat cheese biscuits and Flax Seed Crackers. I loved the cheddar biscuits, the whole wheat biscuits were just OK and the crackers were a learning experience. I had always wanted to make crackers and my first attempt here wasn't a fail but it wasn't totally successful either. But that was on me as I needed to roll the dough out a bit thinner.Pros: The...
  • Joan
    I recently won this from The Inspired Dish Blog. Cathy who runs the blog had Joy send the book to me and Joy graciously autographed it to me personally. I only knew a little about Joy and her blog before winning the book so I did some investigating and found she has lots of great recipes and interesting writing on her blog, Joy the Baker.Her book is just as wonderful as her blog. I love that the book has a photo for every recipe. I have so many r...
  • Maximilian
    I love cookbooks like these. The kind that are written by self taught cooks. They seem so real. when I say that I mean that they make me feel that I can make delicious food even though I am a novice baker. Don't get me wrong, I love reading about gourmet food and gourmet ingredients for example practically every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering The Art of French Cooking, but reading a book like this makes me feel like I don't have to run out to ...
  • Debby
    The reason I give this book five stars, is because I want to devour almost every recipe. That says a lot. I downloaded the iPad version, and I am very happy with this format. Joy's photos are beautifully done. They're styled, very simply, so that they look delicious but appealing to even the beginner baker. I love the way Joy writes, with humor and raw honesty. I have to respond to someone who gave a so-so rating and commented that "it's mostly b...
  • Lee
    Things I loved about this cookbook......the humor and personality! I really enjoyed reading the introduction to each recipe, in part because it sounds a lot like how my friends and I talk about food....the mouth-watering variety of recipes. Yes, it has the word "baker" in the title, but there are all different kinds of recipes to tempt you....the full-color photos, one for every recipe. They're gorgeous....the guidelines she includes for each rec...
  • Sheila
    I don't read Joy's blog, but after reading her cookbook I'm wondering why not! Her writing is delightful and encouraging, and the recipes she shares sound scrumptious. She includes a great introduction with lots of helpful information which would be useful to novice bakers. Most of the recipes include gorgeous photographs, helping you know how the finished product is supposed to look.I wish she'd included weights, so I wouldn't have to convert fr...
  • Suzanne
    If it were possible to make love to a cookbook...And apparently others have felt the same. About every ten pages or so, I will find crumbs or flour dust between the pages. On the one hand, I understand. These recipes demand an immediate baking. On the other hand, come on, people! Library books are communal books!All the more reason to buy my very own copy.Everything I have tried so far is glorious, but I especially recommend the vegan pumpkin wal...
  • Rachel
    I'm pretty sure I've been on her blog before, to check out a recipe or two, but never really looked at it. This cookbook was awesome, full of not only amazing recipes like Chocolate Malted Buttercream Frosting and Oatmeal Raspberry Ginger Scones, but also it had a really personal funny family touch as well. I enjoy it when bloggers/cookbook writers tell you about family history and anecdotes and not just make it all about the food. It gives their...
  • Amy
    "A celebration of butter and sugar." That's what the cover promised and it delivered!I follow Joy's blog and was SO excited to get her cookbook! I wondered if the recipes were ones already posted and I was thrilled that these were all brand new. Joy's recipes are easy to follow, include big color pictures of all the recipes and really neat helpful tips. My kids were so fascinated with this book that they stole it and marked every page they wanted...
  • Edel
    I just loved this book. The Joy The Baker Cookbook is the cookery equivalent of a great big hug. If you love following Joy's blog or have a fondness for baking and putting your soul into your food then this is the book for you. Reading this book is like spending time with an old friend that you feel comfortable around while perhaps in p'js baking cookies and enjoying cocktails.Joy's book is pure joy !! :0)Some great photos in here too that will m...
  • Jennifer
    This is a fantastic baking book full of mouth-watering recipes, brilliant pictures that tempt even me to make lemon curd (is it even good?), and easy-to-understand instructions from creating everything from cinnamon rolls to Man-bait Apple Crisp (yes, it's really called that. Hilarious). Joy fills her descriptions with humor and personal stories that make the book even more delightful. I can't wait to whip up something out of this book. I would r...
  • Christina
    I love the recipes in this cookbook! I think the tone of the writing & photography works a bit better in blog form, but really, the tasty recipes are what makes this book worthwhile. My favorite recipes so far: chocolate bundt cake w/sour cream glaze, single lady pancakes, and the chocolate and black pepper goat cheese truffles. Even if you don't buy the book, check out the single lady pancake recipe: It's...
  • Alison
    I'm planning to write a longer-form review of this on my blog, but for now I'll just say that this cookbook is every bit as much of a delight as Joy's blog. Her recipes are well written and pretty short, every single one has a gorgeous photo she took herself, and the headnotes are great. If you like to bake this is something you will definitely want to add to your collection. It is mostly sweet dishes, but there are a couple of savory things in h...
  • Lisa Urso
    I feel like I just earned a cooking school degree. Hard to believe Joy is self-taught; her recipes are AMAZING. They're all very simple to make, but are so rich and decadent. And I love her sense of humor; there's a recipe in the book called "single lady pancakes", or pancakes for one. She also has a recipe for a single serving of lava cake.This is NOT a diet cookbook, by any means. But if you're a serious baker, get this and put it on your shelv...
  • Erin
    This is one of those rare cookbooks that you actually want to try every single recipe. There isn't a single recipe that I would turn my nose up at. I have completed several of these recipes and they are fantastic...and my taste testers agree! I have been reading her blog for a while and was a little skeptical that they would be all new original ideas that couldn't be found on her blog already, but I was proven wrong. This is a definite must buy!!
  • Vicky
    I checked this one out from the library, not having high expectations that I'd love it since I had stopped following her website a while ago. I finally read through it the night before it was due and had to stay up late reading through every single recipe because each one looked amazing. I only had time to try one thing, which was the cocoa almond granola. I'd give that recipe 3 stars (not bad but not great), but now I'm waiting to get the book a...