The Sweetness of Forgetting by Kristin Harmel

The Sweetness of Forgetting

A baker in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, must travel to Paris to uncover a family secret for her dying grandmother's and what she learns may change everything. The Sweetness of Forgetting is the book that made Kristin Harmel an international bestseller.At thirty-six, Hope McKenna-Smith is no stranger to bad news. She lost her mother to cancer, her husband left her for a twenty-two year old, and her bank account is nearly depleted. Her own dreams of be...

Details The Sweetness of Forgetting

TitleThe Sweetness of Forgetting
Release DateAug 7th, 2012
PublisherGallery Books
GenreFiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews The Sweetness of Forgetting

  • Chelsey Wolford
    Can I just start by saying that it is because of books like this one that I am a book blogger? It is books like this one by Kristin Harmel, who I now love, that bring out my ultimate passion for submerging myself in a story. I opened this book and I might as well have found a buried treasure. I found so many intricate details and stories within the story that I did not expect from my first glance. The words are so fluid and it almost makes me fee...
  • Dana Moison
    I just knew I’m going to love this book. Maybe that’s why I postponed this moment every time, looking for the perfect timing to start reading it. Months had passed, and still I couldn’t find the right timing, so I kept waiting. I wanted to let the fantasy in my mind the best conditions so that reality could meet what was in my imagination. But eventually my timing wasn’t so right – work, some writing projects, and a deadline for submitt...
  • Dale Harcombe
    Four and a half stars. People are not always what they seem to be as Hope discovers. Her grandmother Rose has Alzheimer’s but in amongst the confusion she has days of clarity. When she does, Hope finds her grandmother has had a whole other life Hope knew nothing about. Meanwhile Hope, recently divorced is struggling o keep the bakery business that has been in her family for generations going. She also struggles with the bratty, rude behaviour o...
  • Soobee72
    It's not that this is a bad book. It's not. It's written well, and if you like Nicholas Sparks, this book is for you. It's got that kind of a feel, you know? I am not a Sparks fan so while the writing propelled me through, I found it to be more predictable than enjoyable. Slight spoilers ahead.I found Hope, the main character, a little too much. Some of the plot was just really kind of unnecessary for the story. There are two love interests. It i...
  • Christina
    Initially, I was really enjoying the book but as the story developed, I found that I started skimming several sections at a time as the narrative was just long-winded and unnecessary at times. Particularly when I reached a Rose chapter, I would skim over the pages. Ultimately, this type of story would have benefitted from a dual-version narrative where Rose's and Hope's story overlapped as the end drew closer. Given my increased skimming as the b...
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd
    The Sweetness of Forgetting moved me to the core. This is probably one of the best books that I have read in well over a year. Harmel is a gifted storyteller that weaves an amazing story with treads of love, hardship, secrets, second chances, heartbreak, baked goods and history. This story will urge you to learn your family's story, to embrace your family's history. I felt like I was on the journey with Hope to help uncover the truth of the past ...
  • Aitor Castrillo
    "La vida, al final, es una receta hecha con amor".Una preciosa historia de amor narrada a dos tiempos (presente y Segunda Guerra Mundial) en la que las emociones palpitan a lo largo de sus páginas a flor de tinta.Quizá el inicio me resultó algo titubeante, pero en cuanto los sentimientos cogieron el timón no hubo forma de poner freno a una historia que terminé con los ojos encharcados y el alma llena.
  • Leslie Lehr
    This is one of those books that makes me angry! It is so good, that the (unique) Holocaust angle alone should quantify it as literary fiction and be published in hardback with the big boys. But alas, the romance aspects and fact it was written but the lovely Kristin Harmel seem to have destined it to Women's Fiction. But DO NOT BE FOOLED! This book is a wonderful read and Harmel wove the themes of family and history and romance with a masterful h...
  • Elyse Walters
    Bittersweet Holocaust Story with Bakery recipes. Family history, (past and present), loss, struggles, alzheimer's , a road less traveled is 'just that' (often the right choice) --The book is filled with 'life lessons'. At times heart-wrenching --or times heart-warming....Its also a book about Love! NOTE: As many of my friends know...I'm not a fan of seeing 'recipes' smack in the middle of a novel (why can't they be put at the END of the book 'alt...
  • Liliana Rio
    Que história magnífica!! Que amor grandioso...que sofrimento inexplicável.Um livro que nos enche o coração, onde a esperança nunca morre e nunca é tarde para sermos felizes, basta acreditar.Enquanto houver estrelas no céu... nunca deixarei de te amar!5.0*
  • María
    3 de 5 estrellas ⭐⭐⭐ (Me ha gustado)Esta novela es contemporánea con toques de novela histórica pero no es una novela que transcurra en la Segunda Guerra Mundial como yo esperaba. En los inicios de los capítulos leemos un poco sobre la historia familiar de amor de la protagonista de este libro además de, recetas de cocina, Rosie, pero en el resto, se centra en la actualidad, en la vida de su nieta, en la panadería y de como investiga e...
  • lanalang
    Una lettura così così. Mi ha commosso a tratti, ma, diciamolo, come si fa a non commuoversi e soffrire quando si parla di deportazioni, separazione forzata dalle persone che si amano, camere a gas, sterminio di massa, come si fa? L'ho trovato a tratti anche avvincente, come tanti altri libri in cui c'è una ricerca da compiere e un mistero da svelare, ma poi tutto alla fine era molto prevedibile. Ho apprezzato la presenza delle ricette dei dolc...
  • Dion Ribeiro
    Em uma palavra: encantador!Trata-se de uma história triste que coincidiu plenamente com o meu estado de espírito...“Amar-te-ei enquanto houver estrelas no céu.”
  • Laura
    From the story description and the average 4+ star reviews, I should have enjoyed this book but instead I found annoyance that grew with each turn of the page. The first half dozen chapters were loaded with so much Debbie Downer personal drama that I presume I was doomed to develop a down-in-the-mouth opinion. The template this author used to outline her novel was predictable and tiresome. This is yet another story where the pair of star-crossed ...
  • Margie Senechal
    I picked this up on a B&N browse through--you know when you're going to have a snack and coffee and you just want to see if the book is any good? Well, it was good. It was so good I read the first few chapters, bought it, took it home, and finished it that night. The Sweetness of Forgetting is wonderful. I teared, smiled, and gasped with delight--seriously. I fell in love with true love all over again. I wanted to bake the cupcakes or meringues f...
  • Irene
    Es un libro adictivo, emotivo, esta bien escrito. Muy bien ambientado, y con personajes amables. Sin embargo, la historia se parece a muchas que he leído de esa época. Me explico, salvo las recetas de cocina y algún dato curioso, no aporta nada nuevo. Sin embargo, me ha gustado y he disfrutado su lectura. Muy agradable. Deja buenas sensaciones.
  • Bea
    3.5⭐ una bonita novela con una historia de amor preciosa... 3.5⭐️ una bonita novela con una historia de amor preciosa...
  • Fabi
    Adorei este livro. Esperava que fosse bom, mas foi melhor ainda do que eu pensava!
  • Carmen
    A promising start involving a bakery, the relationship between different generations of women and a secret in Paris. Who can say no to these? And man, ain't I disappointed! These are the reasons: [spoiler alert]1. It's the evil Nazis versus the GLORIOUS AMERICANS 2. Constant repetition of how America is the land to be, the DREAM. And that only in America can everyone live freely without being labelled by their religion. Yea, tell someone whose na...
  • Veronica
    Avevo già letto "Quando all'alba saremo vicini" e mi ero innamorata della penna e della dolcezza con cui la Harmel dà voce alle sue storie.Questo romanzo non fa altro che confermare ampiamente l'opinione super positiva che mi sono fatta di questa scrittrice. Si vede che alla base di tutto c'è un'approfondita ricerca. I temi trattati non sono leggeri ma vengono presentati al lettore in tutte le loro sfumature, sia quelle più scure che quelle p...
  • Joy
    This is the story of a woman that escaped the holocaust and fled to America leaving her family and the love of her life, Jacob, behind. Her parents refused to believe the warning that the Jews were going to be rounded up that very night. After she left her home she asked Jacob to go back and try once again to convince her parents to flee. He never returned. As her mind gives in to Alzheimers she asks her granddaughter, Hope, to find out what happ...
  • Donna Bossin
    I give this book 2.5 stars. It was a good read but...1. The plot was highly unlikely2. The character development left much to be desired. For example, why was Hope's mother so emotionally cold... I guess one could extrapolate the reason from her life story but it wasn't developed, and of course this character was conveniently dead throughout the book so the author didn't really have to deal with it.3. From a literary point of view it was not well...
  • Cindy
    Very charming, sweet , and a bit heartbreaking. Recommend.
  • Loslibrosdejuliet
    Puedo decir que es uno de los mejores libros que he leído, me ha atrapado su historia. La historia nos sitúa en la actualidad en Cape Cod, donde Hope lleva la pastelería que abrió su abuela cuando era joven. Su abuela Rose, es francesa y esconde un gran pasado del que ni Hope ni nadie sabe. Ella padece alzheimer pero en un momento de lucidez, le habla a Hope que tiene que viajar a París y encontrar a una serie de gente que están apuntados e...
  • Sónia
    Romance contemporâneo e romance histórico que se cruzam de uma maneira formidável! Uma estória incrível, tecida por uma escritora talentosa, e que nos leva aos meandros do amor, desgosto, sofrimento, segredos e segundas oportunidades. Afectos, religião, doçaria, Holocausto, Alzheimer pode parecer uma "mistura" estranha mas que resulta num romance formidável. A busca incessante pela procura das origens de uma família, que nos leva a uma a...
  • Susan
    I'm waiting to post my review after the first of the year, but it was a great book. 4.5 starsUpdate: January 11, 2015A touching, beautiful story about a holocaust survivor who is losing her memory to Alzheimers. Mamie was born in France and is renowned for her baking skills. She has passed these treasured recipes down to her granddaughter, Hope, who runs a local bakery. One day in a rare moment of clarity, Mamie hands Hope a note with some names ...
  • Jen Murray
    I picked this book up on a whim when getting ready for vacation, expecting a chick lit, by-the-pool read. I was pleasantly surprised that it was more than that - very heartwarming, touching, both sweet and sad. I definitely shed a few tears but loved the story and the characters. It touches on the choices we make, the regrets we have but leaves you feeling hopeful. I highly recommend this book (and some of the recipes look amazing as well).
  • Luchi Rzezak
    Maravillosa. Simplemente maravillosa historia de amor en medio de la irracionalidad de la Segunda Guerra y como hay decisiones que deben ser tomadas y vivir con las consecuencias. Como dice Jacob, no se puede perder tiempo pensando en como modificar el pasado pero sí en como queremos vivir el futuro, haciendo frente a los miedos. y anhelo que el príncipe siempre encuentre a la princesa.
  • S M M A M
    Completamente arrebatada...livro maravilhoso...
  • Nirit
    הספר הזה פרט לי על מיתרי הלב. נכון שהוא בסך הכל ספר נוסחתי, עם סוף טוב שסוגר את כל הקצוות הפתוחים, אבל היה כ"כ כיף לקרוא אותו! גיבורה שמרגישה פגומה, עם בת מתבגרת, עם סוד משפחתי מתקופת מלחמת העולם השניה. מסע לגילוי העבר המשפחתי שהופך גם למסע גילוי עצמי. ב...