Zorro Gets an Outfit by Carter Goodrich

Zorro Gets an Outfit

Fashion goes to the dogs in this lovable follow-up to "Say Hello to Zorro!"Mister Bud and Zorro get along just great. They wake up together, have walk time together, and take naps together. But something is about to interrupt their schedule: Zorro has to wear a fancy outfit.Zorro is embarrassed, mortified, aghast. Mr. Bud tries to cheer him up, but nothing works. Everyone makes fun of Zorro, and he refuses to participate in chew-on-a-stick time. ...

Details Zorro Gets an Outfit

TitleZorro Gets an Outfit
Release DateMay 1st, 2012
PublisherSimon Schuster Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Dogs, Humor

Reviews Zorro Gets an Outfit

  • karen
    i do not usually approve of animals in clothing. it is just...unnecessary. and i think it shames them. making animals into people is just wrong. they are animals, for the love...why does an animal need to look like cliff huxtable??or like greg's mom??there is just no need, you ask me.so although i was really excited to read this book because i loved the first one, Say Hello to Zorro!,i was a little apprehensive. 'cuz why does zorro need an outfit...
  • Dov Zeller
    This is an adorable book. Simple, funny, beautiful art. Kind of cool the way the illustratorpresents the dog's point of view.The message is a little unclear. Is it: even if you don't like theoutfit your adultsare forcing you to wear, you may find that others have silly outfits on too and they are very talented and run fast?And therefore, you will have friends and discover your outfit is cool? I.e., is this book trying to make kids feel better abo...
  • Liz
    Week 1:Zorro is a happy little dog. He is having a great day until he has to wear an embarrassing new outfit. Zorro must wear his new outfit on a walk to the park. He is teased by his dog friends, even some cats. Zorro spends his day at the park pouting - until a fast new dog shows up. This dog is the fastest dog Zorro has ever seen, he does tricks...and he is wearing an OUTFIT! Suddenly Zorro feels better about himself, and it's all due to his o...
  • Homewood Public Library
    Zorro is not a happy dog. Well, you wouldn’t be either if you had to wear an outfit. Zorro is embarrassed. He doesn’t like his outfit at all and does not want to be seen in it. But wait! Do you see that dog!?! He is fast and can do lots of nifty tricks. Is he wearing an outfit? Why yes he is! And no one is laughing at him. Maybe there is more to this whole outfit idea than meets the eye!In Zorro Gets An Outfit, the adorable sequel to Say Hell...
  • Melki
    Poor Zorro!What the heck was his owner thinking?All the other dogs are making fun of him. Even that cat he likes to chase is laughing. Zorro is miserable.Can anything make Zorro happy again?This book made me happy. Goodrich's art is a delight, and the picture of three dogs running was the best laugh I had all day.More Zorro, please.
  • Megan (ReadingRover)
    I adore this series! Mister Bud and Zorro are fantastic. In this book Zorro gets a new outfit before going on a walk to the park which he is t to happy about. Mister Bud tried to raise his spirits even though the other dogs and cats in the neighborhood are poking fun at him but it doesn’t really work. Once at the park they meet a new dog named Dart who is also wearing an outfit. He is fast, jumps high and can catch anything. They all race and p...
  • Christine
    Cute, even though dressing dogs up is just not cool. But it was a good book.
  • Kitty
    Not quite as into this one as the first. Zorro's owner dresses him up in a Batman styled cape which, understandably, shames him until a gay dog in a Frenchie outfit at the park convinces him otherwise. My only problem here is that Zorro never was into the cape to begin with so the message is lost. It's not so much of a "who cares" kind of book, but acts instead as an apology for the ugly sweaters your mom forced you to wear at Xmas when you were ...
  • Laura
    Poor Zorro is ashamed of his batman-like outfit. His owner takes him to the park, where Zorro avoids his neighborhood friends and lies about, feeling sorry for himself. Another dog in his own outfit bounds up, complimenting Zorro's cape, and challenges him to a race. All's well that ends well and Zorro regains his confidence. I love Zorro's expressions and the sweet doggie pictures. Recommended for preschool through grade 1, dog lovers will espec...
  • Mary Ann
    Zorro is one mortified little pug when his owner makes him wear a caped crusader costume to the dog park. But Zorro’s self-confidence soars when Dart, gleefully dashing about with a striped coat and bandana, shouts, “Hey, cool outfit! Let’s race!” Kind words can mean a lot, as little kids know all too well, even if you’re named after a superhero.
  • Nancy Kotkin
    When Zorro's owner puts him in a superhero outfit, Zorro is embarrassed and all the other dogs make fun of him. Not even Mister Bud can cheer up Zorro. Until a cool, athletic, new dog shows up at the park, wearing an outfit, and befriends Zorro and Mister Bud. Honestly, I'm not crazy about the resolution coming from outside Zorro; it becomes okay for Zorro to wear an outfit only when he sees another dog wearing one. But Zorro never grapples with ...
  • Wendy
    This is another book about Mister Bud and Zorro. Their people decide that Zorro deserves a superhero type outfit - a mask and cape. Zorro is not so sure. He does not want to go on a walk, for fear of being laughed at by his neighborhood friends. That concern turns out to be true. Now he is miserable. Then he and Mister Bud meet a sweater-wearing new friend in the park, and Zorro starts to think that maybe his cape and mask could give him powers -...
  • Trisha Parsons
    I love Zorro and Mister Bud. The illustrations feel cozy, and the narrative is engaging, and there were quite a lot of opportunities for dialogic reading as Zorro cycles through a lot of emotions about his outfit.
  • Jessica
    So, so, cute! His owner gives Zorro an outfit to wear and he doesn't like it until he meets a friend that does.The illustrations are amazing in that the dog's expressions are so real to life!
  • Deborah
    Cute simple story, funny and great graphics.
  • Rachel Smith
    Interesting take on a dog's thought process. I never really thought about a dog being embarrassed about wearing clothes, just annoyed. Cute.
  • Kathryn
    A must read
  • Kim
    My daughter thought this book was really funny, and I particularly enjoyed the very expressive illustrations
  • Mary Hamer
    Oh man! I need to read this one to my dogs when they give me “the look” when I buy them a new outfit. Loved it and the illustrations!
  • Kelly Warren
    This was one of my favorites. A very entertaining, funny, and relatable book wrapped into one.
  • Matthew
    Cute, but didn't really make sense. My 6 year old enjoyed it.
  • Rich Farrell
    I’m really getting into this Mister Bud and Zorro series by Goodrich. They’re well-written, well-drawn, and address some unique feelings: embarrassment in this one specifically.
  • Lisa
    I was a fan of little Zorro last year, and students at my school love him too. Now, with this second book we have more to enjoy! Zorro and his housemate Mr. Bud are fast friends and enjoy their daily routine. Zorro is surprised before the morning walk with a masked, cape for a new outfit. His owner put it on him, but he hate it. Out for a walk anyway, and Zorro is humiliated further when neighborhood dogs and even the CAT laugh at him. Once Mr. B...
  • Heidi-Marie
    Oh my goodness--these pictures are so adorable! I'm so glad there is a sequel with Zorro and Mr. Bud. And what an absolutely hilarious outfit for Zorro to get. The expressions on the animals' faces are perfect and so funny. I love it. While I could read this in a storytime, the children would miss the priceless illustrations--unless I had a much smaller group setting. Perfect in a lap-read and read-alone.4/10/13& 4/11/13: My Wed. group was not as...
  • Mary Lou
    I loved "Say Hello to Zorro!" so I sought out this sequal. The story was not as good as the first, either as a moral lesson for children or just as a fun book for dog lovers. Is there a metaphor here? Not that every story needs one, but perhaps Zorro's acceptance of his new outfit would help kids who need glasses, braces, etc., though Zorro's need for the outfit is never explained. I like to think it's protecting him from the cold and not just th...
  • Eyehavenofilter
    Zorro and Mister Bud live together. All is well untill Zorro gets an outfit. A batman cape and hood that he doesn't particularly like, but he is forced to wear. He feels humiliated out on his daily walk by everyone including Mister Bud. Even the neighborhood cat laughs at him('how awful). But someone else shows up! Someone special! He has an outfit too! He's fast and clever, and...oh my....will this change Zorros opinion of himself or his outfit?...
  • Samantha Zapata
    Zorro, a pug, in this charming story gets an outfit. He doesn't think the world of it and all his friends laugh at him for it. His housemate Bud tries to get his mind off of it and make it a positive experience for him. UNEXPECTEDLY they meet a dog named Dart who also has an outfit on and is very fast when he runs. They all race and Dart comes in first, Zorro second, and Bud third. Zorro thinks Bud didn't win because he didn't have an outfit on, ...
  • Judy
    Amazing illustrations. I hadn't heard of Carter Goodrich and the illustrations were reminding me of animation so I had to google him and of course, he's a very successful character designer who has worked on some very big films. http://cartergoodrich.com/character-d... But, the illos work perfectly in a book as well. They aren't cheesy and their familiarity stems from his own work. I could have down without the cat chasing... but I guess cat chas...
  • Melanie
    The morning starts as all mornings do. But this morning, before the walk, Zorro is presented with an outfit. Zorro is not happy about this. He didn't ask for it and he doesn't want it. But he has to go for a walk. All the dogs on the way to the park make fun of him. Even Slim the cat laughs at him.But once they get to the park Zorro meets another dog who is cool. He does cool tricks and he's fast. And he wears an outfit! The new dog invites them ...
  • Shelli
    Zorro and Mister Bud eagerly await their morning walk. Often having to pause for what feels like forever before their human gets out of bed. One morning as they wait eagerly by the door, for this much needed morning ritual, they are held up even longer by a gift that is bestowed to Zorro. A gift that makes Zorro want to run and hid under then bed instead of the park. What will the other dogs say when they see the ridiculous get up his owner has f...