Light Me Up (Deputy Joe, #2.5) by James Buchanan

Light Me Up (Deputy Joe, #2.5)

Two hot guys and one cold mountain. Just how far can mouthy, yet submissive, Kabe push his favorite deputy, Joe, before he gets what he really wants? The Christmas tree may be the goal, but it's not the prize. Walk in Kabe's boots for his and Joe's first Christmas together.

Details Light Me Up (Deputy Joe, #2.5)

TitleLight Me Up (Deputy Joe, #2.5)
Release DateDec 29th, 2011
PublisherMLR Press, LLC
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Contemporary, Erotica, BDSM, Holiday, Christmas, Short Stories

Reviews Light Me Up (Deputy Joe, #2.5)

  • Ingie
    Written December 22, 20143 Stars - A cute holiday novella from UtahBook #2.5Kabe wants a Christmas tree. Out in the snowy mountain forest they go... Another installment to the 'Deputy Joe' series about Kabe Varghese and the Sheriff's Deputy, Joe Peterson —living in a small Mormon Utah town. ((view spoiler)[#1 - Hard Fall (4 stars) and #2 - Spin Out (4.2 stars) were two good novels I would recommended to all M/M crime romances readers. (hide...
  • LenaRibka
    I'd lie if I say it is an absolute MUST READ for all Deputy Joe fans. I would even suggest you to skip this one. Not just because it was EXTREMELY short. But it was extremely about well...nothing. I expected more from Kabe's POV. It was a bit disappointing. I didn't really enjoy it. I can imagine that this short novel was a gift for all fans BEFORE the book3 was released. As a tasty appetizer for a MAIN COURSE - Joe's POV.But if you read it now, ...
  • Ami
    Kabe wants a Christmas tree -- well, Christmas celebration in general -- because he used to have that with his Grams. It's too bad that Joe isn't big on having Christmas tree. So Kabe hints and hints, and well, he definitely gets what he wishes when Joe wakes him up early in the morning to get their own Christmas tree.Deputy Joe and his lover, Kabe, have become one of my favorite couples from the pen of James Buchanan. So having this Christmas-re...
  • Otila
    ***3.5***This short story takes place between books 1 and 2. The series is told from Joe's POV but this one is Kabe's. I really enjoyed seeing Joe through Kabe's eyes. He sees him as his rock, someone he can depend on. They are truly made for each other. From their love of nature and the outdoors to their BDSM fetish. Two things in my life made my soul sour: being out in the wild, just breathing in the humbling awe around me, and the sense of pai...
  • Sofia
    Finally I have heard Kabe's voice. It was good to hear it. (view spoiler)[Joe is not the only one crazy about Kabe, Kabe is so so crazy about Joe. (hide spoiler)]I SO want more.
  • Kaje Harper
    This short story gives the reader a glimpse of Kabe and Joe's relationship from Kabe's viewpoint. As much as I love Joe's narrative voice, it was great for a moment to look at him through Kabe's eyes. Not a lot happens here, but there were some lovely descriptive paragraphs, and the warm understanding of what Kabe feels around Joe. Their relationship gets a little extra lock into place when you see it from the other side. Now I really can't wait ...
  • Marte - Thunderella
    Kabe's point of view! I loved getting inside of his head, if only for a brief time. I'd love for this to be longer, or a dual POV in the other books.Short and nice. Can't be read as a standalone.
  • Irina
    It was nice to read Kabe's POV for a change. I like him more and more :)Nothing major is really happening here, and as the short stories go, it was just a little insight into the world of Joe and Kabe.
  • Elena
    I really enjoyed the chance to be in Kabe’s head for a change and to see Joe and their relationship through his eyes instead of the other way around. These two are truly made for each other.
  • ttg
    Fun Christmas short story that is labeled as Deputy Joe 2.5 (so set after Spin Out) but I think it's actually set in the middle of that book, basically drawing out a scene that was only briefly mentioned.Unlike Hard Fall and Spin Out, this is told from Kabe's POV instead of Joe's. That was a neat change since we've only gotten Joe's view of Kabe up until now, but I missed Joe's very distinct narrative voice. Kabe's view was fun, but it didn't see...
  • Erika
    Read in 2012. I really enjoy James Buchanan's books and this one was no exception. Just the fact that I remember reading and liking it 2.5 years later should tell you something, since I barely remember the books I read 2 weeks ago.Deputy Joe and Kade are so yummy. If you haven't read this series yet, you are missing out on some good stuff.
  • Maygirl7
    Unmemorable. Actually, I wish I hadn't read this story. I love the Deputy Joe books so much, but this just did not live up to the novels. Aftertaste: sourpuss.
  • Dani
    Fluffy christmas read. Expected something more insightful from Kabe's POV, but it was nice enough.
  • Jayhjay
    This review was originally published on my blog Joyfully JayLight Me Up is a holiday short in the Buchanan's Deputy Joe series. I loved Hard Fall, the first book in the series, and even though it is now 70 degrees outside, I couldn't resist picking up this little winter short. The series focuses Deputy Joe Peterson and his boyfriend Kabe Varghese and Light Me Up picks up during their first Christmas together, set between the first and second nove...
  • DaisyGirl
    3.5 StarsKabe really wants a Christmas tree but can only push his dom, Joe, so far. He hints and hints and even enlists the help of Joe's police partner. Kabe finally gets his wish when Joe shows up at his house at 4:00 am to drag him up the mountain. After a little hand-play in the snow, they search and find a perfect first-Christmas tree for Joe's place.This was a short and sweet story about celebrating a first Christmas together. It's the firs...
  • L-D
    In this short story featuring Kabe Varghese and Deputy Joe Peterson, we get more insight into the growing relationship between Joe and Kabe. The beauty of this short was in the fact that the POV is from Kabe's perspective. This is the first time we get to understand how Kabe feels about Joe. The one thing I will say, however, is that this short is numbered #2.5 in the series, but I feel that I should have read this short BEFORE book #2. The reaso...
  • Jane
    3.5 stars. Cute, with some lovely descriptive passages when they were on the mountain; I really felt the cold air. It was 28 pages long, but it was six pages before the story started, then another seven at the end were filler. That doesn't leave much room for the story itself.And still the same errors in punctuating dialogue and typos like waiver for waver. Please get the author a decent editor; the books are too good to be marred this way.
  • Lady*M
    Reading story in Kabe's voice was fabulous, but soooo short. *sigh*I loved beautiful language and light humor and seeing Joe through Kabe's eyes. As Kabe says, woof! It's also great to see how content they are in their relationship and how Joe wants to make Kabe happy. Great addition to the series. Hopefully, there will be more books after this story.
  • Tori Thompson
    I loved seeing Joe through Kabe's eyes!Great little story...
  • Ellen
    I saw a lot of bad reviews on this, but for being a little featurette on the series, I thought it was great. In the big books we only really hear Joe's viewpoint, so it was fun to hear from Kabe's.
  • Sue
    Great authorI found this author through a friend on Facebook. Just a novella but a great story. I will be getting more of this series, for sure. Excellent writing!
  • Deanna Against Censorship
    Stars only apply if you have already read Hard Fall. This short story does not work as well as a stand alone read.Seeing things from Kabe's POV was enlightening. I like how his mind works as it relates to Joe. "Kabe." I looked up from racking the dishes in the drainer. "Call me when, you know, you can come around again?" He stood at the door and seemed, almost. embarrassed by that question.Goddamn, do you know how much I loved that? All the guys ...
  • Bo
    The three full novels in this series (Hard Fall, Spin Out, Laying Ghosts) are all told from the point of view of Deputy Sheriff Joe Peterson, a gorgeous hunk of a man with a distinct and unique manner of speaking when he tells his tale. This one is narrated by his lover, Kabe Varghese, a younger, freer spirit (Joe is a solid, though excommunicated, Mormon) who basically traps Joe into a very merry merry and lets us know how he feels about every a...
  • Erin (PT)
    With such an incredibly short story, it's really hard to say anything meaningful about it. It was really nice to finally get a glimpse into Kabe's head after all this time; it's something I've been wanting from the series for a long time, since Joe isn't always the most reliable--or observant--of narrators. I really wish it was longer. I mean that in the readerly sense, where I enjoy reading these stories and I'm always up for visiting a favorite...
  • Jess Candela
    Sweet story, and much as I love Joe's voice, it was great to get Kabe's POV and see Joe through his eyes. But it was too short! (Full disclosure: I feel that way about each of the previous Deputy Joe novels, too; I always want more of these guys). This felt more like a teaser than a full story in itself. But it made me look forward - even more than I already was - to the next installment in their story.
  • Meggie
    A Really nice Christmas shorty with Kabe's POV. It's great to see how seriously in love is Kabe with Joe. In both previous books I wasn't really sure about Kabe's affection toward Joe. It was definitely to short!!!
  • Cassie Richards
    A light and fluffy addition to the deputy joe series - this time from Kabe's point of view. The two men go on a hike to find a Christmas tree for Joe's house.It wasn't really substantial enough for my liking, more an anecdote than a story, but makes a nice addition to the series.
  • Christy
    It was good to see the boys in a short story doing something just fun. No murders, no dead bodies, no suspects. Just making a holiday tradition for themselves.
  • orannia
    Three and a half stars.