School's Out—Forever (Maximum Ride, #2) by James Patterson

School's Out—Forever (Maximum Ride, #2)

In this eagerly awaited follow-up, brave bird-kid Max and her flock are discovered by an FBI agent and forced to go to "school." There is no such thing as an ordinary day as Max deciphers how and when she's supposed to save the world, and she faces her greatest enemy--a clone of herself. Little, Brown and Company

Details School's Out—Forever (Maximum Ride, #2)

TitleSchool's Out—Forever (Maximum Ride, #2)
Release DateMay 23rd, 2006
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreYoung Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fiction, Adventure, Paranormal, Action, Teen, Romance, Thriller

Reviews School's Out—Forever (Maximum Ride, #2)

  • Paranormal_Madness
    What I liked:-Max. She got some pretty good character development in this book, and I enjoyed her exploring her more “feminine” side, and I especially liked her date with Sam. I also liked her little jealous streak when Fang got kissed by Lissa, and I liked Fang’s equal amount of jealousy towards Sam.-Iggy. I liked the development with Iggy and his family. It seemed real and not the cheesy expected fairytale ending that I was expecting Jame...
  • Kim
    This review is for books 1 and 2 in this series. I feel like I learned a lot from these books as a writer. The fact that book one hit number one on the NYT best seller list means to me that the author did something right, because a whole lot of people are enjoying it enough to buy it and probably tell their friends to buy it, too. So when I read books like these and I feel like he broke some major rules in a way that really, really weakened his b...
  • An
    Book title: Maximum Ride- School out ForeverAuthor: James PattersonPage: 416Wow, i start running with Max and the children again. I cannot wait anymore. Curiosity and excitement are my feeling right now. I have to read it immediately. Sorry, i will tell you next week...^^************************** I give five stars for the second sequel of Maximum Ride this week. I feel so excited when running in the same ride as Max and the Flocks. James Patters...
  • Sella Malin
    hmm...the second installment of the maximum ride series is as thrilling and action-packed as ever. however, I think I enjoyed the first book more. the first was much more...realistic....and not so confusing. i mean, seriously...ari is back from the dead?!? okay, someone please explain to me HOW that is humanely possible...even for wacko mad scientists. and i would like to know WHAT the heck is up with jeb...why, for instance, is he saying "i love...
  • Bridgette_E1
    This was one of my favorite books. To be honest the whole series so far has been really good. In this book, even though it is fiction, I felt I could relate to Max. Multiple times in the story, Max says "I'm so overwhelmed," "This is so overwhelming." I can relate to her because I also feel like I have a lot on my shoulders. I have to balance school with sports, as well as friends, and fun activities. Also in the story, max starts to live a regul...
  • Victoria
    I really enjoyed this book so much more than I did the first novel in this series! I loved how funny and entertaining it was. One of my biggest complaints for the first novel had been how juvenile it seemed even for the characters' ages and the cheesy dialogue, but I didn't have that problem this time. The dialogue was so much better and kept me invested the entire time. I also liked how the vocabulary seemed to be so much more fitting for the ch...
  • Joyzi
    I love the characters, my favorite character was the Gasman because he's really funny and he makes me laugh. Okay so character-wise it was the best but plot-wise it was okay. So the plot was like a big random mess I don't really get it, and there are parts wherein I wished they edit that out because it seems pointless and the story drag quite a bit. There's also so many deux-ex-machina that it was really getting into my nerves. What I mean it is ...
  • Whisperwind
    This was a bit better. But a lot of things were thrown at you randomly. Many things made it seem... recycled. I think that anything else I say will be a spoiler, so I will stop here. But better than the first book.
  • Helen
    This series is a great guilty pleasure and I love the characters. Both books so far have been quick reads and I am excited about continuing with the next one. This get s big thumbs up.
  • Kara
    hmmmmm, I'm really starting to like Fang :P
  • Mad
    5/5*Full review/opinião completa (portuguse & english): It’s incredibly hard to find someone that doesn’t enjoy the books of this series, simply because the story flows naturally, the characters are well built and the plot is fantastic. This is one of James Patterson’s fantastic abilities: the reader is gripped since the first pages of every single one of his works. This one was no exception.Som...
  • Natasha (books_n_dreams)
    Book two as way more than I was expecting but also so much more intriguing than book one. Now I have an understanding to this family and who they each are, I like how we don’t know everything about them, but are learning about them as they learn stuff about themselves. Of course the story is still just as fast pace as book one, but there are some moments where it does slow down, because we get to see the flock put into different situations they...
  • HelloLilKitty1
    whoa! Nothing is ever what it seems in this book.Firstly, Ari lives. Jeb (Ari's Father) doesn't seem to pay much attention to him but later towards the end, shows Ari, Jeb is proud of Ari for thinking of kidnapping Max to befriend her. Ari still wants Max in a twisted way so he hangs out with Max II who is also an Eraser. Max is now noticing Angel's changes. Angel now likes to use her mind controlling ways to "assist" the President of the USA, te...
  • Bex
    This is the second installment of the Maximum Ride series, picking up right after The Angel Experiment. I would suggest you read them in order to avoid any confusion in the plotline. Maximum Ride: Schools out Forever starts right where The Angel Experiment left off, continuing with the six genetically engineered children being chased by their main enemies, the Erasers, a wolf/human hybrid. Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge and Angle continue to evad...
  • Miyong
    Huh. The writing style's the same, the characters are the same, and I feel the plot hasn't moved on much, despite this being a 400+ book.Sure they got a few ideas and info and whatever else they need to "save the world," but...I don't know. I just feel that reading such a long book should have given me more things to be excited about. Unfortunately, no.I still feel no attachments to the lead guys, mostly Max. (view spoiler)[In fact, during that t...
  • Bree
    This book is perfect for two occassions. 1. The short chapters are great for trying to convince the reluctant reader or the short attention span teenager to pick up something and read. Plus the heroes have cool wings and the main character is a girl. Kudos for that. 2. For adult readers of YA fiction it is perfect bathroom reading, again the 2 page chapters are the perfect length, plus even after not looking at the book for long periods of time i...
  • Tatiana
    I listened to the audiobook again for the second novel in this series. There is something about the story that keeps you going despite how bad it is. The writing is terribly juvenile and predictable. There is zero subtlety about the emotions each of the characters are going through. And yet I kept going.I think the main thing (if not only thing) that kept me going was the idea behind the novel. There is something so goosebump-producing about a fl...
  • B.A. Wilson
    Book 2 is also pretty good, though I confess I could do with a bit less telling in this one. The environmental commentary is starting to detract from the story more than help it. However, I did enjoy the small bit of normalcy that the characters were able to have, and this is also a fast-paced read. Pages: 409
  • Adam
    This is the perfect sequel to the first book. It is very well written and I would recommend to everyone.
    Two words: Childhood Restored.
  • Tayla Robichaud
    This was a really cute book that I enjoyed. I give this 4 instead of 5 because the writing style is a little too all over the place and childish for me. But the overall plot and storyline was very good and kept me hooked and entertained.(view spoiler)[ I totally knew Anne was involved but I didn't expect her to be the boss holy crap (hide spoiler)]
  • Catarina
    Juro que não minto mas aqui há uns tempos pensei que a Max se deveria ter perdido algures no ar e que estava com saudades dela. Por isso imaginam a minha alegria quando vi que ela estava e volta com o seu ritmo alucinante e as suas aventuras de cortar a respiração.James Patterson tem um jeito natural para escrever para jovens. Falo-vos de frases curtas, poucas descrições e muita mas mesmo muita acção. Falo-vos também de um dos poucos liv...
  • Arminzerella
    Max and her flock continue to thwart the efforts of the Institute and the Erasers to bring them back. They travel to the D.C. area and are taken in by Anne, who purportedly works with the FBI. Anne makes a home for them and sends them to school, where Gazzy and Iggy’s antics get them all into trouble. Iggy is briefly reunited with his real parents, but when they try to turn him into some kind of sideshow freak he rejoins the flock. Erasers desc...
  • Vanessa Alexandra
    Ari's live again! The White Coat is fix him. The Erasers hunted Max and the Flock,and he make Fang dying one more time. He lost lot of blood. When Max tried to treat him,someone saw them and called the ambulance. Fang's got operation and Max and Ig donated their blood to Fang. And there's FBI,interogation them. About their wings,etc. Max and the flock got false name lol and they've got interview. A woman called Anne from FBI wants to take care of...
  • Reading Vacation
    Maximum Ride = Marvelous ReadingAs leader of her Flock, Max is tough and resilient. This bird girl does not give up on her mission to save the world and protect her Flock. She does it all with flair and a sarcastic edge. Despite endless betrayals and growing up in a lab, Max shows that she can have a soft side too.The members of Max’s Flock are tight and they each have unique talents. Fang can disappear if he sits still long enough. Iggy sees e...
  • Amber
    Previewing this book for near teen-age boys. I do like the characters and the story line. My boys love books where sarcastic whit is strong in at least one character. Patterson does not fail to provide lots of zinging dialog. The graphic novels led us to these and I was unsure if they were for youth or adults because in our library some of the "Maximum Ride" series is housed in the adult fiction. In one of the graphic novels there were several oc...
  • Alexa
    Fang is critically injured on the way to DC by a flying Eraser attack. They have no choice but to go to the hospital, and their secret is discovered. The Flock is questioned by the FBI, and in return for Fang's treatment, Max reluctantly agrees for the Flock to stay with Anne Walker, an agent until Fang recovers. After a few days, Anne enrolls the Flock in a school run by William Pruitt. Fang and Max date people from the school named Lissa and Sa...
  • Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page)
    I think that I may be starting to like these books. They're not complex but they do have a gradually increasing depth to them - I could certainly see the whole plot develop in this book and a lot of potential for more interesting situations. I found this one to be quite funny at points and I'm beginning to feel more towards the flock - there's definitely a family chemistry there and it's developing nicely - they all interact and work well with ea...
  • Leya Ivanov
    What’s the power in a name? The second book of the Maximum Ride saga, School’s Out—Forever, catches attention just with its title. I don’t think I would have picked it up in the first place if I hadn’t felt an unwelcome pang of jealousy, just at the concept of the title reigning true. Nevertheless, I’ve always enjoyed James Patterson’s work, which is why I decided to give his science-fiction epic, Maximum Ride, a go. It chronicles t...
  • Carrie
    I can't remember what I rated the first book, but it feels like I enjoyed this book more then the first. Not much more but a little more. I am irked again at the writing style, and the short short chapters, and the the way it feels he his talking down to the young adult reader. But hey that could be just me and to be honest I have yet to read adult books by him. But anyways, things are about to change for Max and her flock as Fang gets injured on...