A Raucous Time (The Celtic Cousins' Adventures #1) by Julia Hughes

A Raucous Time (The Celtic Cousins' Adventures #1)

Rhyllann Jones's geeky cousin Wren is convinced an ancient diary can lead them to the mythical treasure of Bad King John, last seen 900 years ago. Trouble is, "The Brotherhood" will stop at nothing to get to it first. Even more dangerous in Rhyllann's eyes is Detective Inspector Crombie. This father of four daughters knows Rhyllann is lying, and is certain Wren is a master manipulator. Crombie is determined to keep the boys safe at any costs. Thi...

Details A Raucous Time (The Celtic Cousins' Adventures #1)

TitleA Raucous Time (The Celtic Cousins' Adventures #1)
Release DateNov 2nd, 2011
GenreFantasy, Mystery, Young Adult

Reviews A Raucous Time (The Celtic Cousins' Adventures #1)

  • Stephen Spencer
    Together Again for the First Time! When the nerdy Wren Prenderson stumbles across an ancient Welsh diary that purports to give the location of a treasure that's been lost for almost nine centuries, he decides to go and get it. If it ever existed in the first place, that is. But the bad guys have a piece of the puzzle as well, and go to the extent of trying to torture the rest of it out of the boy.After Wren enlists his cousin, Rhyllann Jones, to ...
  • L.K. Jay
    The adventurous duo are back again as we see Wren and Rhyllann from 'A Ripple in Time' together again, only this time they're younger!This novel is a prequel in that we see the two characters as teenagers, although you won't need to read this in order to read 'A Ripple in Time, for the story to make sense, they stand alone well.Rhyllann and Wren are cousins and their family situation isn't good, Wren's mother is an animal activist and is in priso...
  • Alicia
    After having a disappointingly hard time enjoying A Ripple In Time, the sequel to this book (though published first), I thought to give this one a shot to see if reading out of sequence was the reason I didnt enjoy that book as much as I wanted to. It wasnt. Sometimes a writer's style and a reader's taste just don't go together. So it is with Ms. Hughes and myself. I wish her, Wren, Rhyllan and Crombie all the best.
  • Marty Langenberg
    A great story. Took me some time to get into this as some of the early terminology was a bit unusual for me. I advise: stick with it! It gets better and will get you in. Nothing like a chase for treasure. Two teenage boys end up sloshing through the muddy paddocks tovget away and pinch a light plane - yes, one of them knows how to take off. As for landing? The ever suspicious sergeant is a great character who ends up ... no spoilers. It's definit...
  • Teri Miller
    Breathtaking!Seriously, I had to remind myself to breathe at several points in this book. It's pretty nonstop action, and the entire concept is mind blowing. Treasure beyond belief, bad guys, and some not so bad guys, then some really bad guys, who exactly are the good guys? Oh yeah, and there's a bit of majic. I already have the next book.
  • Lisa
    Non-stop funThis tale of the adventures of two teenage cousins as they are on a quest for long lost treasure is packed with non-stop action and mystery. These two cousins are an unbeatable team, resourceful, cunning, and full of surprises. The author did a very fine job of devising a clever mystery with tons of twists and turns, and keeps the suspense high to the very last page. The action scenes keep you on the edge of your seat. I could not put...
  • P. Reads
    When the youth sets its mind...anything can happen. Rhyllan and Wren are teenage Welsh cousins in London, abandoned by their parents. Wren, the geeky one sets troubles, and Rhyllan the elder one, mostly gets the blame for them.The final straw is drawn when Wren and their grandma, because of Wren's mischief ended in a hospital badly injured by a 'burglars' looking for... only what Wren knew for.Feeding Rhyllan only with crumbs of the story at time...
  • Doreen
    An extraordinary emotionally satisfying tale..Brilliant! I love fast roller-coaster rides that zip me constantly up, then down and around until, by the end of the ride, I am delightfully exhausted. This is the kind of emotional experience that I had during my read of A RAUCOUS TIME. The rich dialogues and descriptive rhetoric is not only dynamic and witty; it is masterful for I often became less a reader, feeling invited by the author to become a...
  • Jenny Worstall
    A Raucous Time is the breathless tale of two dare-devil cousins, Rhyllann and Wren, who are pursued by ruthless criminals in a series of incredible adventures, aided (and abetted) by Detective Inspector Crombie and the police force.King John's treasure is the original source of all the trouble (lost in 1216 in a terrible disaster). Rhyllann and Wren should be in school but instead they are involved in all manner of hair-raising exploits. There is...
  • Cathy
    I enjoyed reading A Raucous Time. It's an adventure - mystery - thriller - historical novel with a fast paced plot, some unexpected twists and turns and several engaging characters.I particularly enjoyed the characterisation of Rhyllann and Wren, the two Celtic Cousins of the title. They are very different individuals but their relationship is very close and this is explored throughout the book. They share an overwhelming sense of loyalty to each...
  • BlackhamBoys
    I read this thinking it might be something my boys would like ... action/adventure with boys as the protagonists. But I had trouble getting through it, so I know my boys (reluctant readers) wouldn't have a chance. It was just too complex ~ the sentence structure, the writing style and the story itself. The characters weren't the types of boys MY boys would connect with at all.... and then there was the fact that the story was so very British. My ...
  • Erfa Tahir
    I received this book from the author in exchange of a review.A Raucous Time serves as a prequel to another novel of Julia Hughes - A Ripple In Time. I only needed to read a couple of pages of A Raucous Time to appreciate the richness of the text - the author has done an excellent job in delivering the description of the scenes to the reader. She does it so well that it appears as if the reader is transported into the book and is observing the plo...
  • Marquita Herald
    I had a feeling this was going to be a run ride when I read the book description and I wasn’t disappointed! While admittedly challenged a bit with some of the terminology at the beginning of the story, ultimately that was minor in terms of my ability to enjoy the story. And that I did, in fact at various points I found myself reading a little faster and faster as the pace built in the adventures of the Celtic Cousins. I don’t want to give any...
  • Lynn Hallbrooks
    In my humble opinion this book could be considered Young Adult Action Adventure with a twist of historical fiction, fantasy, and mystery added in for good measure.Finding himself in big trouble with a group known as the Brotherhood, Wren enlists the initially unwilling aid of his older cousin, Rhyllann. Together the boys set out on an adventure of a life time. The goal to find long lost treasure and stay alive using every ounce of knowledge and w...
  • James Love
    Definitely written for the young adult but with that said....Lovely character development for the main two characters, the characters are believable and well rounded.The book takes you on a journey, complete with villains and twists and you may find yourself routing for the young boys.For an older view point the journey and what the youngsters do is completely unbelievable and unrealistic however it is not truly written for old people like me. I ...
  • Sheri
    A Raucous Time (the Celtic Cousins' Adventure)Adventure/FantasyWren Prenderson comes across an ancient Welsh diary that leads to a secret location of a treasure that's been lost for almost nine centuries. He soon sets out to find it. But he is not even sure not sure it ever existed. He sneaks his cousin Rhyllann Jones out of the hospital and the journey begins. But will they find this treasure before the bad guys find them.A fun tale with two you...
  • sh(e)reader
    As an Amazon Prime member, I can borrow a book a month on my Kindle. This was one of the higher rated ones, so I thought I'd give it a try. I must say I was a bit perplexed at all the high ratings. While it wasn't bad (no editing issues, a bit far fetched but not completely ridiculous)I just never was able to connect with the characters or the story. It wasn't an "easy" read, I felt like I had to really concentrate and honestly, I just didn't wan...
  • Rosie Amber
    What a brilliant tale set around King John's lost treasure and including links with King Arthur and Tintagel. Two boys are on the trail of the treasure, but there are plenty of others after both the boys and the treasure too. Who can they trust? Julia weaves a tale which hooks you and gets you urging the boys on in their search.
  • Paul
    A hit! I personally loved it and am quite excited that there are more books that include the boys and old Crombie. If you're looking for a YA fantasy book that will engage you, keep you on the edge of your seat, and entertain you, then look no further that A Raucous Time.
  • KC Riley-Gyer
    I enjoyed this, despite some errors. A good light to medium read of two boys who are cousin go on the hunt of lost treasure. Although modern, this reminds me of the older children adventure stories.
  • Jack
    A fantastic adventure featuring two young cousins, a detective, some villains and a treasure hunt.
  • Vicki Lathim
    This would make an excellent Disney movie! Adventure, action, fast paced excitement, and it's kids doing it all. A WOW of a read!
  • Emmy
    The time traveling cousins are on another adventure! A nice blend of modern times mixed with the jump into a historical fiction, it clearly shows deep insight into how "everything happens for a reason" and makes one wonder how a tragic event could still be the thread to create drastic decisions and outcomes.