My Book of Life by Angel by Martine Leavitt

My Book of Life by Angel

When sixteen-year-old Angel meets Call at the mall, he buys her meals and says he loves her, and he gives her some candy that makes her feel like she can fly. Pretty soon she's addicted to his candy, and she moves in with him. As a favor, he asks her to hook up with a couple of friends of his, and then a couple more. Now Angel is stuck working the streets at Hastings and Main, a notorious spot in Vancouver, Canada, where the girls turn tricks unt...

Details My Book of Life by Angel

TitleMy Book of Life by Angel
Release DateSep 4th, 2012
PublisherFarrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
GenreYoung Adult, Poetry, Fiction, Realistic Fiction

Reviews My Book of Life by Angel

  • Rebecca McNutt
    It's extremely difficult for most writers to tell such a deep story using only free verse poetry, but Leavitt pulls it off with flying colours. Angel, a young dopesick prostitute, is trying her best to keep her apathetic pimp's newest "recruit" off the streets (a little girl from a city group home no less), and the innocent, naive voice in the seemingly simple little verses gets the story across very effectively. Underage prostitution isn't a top...
  • Heidi
    My Book of Life by Angel was one of those books that I challenged myself to read. You know the type, you see it sitting there being all of these things that are interesting but not at all what you look for in a book. The type that every once in a while you make yourself pick up, just to prove that you haven’t let yourself be neatly filed and categorized as a reader. My Book of Life by Angel is a very recently placed Historical Fiction, set in t...
  • Edward Sullivan
    A grim, ugly subject but a beautifully told story, poignant and full of compassion.
  • Keira Francis
    Angel is a sixteen year old girl who needs help. And she finds it. She meets Call, and soon believes she is finally loved again, and believes that she found someone that truly understands her and won't leave her. Angel moves in with Call, and from the day she moves in she is part of Call's "business." Angel is taking drugs that Call gives her and is being used by Call to make money. He asks for her help in the business, asks her to be nice to som...
  • Jeffrey
    Utterly awesome!!!!!!Just finished reading Martine Leavitt's My Book of Life By Angel, an absolutely breath-taking novel in verse, which brilliantly, hauntingly, provocatively explores the life of 16-7ear-old Angel, who works the "kiddie stroll" in downtown Vancouver's Eastside during the Pickton murders - powerful stuff indeed!One thing I found especially moving is the list of names of the missing women of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside that Leav...
  • Kari
    Sixteen-year-old Angel, a vulnerable teen, is coerced into drugs and prostitution by a young man she meets in a mall during a time when sex workers disappeared from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. What Angel must endure to get through every day life is heroic enough, but when Melli comes into her life, the stakes get a lot higher.Told with heart, courage, and amazing insight into emotion and human struggle, Martine Leavitt writes a story that is i...
  • ILoveBooks
    I was surprised that I liked this book. Typically, I don't enjoy books that are written in verse. However, Martine Leavitt writes powerfully, her words injected with strong emotions that stick with the reader throughout the novel. Angel is a girl who has fallen on hard times at a very young age. After her mom passed away, Angel feels lonely and vulnerable. With her father and her arguing more and more, Angel turns to drugs to feel better-a man na...
  • Liviania
    I really enjoy novels-in-verse. The good ones are propulsive. The poetry invites you to linger over the way things are said, yet pushes you along to flow of the words. I find it very easy to slip into the rhythm of the story in a way that rarely happens with prose fiction.National Book Award Finalist Martine Leavitt tackles tough topics in MY BOOK OF LIFE BY ANGEL, much like YA-novel-in-verse-heavy-hitter Ellen Hopkins. The narrator Angel is sixt...
  • Katie Fritz
    When Angel is misled by Call in the dark and dangerous world of prostitution and drugs, she can't seem to see a way out. Call's love and favors turned into a job, and in this book the setting mostly is the streets Angel works on. She does her job, without knowing a way to do anything about it. When Call brings home a Melli though, a silent 11 year old who is much to young and innocent for the business call provides, Angel knows she has to do some...
  • Susin Nielsen
    Full disclosure: I met Martine at the CLA awards in May. My new book, "Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen," was picking up an award, and so was Martine's. We exchanged copies. I politely told her I would read it, but secretly thought, "What a harrowing topic" (perhaps ironic since you could say that about my book, too!). This is just an incredible, beautiful, painful, absorbing read. I am quite frankly blown away by Martine's talent. She immers...
  • Amber Kaldy
    This twisted romance is a good read. Angel gets hooked on "candy." And is forced to do things she does not want to do. Call is an evil being of nature, that is her "boyfriend," and he has threatened to do bad things to her family. Vancouver Downtown Eastside is where all this goes on. One day he brings home Melli a little girl to do the awful business. Angel has to think of away to get Melli and herself out of this hell hole. What will happen nex...
  • Tieraneymahr
    I was very interested in this book. It has a pretty straight foward way of explaining how life can be. This book was about a girl who started doing drugs after meeting a boy named Call. She liked to call it "Call's Candy" and he gave it to her when she needed it. She ended up doing prostitution and started realizing the way Call really was; abusive and controlling. For example, Angel stopped taking Call's candy and tried to be her own person but ...
  • Shy Bradford
    I was not aware that this was written in verse until I opened it but I think that's one of the things that made me like it so much. Short, sweet, to the point. I was so interested in Angel's story, in Melli, and how they were going to overcome the situation they found themselves in.I think it took incredible strength for Angel to say no to "candy" so many times. Her rational mind was still awake under all of the drugs and nasty things that Call m...
  • Ally Guay
    When something is based on a true story, especially when it is something so horrible, it gives you an awful feeling in your gut. This is a book about the women who were involved with prostitution in Vancouver in 1983. Dozens of women went missing and were being killed every day and the police force did NOTHING about it. The story is told by Angel, a 16 year old girl who got herself involved in this horrible "business". My Life by Angel is hauntin...
  • Trina
    A deeply powerful story told in verse about sex trafficking. I couldn't put this one down.
  • Katie
    I found Leavitt's poetic sensibilities simultaneously compelling, original, and painfully straightforward. Angel's interior voice is a devastatingly beautiful blend of childlike, wise, plainspoken, and poetic. The ending speaks painful truth inside elements of hope.
  • Frances Avery
    Poetry-formatted novels are not my first choice of literature, but upon the recommendation of a professor, I picked up this book with hopes to deter, or at least soothe, the lasting stressors of trauma. The form is very halting and abrasive. Perhaps it is because Angel herself cannot interpret her life, or maybe it’s only to protect the reader. However, even though Leavitt is trying to protect the reader, she leaves in some seriously nasty deta...
  • Kathy Martin
    I don't think I have ever read a novel in verse before. I was amazed at the complexity of thought and emotion that could be packed into so few words and phrases. Angel has a very powerful voice. I felt so sorry for the child who dealt with grief by stealing and who ran away to the Mall to get away from her sorrow. And even more sorry when she fell for what Call was offering. It is easy to see how vulnerable children can get sucked into prostituti...
  • Chris
    In a dentist chairwhen you're so upside downand you don't have anything else to hang on toyou want to believe maybe this isn't all you get--when so many people try to beat the angel out of you,you hang on for dear life.And then the baby dentist was doneand I lived.I always live.-----I said, I'm sorry Melli.I said, there has to be the possibility of sad endingsor there couldn't be such a thing as happy endings.Endings are happy because they could ...
  • Gabrielle Prendergast
    Yesterday I blogged about controversial themes in verse novels. A recent release verse novel goes further into controversial themes than almost any I’ve ever read. MY BOOK OF LIFE BY ANGEL by Martine Leavitt combines a universally relatable tale about a girl who has fallen as far out of respectability as is possible (she’s become an addicted prostitute) with a very specific rather pointed indictment of the city of Vancouver’s lukewarm inves...
  • Suzanne
    Prose poetry cry to the angels—or anyone really, even herself—to be saved from life as a 16-year-old drug addicted prostitute in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Angel starts her story after the disappearance of her street friend Serena, she who believed in angels and Wednesday night church, where they served the free hot dogs. If fact, many street girls have gone missing. There’s talk of a hunter, a Mr. P. with his van who takes and hurts ...
  • Barbara
    After the death of her mother, Angel is lost and finds solace in shoplifting shoes. She meets Call, who pays attention to her and provides drugs that seem to ease the pain of her loss. Although Call takes her in when her father kicks her out, the sixteen-year-old quickly realizes that he is a pimp, and she is his to sell, to do with as he wishes. Or, as he would say, it's all a matter of supply and demand. In this novel in verse set in Vancouver,...
  • Scribs
    "I thought she would be all floaty and filmy, all fragile ghost bones that break,all dandelion-seed hair and weightless--but no,She was stone, fixed, forever...Her words dripped into my ear--each drop weighed a star.She said, Angel,when God reads your book of life,boy, are some people ever gonna get it."Holy. Smokes. This book. THIS BOOK. It absolutely blew my mind. It deals with one of the darkest topics I can think of, YET...As Martine herself ...
  • Jayne
    VERSE NOVEL CATEGORYBawl. My. Face. Off. In a good way. Martine Leavitt is becoming one of my new all time favorite authors. This books follows Angel, a girl dealing with the death of her mother who unwittingly gets pulled into prostitution by her so called boyfriend. Angel suffers through the horrors of prostitution until one day her boyfriend brings home an 11 year old girl to help Angel bring in profits. What follows is one of the most beautif...
  • Kelly
    2.5.I'm not entirely sure if the verse format worked with such a heavy story. I feel like it captured Angel's voice right and really added to the despair and pain of her character, but at the same time, the story itself was so tough I'm not sure the verse was necessary to convey the voice, either. I think there's something topically and stylistically that'll appeal to some fans of Ellen Hopkins, but this is much more literary. This feels like one...
  • Ricki
    16-year-old Angel is struggling after her mothers death when she meets a man, Call, at the mall. He slowly grooms her, convincing her that if she loves him, she will have sex with other men for money. The novel begins when Angel's best friend, Serena, and others are missing, and word on the street is that there is a man named Mr. P killing them. Angel is addicted to drugs and in a fog until Call brings home a small 11-year-old girl, Mellie. Angel...
  • Angus
    This book is exquisitely told and it completely blindsided me on the emotional level. It's about a young girl prostitute working the streets of Vancouver Canada. It gives voice to those girls who disappear and poses the questions about what happens to them and why their disappearances are rarely solved. The story focuses on Angel and her relationship with a girl, even younger than herself, who she tries to protect from the exploitative characters...
  • Isabelle Reyes
    This book is in my favourites shelf for a reason. It is hard to find verse novels in a library and I am so happy I found this. I am not allowed to buy books in my household, but I broke the rules for this book. Taking place in an area I know well, I felt everything become more realistic. There are women out there who are put into Angel's situation and they could be only a few steps away. I found the voice used throughout the book to be very reali...