White Knight by Mari Carr

White Knight

A sequel to Black Jack.Shea Landon knows this is a bad idea. But when you’re broke, tired and homeless, you do crazy things. She decides to crash in her new place of employment, a fetish club, borrowing the big, comfy bed that’s used as a stage prop. She doesn’t realize she’s not alone…Travis Knight knows this is a bad idea. As he views his new waitress sneaking around the club after hours, he realizes he should fire her, call the polic...

Details White Knight

TitleWhite Knight
Release DateNov 16th, 2011
PublisherMari Carr
GenreAdult Fiction, Erotica, Romance, BDSM, Contemporary, Adult, Contemporary Romance

Reviews White Knight

  • Heather in FL
    Oh my, what a beautiful story. I loved Black Jack, but I think this one was even better. I loved both the current and historical parts. I thought they worked together seamlessly, almost showing us two sides to Shea and Travis, yet they were distinct stories in themselves. And my heart was crushed for Travis when it was revealed what formed his personality, his quirks. Shea was exactly what he needed, and I was glad to see the HEA at the end. Ms. ...
  • Jennifer Crutchfield
    I loved this novella. I also loved the secondary story that was woven into it. This is book two in series but absolutely can be read as stand-alone. Shea is new to town having wanted a new start. Travis is struggling with his depression. They are drawn to each other. This story is not rushed but paced really well. Shea and Travis are learning to trust each other and both want more, but Travis still needs to work on him. I loved the natural HFN en...
  • SandyL
    Shea Landon is the newest waitress at Scoundrels. She's homeless and finds a way to sleep inside the club after everyone has gone home. Except she doesn't realize owner Travis Knight watches everything on the video monitors and knows she's there! I didn't like this story as much as I usually enjoy Mari Carr's books. There was a story within the story in this book - I guess it was Shea's dream or fantasy in a historical world, running parallel to ...
  • Kimberly
    Shea Landon needed a fresh start, but being homeless in LA isn’t exactly what she had in mind. She’s just started working at the fetish club Scoundrels, but she doesn’t have enough money to find a place to live or even stay at a hotel in a safe part of the city. So when she spies the big, comfy bed used as a stage prop, Shea takes a risk and starts living at the club. Shea doesn’t think anyone will notice if she’s careful. Except someon...
  • MsRomanticReads
    Since meeting Travis White (owner of Scoundrels and best friend of Emma and Jack) in Black Jack, I wanted to know what tragedy happened in his past that made him the way he was. When this book opens, Travis seems to have slipped into a slight depression. He feels a little envious of Emma and Jack's new found love, but he's happy for them. Before he can cave further into himself, he attention is drawn to his newest employee, the waitress Shea. Wha...
  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    Originally posted at: http://whippedcream2.blogspot.com/201...White Knight is Mari Carr’s excellent follow up to Black Jack, and told in much the same manner. I like the way she blends historical fantasy and contemporary romance to create a rich and detailed world, where her characters are able to express their wants, needs and vent their fears as well. Her characters are well defined, and the dialog is intelligent and well crafted.Shea Landon ...
  • Romancing the Book
    Reviewed By~IveReview Copy Provided By~PublisherThis story starts off from the end of Black Jack with Travis Knight, part owner of Scoundrels the sex club. There are so many elements in this book that are so fabulous, saying too much might spoil it but I will try to to highlight the best points. Shea Landon escapes Las Vegas and decides to start a new life, she finds a job at Scoundrels just as her money was running out. She decides to sneak and ...
  • Deborah
    This story is about a man who can't stand to be touched. He sees his new waitress sneaking back into his club after hours but she's only seeking some place to sleep. There was something about her that has kept his attention since he first saw her beside her being attractive. He can see the pain in her eyes. He knows about pain. There is some heartache in here, because of how a child was abused. It's difficult for anyone to come to terms with a si...
  • Stephanie
    Travis and Shea This has a completely feel than Black Jack, the story is a little darker, it involves a personal struggle that shaped who he is now. The love story of Shea and Travis didn't feel rushed which I liked when I'm reading a novella, it felted natural. I liked how the historical romance book again like in Black Jack mirrored the story. I really felt for Travis and what he had gone through. I also liked how things weren't dragged on, the...
  • Fedora
    Oh my sweet heaven. This was amazing. Ms. Carr blew me away. I really liked how the past scenes and the current day intermingle and pick up themes in each other. Shea and Travis are such lovely characters and feel very real. I can't think of anything that really didn't work for me--the story was incredibly hot, and I really bought the characters as real 3D people. What they did and said made sense given they were revealed to be, and it was both s...
  • April
    The scene before the nightmare, with the Ben Wa balls....good-ness! Needed a cool drink after that scene. Even though this book didn't make me cry happy tears (which is how a book usually gets 5 stars from me), it did make me feel...something else in the pit of my stomach that reminded me of my first love and how he used to make me feel lol.
  • Angela Wade
    The perfect blend of historical and contemporary romance in a totally unique story. I've honestly never read anything like it, and that's saying something! The hero was beautifully tortured, and the heroine was wonderfully complex. But there were laughs to be had, too, which kept the story from becoming overly melodramatic.I'd take Travis Knight over Christian Grey ANY day!
  • J
    4.5 stars, fairly close to 5 stars. This is my second Mari Carr book in two days. I love them!! This one was a little steamier, some kink, some traumatic childhood problems but great characters and a plausible, wonderful love story and a great historical romance woven through the modern day story. Just wonderful!
  • Yvonne Carr massie
    Loved itI loved how the books go back and forth with two stories mirroring each other in time. It is absolutely brilliant. And by the way the sex is hot hot steaming.
  • MountainKat
    Enjoyable shorter story. Simple but still worked for me!
  • Gigi staub
    another great story by Mari....loved this story even more than Black Jack.