The Tenth Insight (Celestine Prophecy, #2) by James Redfield

The Tenth Insight (Celestine Prophecy, #2)

The adventure that began with The Celestine Prophecy continues as the action shifts to a wilderness in the American Southeast where the narrator's friend has disappeared.

Details The Tenth Insight (Celestine Prophecy, #2)

TitleThe Tenth Insight (Celestine Prophecy, #2)
Release DateDec 1st, 1998
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreSpirituality, Philosophy, New Age, Self Help, Fiction

Reviews The Tenth Insight (Celestine Prophecy, #2)

  • Kimberly
    We can will and create almost anything we wish, but real fulfillment comes only when we first tune into our inner direction and divine guidance.Real healing takes place when we can envision a new kind of future for ourselves that excites us.Inspiration is what keeps us well.Self-imposed hell. There is no conspiratorial evil in the world, no satanic plot to which we fall prey - there is only human fear, and the bizarre ways that humans try to ward...
  • Greg
    I found The Tenth Insight to be even more powerful than The Celestine Prophecy. Putting all of the spiritual lessons we have learned to work and keeping our vibration high will take practice, but the more confident and solid we are in our knowing of our paths, the stronger we will be. Throuth this allegory, of sorts, Redfield has described how it can work, even with the dark trying to close in. Light and love is always the answer.
  • Sarah Wellington
    Now why did I chose this life experience? To enter into a family that would abandon me, sexual abuse, child abuse... co-dependant relationships? Yes.. I see so that I would evolve from a consciouness of fear to a consciousness of Love. To reunite with All That Is. To show the way of the Dragon.Definately read this one.
  • Paul Falk
    This book did not provide me with more answers to life. Instead, it left me with more questions. Personally, I've discovered it's the "questions" that I cherish most, more so than hoping for a discovery, a revelation. I don't expect I'll ever have those answers about life's journey even if I lived many lifetimes. That's okay. I remember back in my college days when one of my professors said, " when you graduate and discover that you have more que...
  • ♥Nora♥ (Angel)
    Our greatest mistake, in my opinion, is to think that human spirituality is somehow already understood and established...
  • Matthew
    Actual note found inside a library copy of this book, so I'm posting it for posterity and giving it one star. Judging from the movie adaptation that I watched a few years ago, I would have to agree with the reviewer below.-MC"Dear Cheryl,The Tenth Insight soon lost me. After page 130 I had trouble making sense of it. I could follow connecting with the spiritual energy within. I could follow Redfield's being mad at what the white man did to the In...
  • Jeanna
    I loved the Celestine Prophecy so much that I had to get this book. I tried to read it back in 2006 and couldn't get all the way through it. I have tried again this past month and am down to the last 50 pages or so, but have put it down again in favor of several other recommended books.This book does not grip me the way Celestine did; it seems forced and a little too out there for me. I don't walk away feeling "enlightened" or feeling like I can ...
  • Ingrid Verschelling
    Gelezen aug. 1996
  • Breakdown
    I read the Celestine Prophecy and I hated it. So why would I read 'The Tenth Insight'? Have you ever gotten a bruise that hurt almost all the time but every little once in a while you would poke it just to remind yourself how much it hurt? The Celestine Prophecy is like that to me. It was bad enough to realize that how bad the Celestine Prophecy was, but to make a sequel!? This I had to read. So let me get started. First of all the book takes pla...
  • Christina
    Here's where Redfield tries to apply his philosophy to global (rather than individual) problems. And here's where I lose all respect for his little project.The set-up:Another shitty adventure story, featuring the same nameless narrator in some nameless location (though it appears to be the woods in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina). Nameless Narrator is trying to find the Tenth Insight, which was mentioned in the Ninth Insight in "The C...
  • Kim
    A very insightful (no pun intended) book. The Tenth Insight is very complex, as it involves several different things at the same time:- Recognition of more than the physical (Earthly) dimension – similar to the second insight- Remembering who one is via one’s birth vision –what is your mission on Earth? – and whether one is focused enough and disciplined enough respectively, to fulfilling the birth vision and bringing it about- Recognizin...
  • Tara
    Favorite QuotesThe reality of the Life Review is becoming part of our every day understanding. We know that after death, we have to look at our lives again; and we’re going to agonize over every missed opportunity, over every case in which we failed to act. This knowledge is contributing to our determination to pursue every intuitive image that comes to mind, and keep it firmly in awareness. We’re living life in a more deliberate way. We don...
  • A.J. Aaron
    An exciting, revealing, motivating book that wasn't meant as a motivating book. An aid in exploring oneself. A book about the changes some people are experiencing in this day and age. The increased consciousness and the chance happenings and meeting of people. An extension of Carl Jung’s Synchronisity theory
  • Hamidreza
    کتاب پیشگویی های اسمانی واقعا زیبا بود اما مطالب سری دوم این کتاب رو میشه در 30 صفحه خلاصه کرد
  • Katie
    Synopsis:The Tenth Insight was written by James Redfield and published in 1996. It is the second book in The Celestine Prophecy series. This is a spiritual adventure series. The first book was about a man who found out about a manuscript that was discovered that described better ways for humans to live their lives and to realize that there is more to life than just the material world. ( You can read my review of the first book to find out more ab...
  • Chris Russell
    The Tenth Insight by James RedfieldI have been struggling to finish this book so I pushed through today to get it off my plate. This book was recommended by one of my coaches. I’m not sure why. It’s one of those ‘story as a metaphor’ vehicles to get to a higher meaning of some sort. This is apparently the sequel to a successful previous outing called the Celestine Prophecy. Apparently that previous story was about the discovery of lost in...
  • Vu Minh Thu
    Liệu bạn có đang sử dụng năng lượng của người khác?
  • Ruth
    In the sequel to The Celestine Prophecy, Redfield moves the fictional spiritual adventure to the wilds of the North Carolina Appalachians, an area with which the author is quite familiar. His knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area as well as topography, resulted in the setting feeling more realistic to this reader. The unnamed protagonist has returned home from Peru and has isolated himself after trying to incorporate the 9 Insights into hi...
  • Jean
    A great overview of the original ten insights. I am rereading it now, and it sounds a lot like what is happening in the U.S. right now. People need to grow spiritually, and are afraid of change. So extreme left and right wing people are just making up lies because they are so obsessed with their beliefs, they are not open to listening to any facts that differ from them. Even though what each side says is not The Truth, both sides refuse to even l...
  • Amanda
    I have mixed feelings with this one. The adventure wasn't as captivating as The Celestine Prophecy and at times seemed slow or forced. The last three chapters went deep into religion, spirituality, and how to reach utopia. Of course this is all fiction, however, there is truth rooted into these insights. It absolutely comes with an important message which is why I recommend the Celestine Prophecy and now this one to bring it all into practice. We...
  • Stephen Hebert
    This book has helped me to gain more clarity many aspects of my life. It presents complex topics (history, economy, spirituality, etc) in simple -- some would say 'simple-minded', and I might agree with them if I were not biased in favor of Redfield's convictions -- language. I give it four stars because, though it is just a piece of a larger puzzle, I think many of the ideas have transformative potential and I hope that they will spread. Though ...
  • josey
    This book was a continuation of The Celestine Prophecy. It didn't quite hold my interest as much as the first--I think mainly because it didn't seem as concise in its points. There was also much more VERY long one-sided conversations/explanations which to me, took away from the adventure and excitement of the story.If you read The Celestine Prophecy, you know this series is fiction, yet based on a non-fiction premise, and for me this came out mor...
  • Adrienna
    Listening to it on audio tapes. Stopped on cassette 5 out of 7. I saw the movie, Celestine Prophecy, which took me on a spiritual, emotional rollercoaster...and was a great flick. I thought the book would offer more, only some input on the different insights and how it concides with the spiritual realm and after-life ancestral aspects...he tries to explain in this audiobook series. As a Christian, not sure if I can receive the Eastern religious b...
  • Jason Marciak
    I find that there are some books out there that deepen our spirituality by tying in with our own life experiences. The Tenth Insight will take the reader on a journey deep within themselves to places that they will easily recognize and yet can barely believe. The reader will have an opportunity to reflect on the life that they are living now and see how it matches up the the one that they have always imagined. This book is well worth the read for...
  • Vicky
    "We are all souls in growth; we all have an original intention that is positive; and we can all remember. Our responsibility is to hold that idea for everyone we meet. That's the true Interpersonal Ethic; that's how we uplift, that's the contagion of the new awareness that is encircling the planet. We either fear that human culture is falling apart, or we can hold the Vision that we are awakening. Either way, our expectation is a prayer that goes...
  • Macoffkilter
    I was ready for this book. I had previously read the Celestine Prophecy twice (different times). This was an excellent expansion of the previous insights but more importantly reinforced and pulled together different personal viewpoints. Using a story to illustrate these important concepts works very well for me as I find it clarifies things to "see" them in action. Enjoyed this book very much. And am off to read the next one ... so I am journeyin...
  • Jordan
    This is the sequel to the Celestine Prophecy. It is more philosophical and less plot oriented, but unfortunately the philosophy, on the whole, is more esoteric and less interesting. The metaphysics of "The Afterlife" are questionable to me, and the "10th Insight" is not very clear. I wouldn't particularly recommend this to anyone unless they loved the Celestine Prophecy and are looking to be inspired to continue to pay attention to meaningful coi...
  • Rebecca Parker
    Extremely thought provoking. Goosebumps many times. Great read. I'm looking forward to reading more of his work. Extremely thought provoking. Goosebumps many times. Great read. I'm looking forward to reading more of his work. Amazon wants 3 more words before I can submit. Bad review on the review process.