Attack on Titan, Vol. 1 (Attack on Titan, #1) by Hajime Isayama

Attack on Titan, Vol. 1 (Attack on Titan, #1)

In this post-apocalyptic sci-fi story, humanity has been devastated by the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming mankind. Seemingly unintelligent, they have roamed the world for years, killing everyone they see. For the past century, what's left of man has hidden in a giant, three-walled city. People believe their 100-meter-high walls will protect them from the T...

Details Attack on Titan, Vol. 1 (Attack on Titan, #1)

TitleAttack on Titan, Vol. 1 (Attack on Titan, #1)
Release DateJun 19th, 2012
PublisherKodansha Comics
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Horror

Reviews Attack on Titan, Vol. 1 (Attack on Titan, #1)

  • Raeleen Lemay
    WHOA. LOTS OF STUFF. I just watched the first few episodes of the anime recently, and this volume had so much action all packed into it! (around 6 or 7 episodes' worth). I think I'm going to take my time reading these, as I really enjoy being surprised by the show.
  • Anesha †Curious & Obsessive Bookworm†
    Honestly speaking?I didn't think I'd love this manga SO MUCHI dived in because I wanted to watch the anime, but felt the need to read it first... Then it just blew me away. I loved everything about this manga... the rawness, the gore... the action...the mystery... omg am just in awe and am eager continue it~~!!!I havent had a manga hold my attention for a while to such an extent (apart from usual obsession of those I keep up with xD)Ah~!!
  • Shannon
    2nd reading: You know what, I liked this a little bit more after reading it again. It's possible that the crap I read before this made this seem better overall ... but, meh. Not bad.~Original review:I don't know man ... I finished this and started on the second volume and I feel like this might be one of those instances where I just don't get the hype. I also don't understand how this is already up to 11 volumes when (some spoilers for volume 2 a...
  • Jan Philipzig
    Trash That WorksFormulaic? Crude? Amateurish? Appalling? Yes, definitely, all of the above. Make no mistake, this series falls squarely into the trash category. Not tongue-in-cheek-I-am-actually-so-above-this pseudo trash, but just plain trash. I mean, this guy tries hard but simply isn't the most gifted of artists. And yet - somehow - he has been able to capture the imagination of millions around the world with this story centered around an eeri...
  • Mario
    I didn't think that this would be as good as anime (because anime is bloody fantastic), but it was. I loved the art style, characters and above all amazing and brutal story.My first manga, but it definitely won't be my last.
  • Sam Quixote
    In the future overly simplistic stories exploring the Japanese xenophobic mindset will bore you with their complete lack of imagination! The evil Titans (or, “foreigners”) threaten the tiny human population (or, “Japanese”) by eating them (or, “consuming their culture”). The humans live in medieval-type castle structures with multiple layers of walls that don’t work to attempt to protect themselves from the Titans who want to eat th...
  • Magdalen
    This is my second time reading the entire series 'cause season 2 is coming to an end and the waiting for new chapters has become unbearable. Although i know exactly what happens next I can't help the shivers and the tearing up especially when I see characters whom I love and are no longer alive. (view spoiler)[ I am talking about you Marco :'( (hide spoiler)]The artwork is amazing and the plot is phenomenal I mean could I ever say something bad a...
  • Coffee&Quasars
    3.5 stars.Coming in as an anime fan, I think the anime did this a lot better. This seems like a rough sketch by comparison.
  • Lottie Eve
    4.5 Stars!I have always felt that the giants in fiction today are starting to become bumbling, stupid fools that just happen to be oversized and love destroying things, stripped of the fear they held around them a long time ago. So whenever I see this wildly popular manga series online or in the bookstore, I think nothing of it and pass by it. That is, until the anime adaption started airing this year and I saw the opening. And that opening was j...
  • Bradley
    So I'm finally using my three-dimensional gear to jump on this bandwagon, at long last, and what a wild ride it is!After what seems a slow start but still an interesting world-build, the emotional impact is still severe and bone-crunchingly immediate. There's usually never a warning before someone you love dies, but it's doubly so here.The manga has a very serious tone and it wears its heart on its sleeve. The ending of this volume is very strong...
  • Ivan
    This is very hyped but so far I'm unimpressed. I really hope it gets better because volume 1 was just ok-ish.
  • ♔ Dark Lordette Jennymort ♔
    Y'all know I love me some Attack on Titan. I just couldn't help myself.Don't look at me like that. One thing I really like about this book was that it pretty much was in line with the show. (I saw the show before reading this.) So that could be why I read this so fast. Might have skipped a bit. #sorrynotsorryThis first book was the only one that was free, so I think I will just wait till I have the fucking Colossal Edition before I read more. Cau...
  • Hassan
    BEST. MANGA. EVER.if you're hesitant to pick this up because you think the anime is better, don't be, this is as good as the anime.I LOVE THE HECK OUTTA OF THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sesana
    There's a lot of hype surrounding Attack on Titan, though a lot of that is for the anime version. I've never seen it, and after reading the first volume of the manga, I don't know if I'll bother. Attack on Titan is based on a solid premise: a century ago, man-eating giants, called titans, suddenly appeared and attacked humanity en masse. Now, the remaining survivors live inside high, thick walls, and have generally given up on defeating the titan...
  • Sarah
    “Channel the anger swelling inside youFighting the boundary 'till you break throughDeep in your soul there's no hesitationSo make yourself the one they all fearThere is a wild fire inside youBurning desire you can't extinguishYour crimson arrowRips through the twilightThis is the moment for war!” I am obsessed. Please send help.
  • Rob
    Story I knew I'd enjoy the story coming into it, because I watched this anime already. I decided to check out the manga because the series ended in a terrible place and there is currently no plans for another series/second season.There wasn't really anything I didn't know from this book. The first two stories or line up with the first few episodes of the show. The manga skips over most/all of the training however. I'm not sure if the people who d...
  • David Schaafsma
    Since one of the Goodreads Graphic Novel nominees this year was Attack on Titan, Vol. 16 (I think), I thought I would check this out. Fans of this, does it get better, because I would have to say it is not worth my time. A post-apocalyptic story about the remaining human race, confined to a walled area for a century to protect itself from Titans that once devastated the planet. 50 meter walls that the Titans cannot reach, but there's a larger one...
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    Attack on my understanding! That's what this is. The buzz and hype around the anime is larger than life itself, so I thought I should get around to catching up on the manga before checking out the anime. It's safe to say that I am confused and staggered by what I just went through.The artwork is horrible. The characters are frustrating. The writing is pretentious and too obvious.The premise of humanity being confined within a concentric city with...
  • Nərmin
    First volume review So, the idea wasn't interesting for me first, but when I gave it a go, I got invested in the story. Now I am wondering that why and from where did the titans come and if only a bunch of people remains. I have seen first episodes of anime and I quite liked calm and clever Armin. Eren shouts a lot and have impulsive and impatient character but I liked his determination and courage. Mikasa has no emotion in her face though she is...
  • Shaina
    It is very hard to write about a manga like this one. I had first seen the episodes made from the manga a few years ago in Japanese w/ English subs. Then it started to come on anime night on my beloved cartoon channel. I was horrified when I saw this, but I couldn’t turn away. Something about this gets to you in a raw way, like Jack and the Bean Stalk but on Steroids without the golden goose ending. Yes, like that if the process were reversed i...
  • Annie
    That was sooo good! I knew I would enjoy it but HOLY SHIT!!
  • Yasiru (reviews will soon be removed and linked to blog)
    Below is my original review, but having caught up I wanted to add that I finally realised why I was drawn to this in such an apprehensive way- it's because the series taps directly into the Evangelion centres of the brain. That may not make much sense if you haven't seen Neon Genesis Evangelion (something of a badge of honour and a trope/trauma codifier series when it comes to subconscious-tapping secrets being uncovered in the course of a desper...
  • Amber Hetchler (アンバーちゃん)
    Revising my review because originally I was saying how Attack on Titan wasn't that special and it was boring and blah blah blahObviously I was having issues that day or something, because it's freaking amazing.
  • Maria
    simply put fam, the anime based on this manga is the very best I’ve ever seen. fucking phenomenal. instant classic. I’m shook to the core. season 3 comes out this july SO here we gooooo 👀
  • Nicole
    RTC. Might drop my rating to 2 stars.
  • Veronica Morfi
    I am not a huge fan of the art, but this story is so compelling and cruel. I think they will run out of people to kill very soon...
  • Bookaholic (reads every mortal thing)
    How the Hell am I giving this a meager 2 stars when I love the Anime to pieces? Because the Anime is a lot betterThe storyline is (obviously) the same, but when it did not bother me at all in the anime, the almost too simplistic nature of the plot and situations got to me here. Technically, it still centres around Eren, Mikasa (his adopted sister) and Armin (their friend) throughout their journey to become a Recon Corp member and kill Titans. But...