The Crazy Case of Missing Thunder (Goofballs #1) by Tony Abbott

The Crazy Case of Missing Thunder (Goofballs #1)

Fans of Dav Pilkey's The Adventures of Ook and Glook and Patricia Reilly Giff's ZigZag Kids will flock to this chapter-book mystery series full of slapstick humor and silly situations by the wildly popular Tony Abbott, author of the Secrets of Droon series.Jeff, Brian, Mara, and Kelly are self-proclaimed goofballs. Since first grade these friends have been solving mystery among their schoolmates etc and now their reputation is expanding.Rich ki...

Details The Crazy Case of Missing Thunder (Goofballs #1)

TitleThe Crazy Case of Missing Thunder (Goofballs #1)
Release DateFeb 28th, 2012
GenreMystery, Fiction, Childrens, Chapter Books, Juvenile

Reviews The Crazy Case of Missing Thunder (Goofballs #1)

  • Barb Middleton
    A boy who shoves french fries up his nose. Another boy parading in underwear outside wearing his pants on his head like bunny ears. Girls twisting off the top of cheese crackers and poke-a-dotting their faces with the gooey middle. Hmmm. I'm thinking... is this another Captain Underpants? Nope, it's the one and only goofballs. Jeff, Brian, Mara, and Kelly are detectives who have one thing in common - goofiness. When rich boy Randall Crandall los...
  • Great Books
    Jeff, Mara, Kelly, and Brian have been solving mysteries together for a long time, in their own goofy way. Now a horse has gone missing and is will take all of their detective and goofy skills combined to discover what happened. Perfect for those just starting to read chapter books. Reviewer 1
  • Lisa
    I enjoyed this early mystery. I thought the jokes were funny in a little kid way, the story was predictable, but cute, and the characters seems like fun to hang out with (if a little shallow). Great recommendation for early chapter readers.
  • Tracie
    A multicultural quartet of goof-loving kids who have been solving mysteries since the first grade team up to tackle the case of a missing pony named Thunder. Silly fun for grades 2-4.
  • Carol
    A fun new mystery series by popular author of the Secrets of Droon series. Beginning chapter book readers will have fun getting to know these new characters.
  • Kami
    - I read this with Gnome, and we had conflicting opinions. I thought the book was fun and quirky, and I would have read more of the series. Gnome didn't like it. She thought it was silly and boring. - For an intermediate book, I think this is a great one to read with the kids. It was quick and entertaining, and there are illustrations throughout. A fun group of kids solve a little mystery. It is something I would have loved doing with my friends ...
  • Nicola Mansfield
    Tony Abbott has written a lot of beginning chapter books for the Gr. 1-3 age range but this is the first time I have got around to reading any of his work. The first book in the Goofballs mystery series is just what one expects from a well-written piece in this genre. I enjoyed the characters, story and humour. This is a fun group of kids who have a unique detective agency, different from the usual. The first book in a series like this usually is...
  • Steven R. McEvoy
    This book is the first in one of two new series out this year by Tony Abbott. Like everything else I have read by him it is a great read. Though this one is aimed at a younger audience than many of his other books I have read, he does a great job of writing for that audience and creating a story and characters young readers will love and hopefully get many more stories about.The Goofballs are Jeff Bunter, Brian Rooney, Kelly Smitts and Mara Lubin...
  • Kate
    In the first volume of this silly series about four young friends who solve mysteries together in their suburban hometown, the Goofballs try to recover their friend Randall’s missing pony. The text is simple and on the same level as other early chapter book serials such as Junie B. Jones or Cam Jansen.Though Kirkus calls the inclusion of characters of color a “welcome touch,” readers won’t find much other than tokenism. Cover and interior...
  • Jenevieve
    The first in a series about a group of kids who form the Goofball Private Eyes. Together the four of them look for clues and solve mysteries. Yes, they do have a dog who sometimes sniffs things out although I haven't read of him talking or getting Scooby-snacks yet. They have just come off their biggest case yet by solving the mystery of the missing pizza when they get a call from the richest person in town about a new case. When they arrive, the...
  • Rochelle
    I read this book to a group of kiddos I watch, ages 2, 4, and 6. While the 2 year old got bored with the lack of photos, my 4 and 6 year old could not get enough of this book. Every time I ended a chapter the children would beg for me to read another one, and we ended up finishing the book in one day! The book was goofy and made the kids laugh the entire time, and the kids could not get enough of the pictures. The silly book was perfect for a you...
  • Laina SpareTime
    I grabbed this from the library for my Storytime graduate, and I wanted to pre-read it before I gave it to her mom. I liked it well enough. This reading level (it says ages 7-9) can be pretty basic and sometimes a little dry, but that's kind of just the territory. I thought this was cute. I've always liked detective stories in kids' books and I liked the way they solved the mystery, that it wasn't an actual crime or anything, and that the main ch...
  • Courtney
    This book is a decent read for beginning readers who want to transition into chapter books. The plot is a little simplistic for kids above 1st grade. The characters (especially Jeff, the narrator) are shallow. I didn't find myself attached to any of the characters. I liked the use of puns throughout the book as a literary device. I do wish the author would have expanded on the pizza mystery more or just used that plot instead! I was much more int...
  • Michele Knott
    This is a new earlier chapter book series that will be great for kids who are just beginning to independently read chapter books.This new series follows 4 friends who pride themselves on not only being detectives, but being "Goofball" detectives. As a result, we have one silly detective story. Young kids will enjoy the silly humor, while still working to try and solve the mystery. Short chapters will make this a good introduction to chapter book ...
  • Books Kids Like
    A morning thunderstorm, a tulip garden, and a bag of potting soil help the Goofballs find Randall Crandall's flower-loving horse, Thunder. This goofy, pint-sized detective agency solved the Famous Riddle of the Exploding Rat Balloon, the Mystery of the Six-Fingered Ghost, the Episode of the Flying First Grader, and the Unbelievable Affair of the Totally Incredible Pizza Disaster before their exploits were ever committed to paper. In this wonderfu...
  • Vincent
    My kids and I read this book together in a day. A quick and entertaining read aloud. The Goofballs reminded me a lot of the Goonies (Yes, from the movie) though not as intense. I'm curious to see what the other books in the series will be like. On a more practical level, the book is a good introduction to note-taking. Lead Goofball, Jeff, writes down clues in his notebook (modeling the use of keywords for recall).
  • Jnase1
    A bit of a groaner joke filledbook, but early chaoterbook readers would probably enjoy it. The print is larger and double soaced so it looks like a longer book than what it is, so it willmake early readers feel like they are reading something longer,which I've found most enjoy. Late first and early second grade woukd probably enjoy it the most.
  • Hannah Cobb
    Thunder is missing. Only the Goofballs can follow the trail of clue to find the missing pony.The clownish behavior of the child detectives make this easy reader appropriate for K-1st grade. The simplistic plot probably won't be appealing to second graders.
  • Earline
    A fun quick mystery story with lots of puns and jokes. Overall a silly story but I thought the writing quality was exceptional and I liked the fact that the kid detectives go to the library so frequently.
  • Desiree
    I've just started reading this book with the kids at night. It's silly, fun and makes the kids laugh non-stop. I thought I could update what page I was one? Well we just finished chapter 2, onto chapter 3 tomorrow.
  • Cara
    This book would be a great stepping stone for kids who would like Encyclopedia Brown, but aren't ready for his books yet.The Goofballs are a group of four kids in elementary school who like to solve mysteries. They have solved a few cases before and this time they get called on a case.
  • Sydney
    some parts of the book were boring.
  • Kaytee
  • Erin
    I can't tell if this series is annoying or cute. I'm gonna err on the side of adorbs.
  • Edward Sullivan
    An entertaining new mystery series for young independent readers that is appropriately goofy.
  • Kristi
    Great book or 2nd grade boys! Would be a fun read aloud.