Meals That Heal Inflammation by Julie Daniluk

Meals That Heal Inflammation

TV host and nutritionist Julie Daniluk reveals just how much pain is caused by inflammation and shows how to relieve it through diet. Featuring a practical nutrition guide, menu plan and 130 easy and delicious recipes,  Meals That Heal Inflammation  makes healthful eating a true pleasure.Inflammation is on the rise. Conditions such as allergies, skin disorders, asthma, heart disease, arthritis and any other condition ending in "itis" all have a...

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TitleMeals That Heal Inflammation
Release DateDec 27th, 2011
PublisherRandom House Canada
GenreHealth, Food and Drink, Cookbooks, Nonfiction, Cooking, Food, Nutrition, Diets

Reviews Meals That Heal Inflammation

  • Sher
    This book almost defies a title. It's truly a valuable reference book. It's much more than a cook book. It is more than an elimination diet plan.Daniluk's tome covers inflammation its causes and connections to disease. Injury recovery. Healing starts with the gut. Probiotics and fermentation. The anti-inflammatory food pyramid is presented. How to build a healthy kitchen. And, yes a whole set of terrific recipes complete this amazing book. The re...
  • Charlotte
    While a great primer on why we get inflamed and what not to eat, this book (like so many others) does not take into account people on a limited income without access to rare, expensive ingredients. organic only is bad enough, but i wish someone would write a book for people living in real america. some of the recipes i have tried were...ok. but there is also WAY too much contradictory info here (lile the suggestion that turkey is ok then 3 pages ...
  • Jessica
    Meals that Heal Inflammation (or MTHI) is a fantastic book for anyone who has ever suffered because of inflammation (read: everyone!). I was interested in it because I am currently reading a lot about detox and eating for your best health, and this book fell right in with that. Daniluk really does a great job introducing readers to the science behind inflammation, as well as the science behind digestion, and how the two interact. Anyone who wants...
  • Darren
    Something in the Western diet is not agreeing with an ever-increasing number of people. Theories and cures are abound, but there is no one-size-fits-all condition and cure either. One symptom, inflammation, is said to be at the heart of virtually every health condition from asthma to irritable bowel syndrome – so if one can get inflammation under control…?In this fairly hefty book nutritionalist and author Julie Daniluk seeks to make things e...
  • Andy Nieradko
    Meals that heal is a beautiful concept. So many of us, who deal with food issues, need to replace emotional attachments that no longer serve us with positive, beneficial ones. In Meals That Heal Inflammation, author Julie Daniluk R.H.N. has put together a wonderful book. It clocks in at almost 400 pages. The last half of the book consists of recipes that aren't too complicated to pull off, and very satisfying and healing. The first half is dedica...
  • Leslie
    This caught my eye on NetGalley and I was very interested to see all of the foods that exacerbate pain. It made me stop and think about pain and inflammation in a different way. We all know that eating healthily is better for us and it is very hard for those of us who don't really like vegetables. I am delighted to note that some of the ones I don't like are not as good for you as some I do like! One would have to be very dedicated to eliminate e...
  • Beverly
    This is a wonderful book for those experiencing inflammation, allergies, or pain. Two-thirds of the book educates the reader as to what causes inflammation and how we can heal our bodies. The last third is recipes. I felt the information given to be understandable and helpful. It clearly gives a warning voice to all concerning our current "American" diet and how we can change our current food traditions and the results that can be expected. Julie...
  • AnnieM
    This is an excellent all around inflammation book. It covers a variety of ailments from allergies to IBS to chronic issues like Crohn's. It covers how to do a total elimination diet and how to test foods to be added back in to the diet. Loads of recipes help plan ones life and each not only has the nutritional guidelines but also a coded guide as to if a book has a low GI, vegan, etc It is useful and adaptable for a variety of situations. I have ...
  • Laurie
    This book is very well written. The recipes look good. I have not had a chance to try them yet. It is a bit overwhelming to think of all the shopping and cooking it entails to do this diet. That is not even counting figuring out what days to eat what and how many days to wait to find out if you are allergic, etc.Luckily, I know what I am allergic to. I just have to have the will power not to eat dairy, sugar and flour. I think some of the recipes...
  • Maranda Carvell
    Excellent read for anyone wanting to improve their health. Lots of information on causes and solutions to systematic inflammation without being overwhelming. Includes sample meal plans for omnivores and vegans and tons of recipes. Great book for anyone looking to make a chance to a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Audrey Grant
    Jam packed with so much information! I love this kind of book! It's a health and teaching book mixed with a recipe book and menu's!! It makes life so much easier while making your body physically better at the same time!Now to keep my husband and 17 year old from buying ice-cream!! LOL THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  • Diane
    This is a great book, with a lot of useful information. I have auto-immune issues, and I found this book contained suggestions and recipes that I have implemented into my daily routine. I will continue to reference this book to improve my health.
  • Nina
    A very good resource for people needing advice on how to change their choices of food in order to obtain freedom from the effects of inflammation. Lots of information. Very upbeat. I have reserved it a few times from the library to reread.
  • Marilyn B
    Comprehensive and sound help for those that need assistance getting inflammatory issues under control. Half of the book is information and the other half are recipes. As someone just diagnosed with Crohns, this has been a very useful book that I now read through and use daily.
  • Ariane
    Finally finished this one. In theory, it could be an okay book. But between the judgy, condescending tone, and the fact that it's completely useless if you have active gut/bowel problems (the recipes and eating plan are ridiculously inaccessible to me), it was pretty much a total loss.
  • Patti
    very good up to date reference for all that ails me & my fibro & arthritis.
  • Cathy
    Seemed complicated at first but became simpler as I reread and searched out ingredients and more info. We feel much better,
  • Rachelle
    Lots of good, interesting information at the beginning (1st 1/2 or so of book). But, I will not follow the actual meal plan (process of elimination plan) - just too much for me :)
  • David Cooper
    Good book - well worth reading. Hope you make changes after reading it!
  • Cofias
    Excellent explanations and recipes.
  • Ann Tracy
    I finished this, but wish I could keep it longer for the recipes, some of them sounded really good. (I borrowed it from the library and someone has a hold on it.) This was all inclusive, from a primer on why an anti-inflammatory diet, with a little bit on different problems. Then delved into how to start your anti-inflammatory diet including how to stock your pantry to daily menus. I do agree with another reviewer that a problem with some of this...
  • Cherie
    I don't want to be afraid of everything I eat. I am already on a restricted diet because of Type 1 diabetes and now heart disease and thinking about inflammation and food would probably have me not wanting to eat at all. If a person has the sensitivities of this author I recommend trying her plan. I don't.The value of this book to me was learning how to do substitutions using foods I can/want to eat for meals I can't/shouldn't eat.I give 4 stars ...
  • BookBec
    There are some useful ideas and a few interesting recipes here. I'm now counting my daily vegetable servings and ounces of water. Every small step for our health is a good thing, right?While I know many people like cookbooks to have photographs, the photos here weren't very appealing to me. And I wish the author had explained the elimination diet and food testing steps as thoroughly and repetitively as she described her food poisoning in Asia.
  • Deb
    Lots of good info on inflamation, just not sure about the cooking to heal side of the book. I need me a chef to change my cooking style.Practical salad & vegetable recipes to try. Lots of uses for quinoa but limited main dish recipes for my tastes.
  • Janice
    The information is good.....the recipes look promising.
  • Lucie Dumontier
    This book changed my eating habits. Changed my life. I have more energy.
  • Kendall Morgan Hall
    This book is incredible. It is half cookbook and half nutritional tome. It tells you everything you need to know about inflammation, food sensitivities, and elimination diets and then gives you healthy recipes to help incorporate anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. I’ve tried out a number of the recipes in the last couple of months and they have all been fantastic. It is a wonderful book if you are living with chronic pain caused by chronic...
  • Sarah
    There are so many anti-inflammation diets. How many have I looked at and each one is different. This author does note several times that the perfect diet is unique to each person, but there's so much variation, it is difficult to know where to start. This diet incorporates a lot of beans and tree nuts.The health-information part-- fully half the book-- is ok. The author is a trained nutritionist, but also some kind of a celebrity, so some of the ...
  • Vicky
    This sounded really intriguing on NetGalley and, as someone who has "issues", I was curious to see what she would tell me to do and not do. I will note one thing here - the version I downloaded for my e-reader was impossible to read. It was definitely not formatted for the Kindle but I was able to download a different version to my computer and could read it just fine there.Like most healthy living books, the author advocates cutting out refined ...
    Interesting view of some of the most common disorders as a result of inflammation. Resources on the web and a lot of recipes, even if is not always so easy to follow some of the suggestion, at last one can try to do something for his helth trough food.Interessante punto di vista secondo il quale, alcuni tra i più comuni disturbi e malattie possano derivare da infiammazioni o allergie non diagnosticate. Ci sono un sacco di trucchi e informazioni ...