Motivating the Middle by T.J. Sullivan

Motivating the Middle

If you lead a student organization and you're frustrated that you and a few others do all the work, you need to motivate a specific set of overlooked members.It's the concept that will set student leaders free. Stop focusing on those who check out or cause problems, and start focusing on those "middle third members" who hate drama, care for your organization, and prefer to play a supporting role. Directing your efforts toward the middle -- and un...

Details Motivating the Middle

TitleMotivating the Middle
Release DateNov 15th, 2011
GenreLeadership, Nonfiction

Reviews Motivating the Middle

  • Maribeth
    This is a nice book when someone is new to working with groups. Although aimed specifically at college students, any leader of a group can get some good, workable tips from this system of working with groups. It's a very quick read, too!
  • Kate Ferguson
    I read this as a sorority chapter president for my Fraternty and Sorority Life Office and it was very helpful. I would recommend this book for any student organization leader looking to grow their skills. It is a very quick and useful read.
  • dara
    I had to read this for my Nonprofit Leadership class. It was somewhat useful. Given its short length, I am glad I borrowed it. Think of your organization as composed of top, middle, and bottom third members. The bottom is bad. Ignore these people. Set up some basic requirements for group membership that might deter the laziest of this third from remaining in the organization. Then concentrate your effort on the other two-thirds, especially the mi...
  • Mandy Havert
    This was an extremely quick read and is a straightforward perspective setter on why organizations have those who commit to the n-th degree and those who are so loosely committed they could be someone who wandered in off the street for the free chips and salsa. Direct and succinct, this book helps (student) organization leaders understand why the top two thirds of an organization matter most, but that the lower third cannot be fully discounted.
  • Tricia Copeland
    Although I'm not in a college organization at this time, I meet T.J. and out of interest picked up his book. Even though it's written for college organizations, it can be applied to any group. I got a lot out of how to keep members of your group happy and organizations thriving. Thanks T.J. Good, easy, quick read!
  • Kaitlyn Martin
    Motivating the Middle was such an insightful read that help me become a better leader as I was serving on my Undergraduate institution's Panhellenic. I will be recommending this, as a student affairs professional, to my future students
  • David Miles
    Phenomenal read on reshaping your perspectives on your organization, it’s people, and you When I read this book I expected some insight on how to manage teams but it’s real value comes from its insights on how to manage expectations.
  • Chandler
    Motivating the Middle by T.J. Sullivan is one of the most inspiring books that I read so far this year. It was a quick read, and from the beginning I felt like Sullivan knew me personally. Every student leader could benefit from this book and “I don’t have time” is not an excuse because Sullivan gets the message across in the perfect length for any busy student leader like me. I’m one of those top third people described by Sullivan when h...
  • Sarah Moore
    TJ Sullivan is one of the most inspiring public speakers I have listened to. This book reinforces that. All of it makes sense. Total and complete sense. Whether you are a top third who is frustrated or a top third leader who wants to be innovative, this way of thinking and leading is a breath of fresh air into any way of thinking. I believe that all student leaders should read this book, and that all types of student organizations would benefit f...
  • Ryan
    Insightful, actionable resource for the college student leader (and the student affairs professionals supporting them). Amazingly quick read and comes with discussion questions at the end for immediate appication
  • Norm
    Pretty good read for student leaders looking to make more of an impact on their membership and getting them more involved. It's a different way of looking at things, and something worth looking into. A very quick read.
  • Claudine
    This is a great book. An easy read. For anyone who works with young adults in organizations, this provides great insight into helping them realize what they can do to make their organization better, more purpose-driven.
  • Gary Baker
    Very short and easy read, and some simple and easy-to-apply suggestions for working with student orgs. Good read for student leaders or anyone working with clubs on a campus.
  • Amber
    Easy read...would love for all of my sorority leaders and volunteers to read it! It would make all of our lives easier!!
  • Jennifer Keegin
    Great book for student leaders. Helps them to understand different motivations students have.
  • Tricia Smith
    This is a great book for college student leaders. It's a quick read and good lessons about prioritizing your energies to maximize the team!
  • Nate Burke
    Great read for student leaders. I've taught it with college fraternity/ sorority classes with excellent response.
  • Natalie Dipietro
    Great bit just for use among colleges & universities but many of the same principals can apply to any organization.
  • Nicole