Fireworks (The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire, #7) by Clifford Riley

Fireworks (The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire, #7)

The last of seven brand new 39 Clues stories, with an explosive secret revealed!The holidays can be hard for any family, but they're particularly tough for the Cahills. Amy Cahill is exhausted from her training. Dan can't forget the tragedies he witnessed on the Clue hunt. Ian and Natalie Kabra are trying to enjoy the London festivities, but it's hard without their parents. Even superstar Jonah Wizard is having trouble getting into the holiday sp...

Details Fireworks (The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire, #7)

TitleFireworks (The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire, #7)
Release DateDec 31st, 2011
PublisherScholastic, Inc.
GenreAdventure, Mystery, Young Adult, Fiction

Reviews Fireworks (The 39 Clues: Rapid Fire, #7)

  • Charissa Sophia de la Rosa
    Fireworks. Clifford Riley really chose a great title for a really great short story. Plot Summary: The story revolves around Amy, fifteen months after the Clue Hunt. She was on her mansion in Attleboro and was preparing for the next Vesper attack. After Dan's car accident, she called for a family meeting. Ian and Natalie are in London, Hamilton on Switzerland, Jonah in New York preparing for his World Tour and Sinead was with her. Amy, being th...
  • Mark
    tops it of being the last book of the serious. keep writing 39 clues.
  • Steven R. McEvoy
    Fifteen Months After The Clue HuntThis final book in the Rapid Fire mini series begins with Dan messing up big time. Next, Amy is trying to get the family to agree to a training schedule and roles and responsibilities. Finally something unexpected - Dan and Amy pull it together and work as a team to pull off a surprise for New Year's Eve. But the book ends with a sinister warning. So beware.I love the original 39 Clues books, and have on my short...
  • David Luong
    The reason I didn't liked this book too much is that it starts discussing only on one particular issue. Anyways, Amy returns home after suffering deep exhaustion from her previous journey, while Ian and Natalie celebrate a religious festival in England. Without their parents, it was hard forthem to held such a special event; at the same time, Dan kept thinking about the tragedies in the past. At the end of the book, Amy and Dan attain fortune, an...
  • Marcia Adversalo
    I enjoyed this a great deal. You get to see more of the bonding between the younger Cahill generation. Finally they start getting along. However, not everything is calm, because it never is with the Vespers around. My confusion is that the preview advertised a big surprise, but I wasn't really surprised by anything in this book. I enjoyed these seven books a great deal and would strongly recommend them to anyone who has read the 39 Clues series.
  • Jovy
    Small, simple things count like having clean fun with your family especially when your lives have been one danger to another continuously and one of the most evil person in the world is planning to end your lives...Loved this book, the Cahill kids were just simply kids (even only for a few hours) enjoying the company of their cousins and friends.
  • Kimberley Ang
    All work no play and no one to support in what she was doing just because they don`t know what dangerous secret she was hiding from them to keep them safe and happy at the moment... i really pitied Amy and i wished the Cahill`s were nicer to her... but at the end i`m glad she knew how to loosened up and have fun with them at New Year`s Eve All work no play and no one to support in what she was doing just because they don`t know what dangerous s...
  • Nickie
    I was hoping for a larger secret at the end of this mini series but I had already pieced that development together. This series was fun, but not necessary. I would still recommend this to series followers.
  • Carla
    I was devastated when I read that the Rapid Fire books would be ebooks because I didn't have an ereader at the time. The first thing I did when I bought my Kindle was buy these books too. I love them!
  • Allisa White
    This book was awesome, the perfect ending to the series! This particular book made me smile and laugh so much! Don't miss it!
  • Amy Jackson
    Not a bad story, considering it's not even from one of the actual authors of the series. But I liked the New Years party gone wrong, it was a fun read.
  • Lily
    This was a really good series. I'm glad they wrote this series. This was a great end to the Rapid Fire series.
  • Eric Zulueta
    Nice set-up for the Cahills vs Vespers series.. Can't wait to get started!
  • Shaeley Santiago
    Amy finally realizes she needs to lighten up a bit in her leadership of the family.
  • Alisha Ahmed
    The best one yetThis one was the best rapid fire I have ever read and I have read all of them, if you want to buy only one this one is the one.
  • Kate
    No great revelations in this series, but you get a look inside the head of each major character and get more background on the beginnings of the Clue Hunt.
  • Sierra Bookworm☺️♪
    the ending was so sweet for the Cahills! But not so much for the Rosenblooms...uh oh! subtle spoilers! now to Cahills vs Vespers!
  • Antoniette Balanay
    Nag jaw drop si Ian sa ganda ni Amy.