Thin Air by George E. Simpson

Thin Air

At the war's end, the men of the USS Sturman were ordered to join hands on the ship's deck, ignorant pawns in a top-secret Navy experiment.An alarm sounded. A humming began. Moments later a common surge of desperate, disoriented terror was felt by every crewman as they watched the ship beneath them, and finally their own bodies, disappear into thin air. At the war's end, the men of the USS Sturman were ordered to join hands on the ship's deck, ...

Details Thin Air

TitleThin Air
Release DateJan 28th, 1978
PublisherDell Pub Co
GenreThriller, Fiction, Science Fiction, Mystery

Reviews Thin Air

  • Gregoire
    le livre s'est inspiré du mythe du "Philadelphia Experiment" (des expériences de la marine américaine pour tenter de rendre leurs navires indétectables aux radars pendant la 2e guerre mondiale ) Un roman nerveux et enlevé, qui, à part un bref paragraphe (je n'ai pas dit chapitre !!!) sur la physique et Einstein, est à la portée de tous pour un moment de lecture agréable surtout si on n'a pas vu les films parus sur ce thème (invisibilit...
  • Jim
    Great read, based on the Philadelphia Experiment.
  • Vroom
    A pleasant like-able read-once-but-probably-never-again thriller. Perfect for vacation reading.Very dated but the dating becomes kind of retro chic with its accuracy.
  • Anita Wilson
    Both mystique & intrigue can provide a gripping fascination; Thin Air, has & does continue to be that compelling story. A paperback book many times read whose pages are now well worn & age stained. On writing this review by retrieving it from the shelf, it’s musty smell is the reminder of how long I have had this book; of when I was first introduced to it as a child, & how it can so easily still draw me in. There is always correlation to things...
  • James F.
    This 1978 paperback edition of Thin Air was written by George SImpson and Neal Burger. It is an entertaining and easy read, comfortably completed in about two hours. It is a story that is based on the premise that the military-industrial complex flourishes because of its ability to maintain secrets. I recall that the plot line was later made into a Hollywood science fiction movie. The one thing that I recall about the movie (it's title has long e...
  • Kevin
    A fictionalized version of the Philadelphia Experiment seems like a great idea for a novel. Unfortunately this book shows it's age. The main character is unlikeable. He spends most of his time investigating, which involves rudely asking co-workers to do work for him, waiting for phone calls, and working through navy bureaucracy to look up information in files. The woman are written weakly and he oddly refers to one female co-worker as "Ensign Jus...
  • Mary
    I first read this book in the 70's and loved it. I reread it many times until I lent it to a friend and it was never returned. I regretted that act of kindness for the next 2+ decades until I recently came across it on the Barnes and Noble website. Score! I enjoyed rereading the story and maybe even reliving a bit of my 20's. Good action, interesting characters and decent writing. Ignore the poor editing and you have a fun bit of sci fi. Sure hop...
  • Julie
    I liked the story, I liked the story-telling. I had a hard time with the rampant mistakes. It wasn't misspelled words, but the wrong word. Fork instead of work, for example. Things the SpellCheck won't pick up. Also, many extra commas and periods throughout. But a good book that simply needs to be cleaned up.
  • Rosemary Dreyer
    In this Dan Brown-type mystery wannabe, the plot was unbelievable; the characters irritating; and the writing weak. Not to mention that there were SO many typos on my Kindle edition - 1-2 per every four out of five pages. This made for extremely frustrating reading, adding to the aggravation. I do NOT recommend this book.
  • Bob
    Needs to be proof readThis could have been a great read but all the mistakes in grammar, spelling and punctuation errors distracted me to a point where I quit reading.
  • Jim Razinha
    [Update, 6 Aug 2016... Masterful storytelling. Well worth the re-walk down Nostalgia Lane.]Still entertaining after 30 or so years.
  • Elaine Cantrell
    Thin Air is pretty good. It has paranormal elements which I liked and seemed like something that might have really happened.
  • John
    Not a bad thriller with a Philadelphia Experiment plot line
  • Becky
    About the time I thought I knew where it was going I was wrong. Good story, not predictable.
  • Halil