Among the Righteous by Robert Satloff

Among the Righteous

Thousands of people have been honored for saving Jews during the Holocaust--but not a single Arab. Looking for a hopeful response to the plague of Holocaust denial sweeping across the Arab and Muslim worlds, Robert Satloff sets off on a quest to find the Arab hero whose story will change the way Arabs view Jews, themselves, and their own history. The story of the Holocaust's long reach into the Arab world is difficult to uncover, covered up by de...

Details Among the Righteous

TitleAmong the Righteous
Release DateOct 30th, 2006
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, World War II, Holocaust, War, Religion, Judaism, Politics

Reviews Among the Righteous

  • R.K. Gold
    I can see why so many of the featured reviewers said this book would be controversial, but honestly this book was just heart breaking. When I first purchased a copy I figured it would take me maybe 3 days to read based on the length. I was wrong. I had to keep putting the book down, not because it was bad, but just intense. Satfloff accomplished a tremendous amount of research on the subject and immerses the reader in a full sensory experience de...
  • Ice
    Robert Satloff is a man with a mission. He believes that if contemporary Arabs knew about Arabs who rescued Jews during the Holocaust, they would reject the Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism that are now so prevalent in the Arab/Muslim world. This book tells of his quest to track down the history of those Arabs' deeds.Satloff begins by relating the oft-ignored story of how Nazi Germany, Vichy France and fascist Italy exported their anti-Semitic ...
  • Jennifer
    Maybe it's that I watched the documentary first, and the documentary focuses it's attention very differently than the book, but I found this book quite disappointing. That's not to say that it wasn't well researched and written--although Satloff has a tendency to be extremely dry--but that it wasn't what I expected it to be.Among the Righteous bills itself even in it's subtitle as a book about trying to find stories of righteous (according to the...
  • Seth Kaplan
    This was a fantastic work of non-fiction that at times read like a great mystery novel. Robert Satloff, the executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, sets out to find an Arab hero of the Holocaust, in an effort to craft a response to the plague of Holocaust denial sweeping across the Arab and Muslim worlds. He describes his experiences in Tunisia and Morocco, unearthing information about forced labor camps that existed ...
  • Karen
    Fabulous historical research yielding stories we need to read. I had lived in Morocco for 12 years when I read it and never knew about the railroad built by forced labor (European Jewish prisoners) under Vichy France's control. More work like this needs to be done before the stories are lost.
  • Matthew
    A very interesting look at the Holocaust outside of Europe, an area we don't normally think about. Doubly interesting given the way politics evolved after the Holocaust.
  • Karen
    Robert Satloff wrote this book after 9/11 wondering if there were Arabs who protected Jews in North Africa during WWII. This fascinating book took him to Morocco, Tunisia (which was the only country in North Africa occupied by the Nazis), Algeria and Israel. What he learned about how most Arabs view the Holocaust and how Jews who loved in these countries at this time view their experiences is amazing.
  • Karen
    An important look at an often forgotten arena of WW2.
  • Phoenix
    A Jewish Diogenes in Search of the Righteous. More needed.The book opens with a reference to a line in Casablanca by SS Major Strasser: "It is possible that the French Authorities will find a reason to put him (Victor Lazlo) in a concentration camp here." I never found that line remarkable because where the Nazis went, so did concentration camps, but I never before considered the corollary that there were also local collaborators who built, suppl...
  • Danny
    The research underlying this book is remarkable, the sort of challenging work that requires real passion to see through to the end. Satloff casts light onto what seems to be a largely unknown story: the Holocaust's reach into north Africa and the Middle East. And Satloff's underlying goal, to improve Arab-Jewish relations through demonstrating how that relationship was better in the past, is an admirable one.But I can't help but think that Satlof...
  • Bruce
    The author states he set out to find out if a single Arab helped a single Jew during the Holocaust. What he found was some Arabs helped some Jews but they and/or their family did not want to reveal it or have it made known. Nazis controlled parts of North Africa for a fortunately brief time during World War II but they started to implement the 'final solution'. Many Jews were sent to labor camps to build the trans-Saharan Railway. A few were sent...
  • Laurence
    Very interesting though quite factual and dry. This is a non fiction by a a Jewish PHD in Arab Studies who seeks to know if any Arabs helped any Jews during the Holocaust. What we find by association is that Arabs living in proximity to Jewish life was in North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Libya..) and that there were over 100 concentration camps in these areas during the war. Being a Moroccan Jew, this was a fact I was totally ignorant of. It also ...
  • Mohammed Saad
    الكتاب رواية يهودى يحكى قصص عن يهود عرب تعرضوا للاضهاد من قبل الاحتلال الالمانى المؤقت والحكومة الموالية له "فيشى" محاولة من الكاتب لنشر ثقافة السلام المزعومة،العجيب بدأ بحكايات تثبت تورط العرب فى اضطهاد اليهود إما بالصمت ،او المشاركة الفعلية بد...
  • Carol
    Important research that unearthed the Holocaust experiences of the Jews of North Africa. Satloff learned of Arabs who assisted the Vichy French and the Germans as they sent Jews to death in the labor camps of N. Africa. He also found and interviewed Jews who were rescued by Arabs. Finally, he questions why Israel has never recognized any Arabs among the Righteous who rescued Jews. He also discovered a complete ignorance among Jews and Arabs alike...
  • ebnewberry Newberry
    this is a book with a topic that i had never considered. the reach of the holocaust into arab lands. it focuses on finding arabs who helped jews during this time period but alsogives a good general overview of what was going on in north africa during the war.
  • Josh C.
    Worthwhile, but it's a damn shame somebody didn't pursue the same idea 20 years earlier, or that nobody was able to make as much headway if they did. Satloff did well, but it's a project that needs time that the people involved don't have left.
  • Amy
    Very interesting book about the search for Arabs who helped Jewish people during the time of the holocaust. The author scoured northern Africa for stories of Muslim who help to protect and hide Jews during the time of the German-backed Vichy (French) government.
  • Jenny
    A fascinating and heretofore unknown tale about the treatment of Jews in Northern Africa during WWII.
  • Susan Kosel
    Very interesting especially since my father in law was stationed in Northern Africa during WWII.
  • Tiffany
    I think everyone should read this book. I learned things about the Holocaust that I have never heard or known.
  • Judy
    Very interesting book on a subject I knew little about-the North African Campaign during WWII and the treatment of Jews in those countries.
  • Elyanahposner
    Less interesting than I thought it would be. Something inconsistent about it.