Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

Steal Like an Artist

You don’t need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself. That’s the message from Austin Kleon, a young writer and artist who knows that creativity is everywhere, creativity is for everyone. A manifesto for the digital age, Steal Like an Artist is a guide whose positive message, graphic look and illustrations, exercises, and examples will put readers directly in touch with their artistic side.

Details Steal Like an Artist

TitleSteal Like an Artist
Release DateFeb 28th, 2012
PublisherWorkman Publishing Company
GenreNonfiction, Art, Language, Writing, Self Help, Design

Reviews Steal Like an Artist

  • Peter Derk
    These kind of books are like candy. They make me feel better in the moment, but ultimately don't do much towards building a full picture of happiness.The inherent problem in any book that's a how-to for something artistic, whether it be writing or painting or making music or the artistry in tailoring a custom Voltron costume, the problem with the how-to book is that when you're reading the how-to book you're not doing the actual thing you're bein...
  • Wil Wheaton
    Steal Like an Artist is essential and required reading for all artists, regardless of the type of art you create.It's a quick read that you can finish in one sitting, but the ideas and advice it contains will stay with you long after you've put it down. Some of Austin's suggestions will validate what you're already doing, some will challenge you to fundamentally change a creative practice, others will inspire you to grab a notebook and get to wor...
  • Nat
    This was such a phenomenal and much needed read for me. Steal Like an Artist gives ideas that apply to anyone who’s trying to inject some creativity into their life and their work. It really inspired me and I can’t wait for what’s next.Also, can I just quote everything? Because I really need and want to: “Always be reading. Go to the library. There’s magic in being surrounded by books. Get lost in the stacks. Read bibliographies. It’s...
  • Ariel
    I read this after reading "Show Your Work!" which is the opposite order of publication, and while I definitely preferred the latter, this was also really great. Sometimes it just has to be one idea, one quote, one line, that can make a book for you. This book was solidly consistently good, but for me it was the push to start using a notebook that really made a change for me.** So personally I liked the other one more, but I've heard a solid chunk...
  • El
    (This review is longer than the book itself.)Here are the Top Ten Points that the author makes in this teeny book:1. Steal like an artist2. Don't wait until you know who you are to get started3. Write the book you want to read4. Use your hands5. Side projects and hobbies are important6. Do good work and share it with people7. Geography is no longer our master8. Be nice (the world is a small town)9. Be boring (it's the only way to get work done)10...
  • Nancy
    Posted at Shelf InflictedThis eye-catching little book was wedged into the corner of one of the couches in the student lounge where I work. I was there for a cup of coffee, and since it was a rather slow day, I decided to pick up the book and read. There’s a lot of common sense stuff in here for all types of creative people. You don’t have to be an artist or writer to benefit from these inspirational bits. They can help those who want to be m...
  • Elyse Walters
    Austin Kleon's "Steal Like An Artist" is a fun little book. Given that I'm not an artist -I wasn't seeking 'words- of -wisdom'. This book just landed in my hands - and I couldn't resist reading it. Austin says "every artist gets asked the question, "where do you get your ideas?" Austin says....'The honest artist answers', "I steal them" in RIPS THEM OFF? Perhaps a more 'kind' way to answer the question --- is an artist draws i...
  • Matt
    I recently went to an artist lecture at the Phoenix Art Museum. The audience was a mix of young artists trying to make their way, fans of the artist, and amateur art enthusiasts just there for the experience. While offering words of wisdom to the young artists in the crowd, he said: “every day you have to wake up in the morning and tell yourself a story, even if it’s bullshit.” He was referring to the dark voice that talks to artists who ha...
  • Kathryn Patterson
    I find it difficult to review "Steal Like an Artist" because the book is an amalgamation of advice, anecdotes, and uncommon sense. Austin Kleon writes in an easy-to-follow style, instructing readers about how to be creative without talking down to anyone. In fact while I read the book, I felt like I was part of some secret creators club, with this book as the secret club manual. The book focuses on 10 rules for people to follow in order to be cre...
  • ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣
    Not sure what I think about it. Many things are just rehashed stuff from elsewhere.And steal? Like an artist? Yeah, there are lots of controvercies and the plagiaristic hearings are among the most unclear and pointless ones, I say. Still, ouch.And steal?? Some of us steal inspiration from sun, rehash Picasso, get the energy to do wonderful staff brom bipolar disorder and technique from schisophrenia, and yeah, it's totally all right to do any of ...
  • Carmen Sisson
    I'm undecided on this book. While I appreciate the premise — draw inspiration from people you admire and surround yourself with good role models — I'm uneasy with the "steal" concept.The title grabs attention, but I think it overshadows the actual point, which is not to become a replica of someone else but to create more authentic work by creating work you love.It's a bit overly simplistic, and definitely a short, fast read. For those who sta...
  • Hanne
    Reading this book might be the fastest thing my bosses ever asked me to do.This is a wonderful little book with advice on creativity that makes you think. I'm pretty sure i didn't grasp the whole thing right now. I think i'll take a few things out of it. And in a few months I might read it again (really only takes like 30 minutes) and take a few more things out of it.It's nicely written, it's got some nice napkin-sketches in there so it stays a l...
  • Roya
    I usually don't go for self-help, but this seemed like it would be different. No disappointments here! This is a great book for you creative folk out there. Personally I think everyone can benefit from what this book has to offer.
  • anaïs
    In an age where even in art there seems to be a focus on the final product or end result, Kleon's manifesto on creativity is refreshing. At a slim 100-something pages, it is a fast engaging read, filled with doodles and quotes and functioning the way zines your internet friend would send you. I say this because it is the equivalent of a whole body approach to creativity as opposed to the spot treatment of fixing one specific area of your art, wha...
  • Martyn
    The sub-title of this book is '10 things nobody told you about being creative'. Yeah, probably because they thought you already knew them.This book is packed to the brim with platitudes such as: try to do good work, there are lots of different things to consider when choosing a place to live, it's important to be careful who you marry, money is really important, try to find a day job that you like and, my favorite, take $10 to the stationers and ...
  • Close Enough
    #Booktube_A_Thon_20186th Book#Steal_like_an_ArtistThis book is addressed to people who are seeking creativity in their work and their lifestyle, and this magical concept (creativity) is a result of being a wise and intelligent thief!; literally a perfect one who steals thoughts and ideas from several successful folks, random conversations, Tv shows, scientists, inspiring books, and even ordinary people.I really like his style of writing and his m...
  • Sebastien
    Quick read. It is full of what I consider basic, sensible advice for creatives and people looking to practice creativity in their daily lives. Although I would consider the ideas presented merely suggestions because you know what, just do what works for you. There is absolutely no perfect template for creation.Kleon touches on several things like "imposter syndrome" that affects a lot of artists, no matter their level. Hehe, hard not to relate! I...
  • Greg
    Oh fooey. Wrote something, then accidentally clicked and lost it. Let's get this over with:-Loved it. Was awesome. Will reread, often.-Too much quoting. Isn't the whole point, reappropriate, don't rip off? Excessive quoting seems to go against that.-Figures=awesome and funny. Add anything? Sadly, I don't think so.-Good direct voice.-Moves well, but chunks are so small that they feel slight. It is a manifesto that outlines main points, rather than...
  • Gail Klanchesser
    This book is amazing! It's not condoning plagiarism, it suggests sharing of ideas and the process behind the product created by other artists. While you can easily sit and read it completely, I think it is best to read in small sections and think about what you've read and how it applies to your own form of art.
  • Darren
    I don't often go the 1-star route. But this is such a blatant attempt at brand-building that I could feel the "speaker's fees" right there between every page. Read Anne Lamott's "Bird by Bird" instead for a true creative boost.
  • A Nelson
    This book could have been a pamphlet. But, despite its brief insights--it is thought provoking.• Nothing is original•Learn the history of your craft: one artist at a time. This is your creative lineage.• School yourself--be curious "School is one thing. Education is another. The two don't always overlap."• Keep a "swipe" file. Things you like for later inspiration.• Get started--perfect your craft along the way.• "The human hand is in...
  • Jenny Maloney
    This one is short-and-sweet but filled to the brim with good advice. Definitely worth keeping on your bedside table or work desk if you're an artist of any kind (writer, musician, dancer, etc). Probably the piece that stuck out the most for me was Kleon's discussion of constraints. I've known that putting constraints on, say, a piece of writing - putting a box around what I was trying to create - actually made the piece better and, strangely enou...
  • Sushi
    Providing an insight into what it takes to be an artist, this book does more than just going behind the scenes. It gives you an honest and humorous take. It was off to a very strong start, but most of what I read wasn't new. But it was still a great read because of the way he arranged everything. The creativity and effort the author put into this really shows. It's filled with sketches and graphs and doodles and newspaper clippings, making the re...
  • Carmel Elizabeth
    "Don't worry about people stealing your ideas. If your ideas are any good, you'll have to ram them down people's throats." -Howard AikenTwo hours and a few thickly inked pages later, I feel inspired enough to write a five-pound work of fiction and maybe paint a masterpiece on my bedroom walls as well.
  • Ashok Rao
    You don't have to be creative to read this book. In other words we are all creative, aren't we? According to Austin Kleon, when people give you advice, they're actually talking to themselves in the past. So this book is him talking to a previous version of himself. You can finish this book in less than two hours, but don't do that. Take your own time, if you have read something which you found interesting, ponder over it, one thing may lead to an...
  • Ali
    What a fantastic read. I don't have anything else to add to that. Read it, get inspired and create something'new'.
  • Jenn
    This is a quick, funny how-to book that offers artists (the kind who paint, writers, filmmakers, etc.) tips on "stealing" other artists' art. Author Austin Kleon points out that no artist's work is ever completely original, and that trying to be completely original will daunt an artist and eventually smother her/his creativity. He suggests artists embrace the inevitability of influence, celebrate living outside of a vacuum, relax, and have fun wi...
  • Joy C.
    Aw, what a delightful, creative, inspirational read! :D Filled me with writerly cheer and the desire to create stuff! (yay, that's also my 50th book of the year!)